What Does Left FedEx Origin Facility Mean

What Does Left FedEx Origin Facility Mean? Complete Answer

This article provides a complete answer to the question “What Does Left FedEx Origin Facility Mean?” So you are trying to track your package and you got the message ‘left origin facility’, don’t get worried, nothing bad has happened and you are about to find out.

FedEx is one of the top providers of courier services in the United States. Just like its competitors, FedEx uses some terms to help customers understand the present status of their shipment.

Since customers are given tracking numbers for their packages, FedEx uses different terms to help them understand what is happening with their packages.

So, if you are wondering what does left FedEx origin facility mean, continue reading this article to get the right answer.

When you get a message like this while tracking your FedEx package, it just indicates that your package has left the FedEx facility where it was received for delivery.

Just before we give you more details on this, lets first talk about other terms relating to this topic.

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What Does At FedEx Origin Facility Mean?

FedEx origin facility is the first location your package was tendered, scanned and accepted by FedEx.

In simple term, this is where your parcel got accepted into the FedEx network.
The origin facility is the location where details of the package and delivery were registered in the FedEx system.
In simple terms, FedEx origin facility is the first location where your package was received by FedEx.

For example, your colleague wants to ship a pair of pajamas to you, he took them to FedEx Onsite inside Duane Reade, 2683 Broadway, New York.

Once it is received at the FedEx office and registered for delivery, that location becomes the origin facility for the pajamas package you are expecting.

What Does Left FedEx Origin Facility Mean?

Left FedEx origin facility means the parcel has left the facility where it was accepted into the FedEx network and heading to either a local facility or the delivery destination. This is another way of saying that the parcel is making progress in its delivery journey.

When a package is said to have left original facility, it does not necessarily mean that it is coming straight to you, it may be on its way to local FedEx facility before heading for final delivery.

Whatever it is, this message is an indication that the parcel will soon be delivered to the recipient. A package’s origin facility is the first FedEx facility that received and scanned the package into the FedEx delivery network.

Where Is FedEx Origin Facility Located?

There are various FedEx origin facilities almost everywhere in the United States. These locations were created to help customer people easily pickup their parcels or drop off for delivery.

It is quite easy to locate a FedEx origin facility close to you. FedEx created a system to help customers find origin facility near them, it is known as FedEx Locator.

You can locate a FedEx original facility near you with the help of the FedEx Locator. The FedEx locator is powered by Google map and is really efficient in finding FedEx location near you.

How To Locate FedEx Origin Facility Near Me

To locate a FedEx origin facility near you, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the FedEx Locator
  • Under the ‘Find FedEx Locations’ window, insert your address or only state and click on the search icon. The various FedEx locations close to you will be displayed.

Left FedEx Origin Facility In Transit

This is a simple way of saying that your package has left the first FedEx office it was received and registered. It mean your package is on its way to be delivered.

It may still get to a FedEx local facility before it will be finally delivered. Keep tracking your package to get updated information on its current location.

What Does Left FedEx Origin Facility Mean

Left FedEx Origin Facility No Update

This may happen if your package was not scanned to update its status after it left the FedEx origin facility. It may be because the package is in the trailer awaiting scanning in at a backed up hub.
The good thing is your parcel is not misplaced or lost, it is very likely it will be delivered since it left the Fedex origin facility.

You should expect delivery of your package within 24 hours or 48 hours at most, except something goes wrong. FedEx also has other terms like Tendered At FedEx Onsite.

FedEx Package Went Back To Origin

It means your package will not be delivered and it has been sent back to the first FedEx location it was registered at.
When this happens, it is likely there was a problem with the package during inspection. It could also be returned to origin facility if the package has stayed up to or beyond 7 days.

FedEx Package In Transit At Same Location For 3 Days

The fact that your parcel is said to be in transit does not necessarily mean it is in a moving vehicle heading to be delivered, it could still be at a FedEx facility.

Also, if your FedEx package is in transit at same location for 3 days, it is possible that it is damaged, misplaced, overlooked or mislabelled.

The best thing to do at this point is to inform FedEx and a search for the package will be done promptly.

FedEx Package In Transit For A Week

If your FedEX package is in transit for a week, it is possible there could be a hold up with the trucks in transit for express. If its ground delivery, a flight or vehicle delay could be the cause.

Another thing that may delay your package is your location, deliveries to remote locations may take longer time to deliver.

Other reasons could be traffic or weather conditions, incomplete or wrong address, lost or misplaced package. Asking if Fedex Delivers When It Rains? Read Answer Here.

FedEx Tracking – Single Package

You can easily track your package with the Tracking ID on the FedEx website. Simply visit FedEx, scroll down a little, click on ‘Track’ and insert the Tracking ID into the tracking ID window, click Track when done.

What Does Tendered At Fedex Onsite Mean

Track Multiple Packages FedEx

You can track up to 30 packages at a time by using their tracking numbers. To do this, visit FedEx, scroll down a little, click on ‘Track’, click on ‘Multiple Tracking Numbers’ just under the ‘Tracking ID’ window, insert the tracking numbers and click ‘Track’.

What Does Tendered At Fedex Onsite Mean

How Long Does It Take After Package Left FedEx Origin Facility?

Typically, the package should arrive at the delivery destination within 1 – 4 days after it left the origin facility. If the package left a FedEx warehouse to a local facility when the tracking status read “left origin facility”, this means it might take between 2 – 4 days for the package to be eventually delivered.

But, if the origin facility was a local facility, then you should expect delivery within 24 – 48 hours.