What Does Departed FedEx Hub Mean

What Does Departed FedEx Hub Mean? Read Complete Info

FedEx has several terms used in describing the present tracking status of a package, but what does departed FedEx hub mean? This article is specially written to answer this question.

As a FedEx customer or you are expecting a package sent to you via FedEx, it is pertinent that you understand some of the terms you’ll be seeing while tracking the delivery status of your package.

FedEx is undoubtedly one of the top companies offering courier services especially in the United States, they offer cheaper shipping alternatives to a few courier service providers.

That being said, knowing the different tracking terms used by FedEx will help you to know when to expect the delivery of your package or when something goes wrong.

On this article, we are comprehensively providing answers to the question “what does departed FedEx hub mean?” However, let’s first explain what is a FedEx hub and what “departed” means at FedEx.

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What Is A FedEx Hub?

A FedEx hub is either a regional or local FedEx facility where packages are being received, sorted, or sent out for final delivery. A FedEx hub is essentially a FedEx location where drop-offs and pickups are done.

FedEx hubs are different FedEx locations where packages pass through in their delivery journey, the tracking status of a package is updated once it is received in at FedEx hub and when it leaves.

FedEx has several hubs in almost every zone, this is to take their services closer to the people, you can easily walk into a FedEx local hub and pick up your parcel once you receive the notice that it has arrived or you wait for it to be delivered.

What Does Departed FedEx Hub Mean?

When your package tracking status reads “departed FedEx hub”, it means the package has either left a regional hub or local facility close to the final destination.

Depending on the present location of the package, “departed FedEx hub” could mean that the package is heading to you. However, if the package was presently at a FedEx regional hub which could also be called “origin facility“, then “departed FedEx hub” shows that it is heading to a local distribution center which is closer to the final delivery destination.

The fact that your package tracking status reads “departed FedEx hub” doesn’t mean you are going to receive it within a few days, it could be delivered in a few days and it could also take several days depending on some factors. Also read about FedEx origin facility.

What Does Arrived FedEx Hub Mean?

The term “arrived FedEx hub” shows that the package has arrived a FedEx location for sorting and subsequent shipping. If your package came in from another country, the moment it arrives at a FedEx regional location, it will be updated as “Arrived FedEx hub”.

After the normal scanning and sorting, the package will then be sent to a FedEx local distribution center and it will read “departed FedEx hub”. These terms are used to help an intended recipient and sender to know the present delivery status of their package.

Bear in mind that FedEx may not use the term hub in notifying you of the present location of your package, you may see “departed FedEx location”, this is just the same as saying “departed FedEx hub“.

How Long Do Packages Stay In FedEx Hub?

The duration that packages stay in a FedEx hub can vary depending on several factors, including the type of service chosen, the specific hub location, the volume of packages being processed, and the overall transit time for the shipment.

FedEx hubs are central facilities where packages are sorted, processed, and prepared for transportation to their respective destinations. These hubs serve as key logistics centers, facilitating the efficient movement of packages throughout the FedEx network.

In general, packages typically spend a relatively short amount of time in a FedEx hub. The goal of the hub operations is to expedite the sorting and transportation process, ensuring prompt delivery to the intended recipients.

The exact duration can vary significantly depending on various factors. For example, packages in express services like FedEx Express or FedEx Priority Overnight may spend less time in the hub, often a matter of hours, due to the expedited nature of these services. On the other hand, packages in ground services like FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery may spend a longer duration in the hub, usually up to a day or two, as these services generally have longer transit times.

What Does In Transit Departed FedEx Location Mean?

If you are getting the notice that your package is “in transit departed FedEx location“, it literally says that your package is on its way from a FedEx hub to another FedEx hub possibly a local hub close to the final delivery destination.

At FedEx, “In transit” means that the package is in a truck along with other packages and has left a FedEx facility, the package is probably heading to a FedEx local facility where it will be processed and thereafter sent out for final delivery.

What Does Departed FedEx Hub Mean

What Does Arrived At FedEx Location Mean?

When the tracking status of your package reads “arrived at FedEx location”, it simply means that the package has been received at a FedEx facility, it could be a regional facility or a local distribution center where the package will be eventually sent out for final delivery.

A FedEx location is just like saying a FedEx facility or hub. Once a package arrives at any FedEx facility, it will be scanned and updated as “arrived at FedEx location”.

FedEx Departed FedEx Location Twice

Your package will read “departed FedEx location” each time it leaves a particular FedEx facility to the next one. If you are seeing the “departed FedEx location” notice twice, it means your package has left the second FedEx facility to was received.

There is nothing wrong in getting the “departed FedEx location” notice twice. It literally indicates that your package is gradually making progress in its delivery journey and will soon get to the final delivery destination.

Arrived At FedEx Hub Meaning?

A package will read “arrived at FedEx hub” when it is received at a FedEx location, this could be a regional hub or a local hub. Once you get the “arrived at FedEx hub” notice, it shows that your package has been received at a FedEx location and has been successfully scanned.

A FedEx hub is simply a location or facility used by FedEx for the sorting and processing of packages for deliveries.

What Does No Scheduled Delivery Date Available At This Time Mean Departed Fedex Hub?

When you see the status message “No scheduled delivery date available at this time” after your package has departed a FedEx hub, it means that FedEx is unable to provide an estimated delivery date for your shipment at that moment. Let’s explore what this status update typically indicates:

The “No scheduled delivery date available at this time” message suggests that your package has successfully departed the hub and is in transit to the next destination. However, due to certain circumstances or factors, such as high shipping volumes, weather conditions, or unforeseen events, FedEx is currently unable to provide a specific date for when the package will be delivered.

The “no scheduled delivery date” status does not necessarily imply a problem with your shipment. In fact, it is a common occurrence, especially during busy periods, that the estimated delivery date is temporarily unavailable. FedEx continues to monitor and update the tracking information as the package progresses through their network.

As the package continues its journey and reaches subsequent checkpoints or facilities, FedEx will update the tracking information with a scheduled delivery date once it becomes available. It’s advisable to regularly check the tracking status to stay informed about any updates regarding the estimated delivery date. If a significant amount of time passes without any new updates or a scheduled delivery date provided, it’s recommended to reach out to FedEx customer service for further assistance.

In summary, when the status message “No scheduled delivery date available at this time” appears after your package has departed a FedEx hub, it means that FedEx is currently unable to provide a specific estimated delivery date for your shipment. This status is temporary and is often due to various factors beyond your control. Continue monitoring the tracking information for updates, and reach out to FedEx customer service if needed, for further assistance or clarification.


If you have been wondering what does departed FedEx hub mean? It simply means that your package has left the last FedEx facility it was received and probably heading to the next facility or for final delivery.

The term “departed FedEx hub” is used when a package leaves a particular FedEx location or facility to another one or to be delivered.