What Does Enroute Mean DHL

What Does Enroute Mean DHL? Read Detailed Answer

What Does Enroute Mean DHL? – There are various terms used by shipping companies to describe the present shipment status of a package, top logistics like DHL make use of these common terms or even invent theirs to help customers understand what is happening to their packages.

While shipping with or expecting a delivery from DHL, you’ll come across several terms when you track your package, this will help you to know when to expect your package or if something has happened that affected its delivery journey.

So, if you tracked your package and you saw “En Route”, you may wonder what does enroute mean DHL?, you are not alone on this, lots of DHL customers don’t really understand what this term insinuates.

On this article, we will provide a comprehensive answer to the question “what does enroute mean DHL?“, “how long does en route take DHL”, and “what does it mean en route to DHL eCommerce”.

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What Does Enroute Mean DHL?

Literally, the notice “En route” means the package is on a truck heading to either a DHL sorting center for the first time or it is currently travelling to the next major stop, this could possibly be a local facility close to the delivery destination.

Truth is, there is no specific explanation for the “en route” term because it could mean that your package hasn’t yet been scanned into the DHL delivery system even though the label was created.

Secondly, it could also mean that the package has left a major DHL warehouse and heading to a local facility for eventual delivery.

However, one common thing between the two situations explained above is that the package is enjoying a smooth ride towards delivery.

Lastly, seeing “en route” on your package tracking status doesn’t necessarily mean that it is currently moving, it just explains that the package is progressing towards final delivery. It could be inside a truck, or in a facility, or DHL are still waiting to receive and scan it at an origin facility.

What Does it mean En Route To DHL eCommerce?

The “en route to DHL eCommerce” means that your sender dropped the package inside the trailer for DHL and had printed the label, but the package hasn’t been received and scanned by DHL.

Essentially, this means that DHL has scanned the manifest which the package is included but the individual package hasn’t been scanned into the DHL delivery system, it’s another way of saying that DHL hasn’t received the package yet.

Look at it this way, your shopper has dropped the package on the DHL trailer, the shopper has also printed the label which notifies DHL about the package, but it has not been individually scanned yet.

This status will change once the trailer has been unloaded and the item gets scanned, it should take many days to change.

What Does It Mean When DHL Says En Route?

When DHL says “en route”, it means that they are expecting your package which could still be inside a trailer and hasn’t been scanned into their delivery system yet. It could also be telling you that your package is getting closer to the local post office which means you’ll possibly receive it soon.

Like we’ve mentioned before on this article, the “en route” doesn’t have an explicit meaning, all you can take home is that your package is progressing towards delivery. This is because your package could be in transit to a local facility and still reads “en route”. What Does Missent Mean DHL?

What Does Enroute Mean DHL

How Long Does En Route Take DHL?

En route typically takes between 1-3 days to get resolved, that is if your package was yet to be scanned at DHL. Depending on the number of items inside the trailer, it may take a few days before your item gets scanned.

Also, if your package tracking status read “en route” as it was moving towards delivery, it may take up to 5 days before the tracking changes, this is caused by a few factors like delivery location, etc.

Understand that packages are only scanned at major stopping points, your package may be moving towards delivery without the tracking status changing. What Does Shipment On Hold Mean DHL?

En Route To DHL eCommerce For A Week

If your package tracking status reads “en route to DHL ecommerce” for a week, it means that there were lots of items on the trailer and they are haven’t gotten to your package yet.

How fast your item gets scanned depends on the number of items that went to the DHL distribution center, it may take a few days before your item gets scanned.

In some of the distribution centers, it takes a few days after items arrive before they get scanned. It is possible that your package is among the items that are yet to be scanned.

Also, your package may actually be on its way to a local facility and probably missed scanning, this explains why you are not seeing an updated tracking status.

En Route To DHL eCommerce Distribution Center or Awaiting Processing

At DHL, en route to DHL eCommerce distribution center or awaiting processing all point to one thing, your status hasn’t been scanned into the DHL system yet. When you get this notice, it means that DHL are informed of your package and it has been probably picked up by DHL but not scanned.

Awaiting processing simply says that the package has arrived the DHL eCommerce distribution center and the manifesto was scanned, but your package has not been scanned individually. Does DHL Deliver Before Estimated Date?

What Is Awaiting Processing DHL?

Awaiting processing at DHL means that the item is sitting with other items in a trailer and is yet to be scanned and accepted into the DHL delivery system.

Essentially, DHL is notifying you that they are aware of your package but they are yet to process it. Once your package gets scanned, the tracking status will be updated, this typically takes a few days.

What Does Shipment En Route Mean DHL?

Shipment en route means that your package is either yet to be scanned into the DHL system or it is progressing towards the local facility which is close to the delivery destination.

Since DHL only provides milestone tracking for most packages, you may not see an updated tracking status for your package even when it is currently still travelling to its delivery destination.

Does En Route Mean On DHL Tracking?

While tracking your DHL package, the “en route” tracking status could mean that your package is yet to be scanned at a DHL distribution center, or it is progressing to the local post office where it will be sent out for final delivery.

Until your package has been scanned at a DHL distribution center, the tracking status will remain “en route”, this lets you know that DHL are informed about the package but they haven’t scanned it individually. It may have arrived at the DHL sorting center but still inside the trailer and not yet picked for scanning.

What Should I Do If My Package At DHL En Route For Days?

Firstly, the “en route” notice doesn’t signify anything bad, your package isn’t stuck or lost, there is little or nothing you can do to expedite the process.

However, if your package says “en route” for many days, you should contact your sender or the online store to know if they actually sent the package or they only printed the label. Get your package tracking details from them and get in touch with DHL to know if your package is really in transit. What Does Shipment On Hold Mean DHL?


What Does Enroute Mean DHL? At DHL, “en route” means that the package is yet to be scanned into the DHL delivery system, or it is heading to a local facility close to the delivery destination.