What Does FedEx Mean By In Transit

What Does FedEx Mean By In Transit? Read Best Answer

What Does FedEx Mean By In Transit? – The term ‘in transit’ is commonly used by courier service companies to describe the present delivery status of a shipment.

Being one of the top and most recognized shipping companies in the United States, FedEx strives to consistently deliver high-quality package delivery services to customers both in the US and across the globe.

During the shipping process of a package, FedEx ensures that the package is scanned at every stoppage point and the delivery status updated, this is to keep the intended recipient and sender updated with regards the delivery journey of the package.

So, just in case you are wondering what does FedEx mean by in transit, we’ve made a thorough research on the question, read this article carefully to get the answer.

What Does FedEx Mean By In Transit?

At FedEx, ‘in transit’ indicates that the parcel on still progressing on its delivery journey without any hindrance. It means that your package isn’t withheld, or there is no issue with the shipment and it is steadily getting closer to being delivered.

When a package isn’t having an operation delay, damaged, lost, returned, or seized, it is said to be ‘in transit’, which means it will definitely get to the final destination.

However, a lot of people mistakenly think that ‘in transit’ means the package is on a moving truck or an aircraft, this is wrong. When a package’s delivery status reads ‘in transit’, it doesn’t necessarily insinuate that it is currently moving, your package can be presently at a FedEx facility and still reads ‘in transit’. Apart from what does FedEx mean by in transit, there are other relating terms you must understand when it comes to shipping with FedEx.

In Transit On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery

Your package could be inside a FedEx truck and reads ‘in transit’. As a matter of fact, your package could be anywhere at FedEx and still shows ‘in transit’, this is as long as it is progressing steadily towards delivery.

However, if your package is on a FedEx delivery vehicle but still reads ‘in transit’, it could be that the package’s delivery status was not updated before being handed to the delivery driver.

The delivery status of a package can only be updated after it has been scanned, if your package has not been scanned before being taken out for delivery, the status will still read ‘in transit’.

FedEx In Transit For Days – What Does It Mean?

A package can still be ‘in transit’ for several days, this is because ‘in transit’ doesn’t mean it has been sent out for delivery or it has gotten to a FedEx local facility.

Like we’ve explained before, your package can be reading ‘in transit’ while still at a FedEx facility. ‘In transit’ doesn’t necessarily mean that your package is on a moving vehicle, or sent out for delivery.

A package that is moving towards its final destination is generally scanned as ‘in transit’. This explains why your package may be reading ‘in transit’ for days.

What Does FedEx Mean By In Transit

FedEx In Transit For A Week – What Does It Mean?

It isn’t very usual for a package to remain in transit for a week, but it happens once in a while. There may be a problem somewhere, it is also possible that your package is actually in transit to the next FedEx facility but hasn’t been scanned yet, you should give it a little more time.

Bear in mind that a package that is at a FedEx facility will still read ‘in transit’ as long as there is no problem, depending on the number of parcels present at the facility, the package can remain there for several days.

If your FedEx package has remained ‘in transit’ for a week, you should reach out to the FedEx customer service to actually find out what could be the reason. However, you might want to give a few more days to see if the tracking information will change, or if the package itself will be delivered.

What Does In Transit Hub Scan Mean FedEx?

‘In transit hub scan’ means that the package has arrived at a FedEx hub and has been scanned, it shows that the package is no problem as it keeps progressing towards delivery.

You may not receive the package on that day or the next few days, but there is an assurance that your package will be delivered soon. Once the package has been handed to a delivery driver to make the delivery, the package will be scanned as ‘out for delivery’.

That being said, it is not unusual for your package to remain as ‘in transit’ even while it has been sent out or moving towards the delivery location or to the next FedEx facility.

Before we go further, it is pertinent that we explain the difference between ‘in transit’ and ‘out for delivery’, continue reading. Also read: What Does Departed FedEx Hub Mean?

FedEx In Transit vs Out For Delivery

FedEx ‘in transit’ indicates that the package is moving on its delivery journey, while ‘out for delivery’ means the package has been handed to a delivery driver to make the final delivery.

‘Out for delivery’ shows that the package has been sent to the delivery address and will be delivered within hours, ‘in transit’ insinuates that the package is making progress towards getting delivered, it could be waiting at a FedEx facility or moving to the next facility.

‘Out for delivery’ is a direct notification that the package is with the delivery man and heading to your address for delivery, ‘in transit’ doesn’t mean the package is in a truck, aircraft, or in a FedEx facility. It only tells you that there are presently no issue with regards to the package’s delivery journey.

What Does Out For Delivery Mean FedEx?

When FedEx says your package is ‘our for delivery’, it shows that the package has been scanned and handed to the delivery man to make the final delivery.

Once you get the ‘out for delivery’ notice when tracking your package, it is a straight up notice that you should be getting your package within a few hours, it means your package has left the FedEx local facility and heading towards delivery.

Before your FedEx package departs for final delivery, it will be scanned and the delivery status will be updated as ‘out for delivery’.

How Late Does FedEx Deliver?

FedEx delivery drivers can make deliveries as late as 8pm, this depends on the type of shipping service selected by the sender. For example, if the customer used either FedEx overnight or FedEx 2 day, these two FedEx shipping services allows for deliveries to be made as late as 9pm.

However, standard delivery time you should be expecting your FedEx delivery to be made is between 8am to 8pm, this doesn’t mean deliveries are not made even till 9pm, it happens but not quite often.

What Does It Mean When FedEx Says In Transit?

When FedEx says ‘in transit’, it means that your package is progressing on its delivery journey. It doesn’t mean your package will be delivered immediately or it is inside a moving truck, your package may still be at a FedEx facility and reads ‘in transit’.

‘In transit’ is just a way of telling you that the package commenced its delivery journey and is having no problem presently.