What Does Payout Pending Mean On StockX

What Does Payout Pending Mean On StockX? Read Best Answer

What Does Payout Pending Mean On StockX? If you are a seller on StockX, you’ll like come across the word “payout pending” after making a particular sale. This isn’t a new thing for many sellers on StockX.

However, some sellers may not really understand what this means, this explains why the question “what does payout pending mean on StockX?”

StockX is a popular marketplace for selling of different categories of footwear, there are thousands of sellers and millions of buyers transacting in the platform.

On this article, we will give you an accurate answer to what does payout pending mean on StockX, we will also explain what causes paying pending on StockX.

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What Is StockX Payout?

StockX usually collect payments for items from buyers and pay to sellers within 1-5 days after successful purchase and item passes the StockX verification process, this payment is called “payout”.

StockX payout sellers are exclusively powered by Hyperwallet, this is a service owned by PayPal.

StockX is a marketplace where sellers find buyers for their sneakers, trading cards, designer handbags, collectibles, etc. Each seller lists their items and buyers to bid for them, once a buyer pays for the item, StockX will get the money from the buyer and remit to the seller after removing charges.

How StockX Payout Works

StockX sends payments to sellers after the items have passed the verification process, a seller will see the “item verified” notice on their dashboard before receiving the payment email and the money will reflect in their accounts.

StockX doesn’t typically holds sellers’ monies for a long time, except there is an issue with the seller’s payout method or the item has not been verified.

What Does Payout Pending Mean On StockX?

When you see the “payout pending” notice on your StockX account, it means that the payment you are supposed to receive for the item you sold is “pending”.

StockX typically send payments within 1-5 business days to sellers after their items pass the StockX verification process and the payout is released.

However, if you haven’t received the payment for the item you sold and you are sure that the item has passed the verification process, you might get worried, some sellers have complained of having their StockX payout pending for more than 1 week.

There are several factors that may be responsible for the “payout pending” notice you are seeing on your StockX account, continue reading this article to learn more. Also read: Does StockX Have Gift Cards?

How Long Does StockX Payout Takes?

How long a StockX payouts takes depends on the seller’s payout method. It takes within 30 minutes to reflect for money to reflect on a seller’s account for PayPal, a few hours for Venmo, 1-5 business days for bank transfers, a few hours for debit cards, and 1-3 days for MasterCard.

However, that is in addition to the number of days it took the item to arrive at a StockX verification center, and how long it took before the item could pass the verification process.

Understand this, StockX will only send payout to a seller once the item they sold has passed verification, no seller is paid prior to this. If the seller hasn’t sent the item for verification, no payout will be released as StockX will show the order as pending on the buyer’s StockX account.

What Causes Payout Pending On StockX

There are several factors that are responsible for delayed payouts on StockX. As a seller, it is just right that you get to know why your payout is pending, this will help you to know if you are required to take any action to resolve the issue or not.
Below are the few factors that causes delayed payouts on StockX.

  • Item is yet to pass StockX verification process.
  • Incorrect bank account details (for bank transfers).
  • Name on bank account is different from the name on StockX profile (for bank transfers).
  • Incorrect PayPal email address (for PayPal payments).
  • PayPal hasn’t verified email address (for PayPal payments).
  • Bank account has been closed by the bank (for bank transfers).
  • Invalid phone number provided, only United States phone numbers are accepted (for Venmo payments).
  • Invalid card number provided (for debit card payments).

StockX Payout Methods

There are various payout methods available for sellers on StockX, each of these payout methods have their peculiar requirements.
Below are the StockX payout methods for sellers.

  • Bank Transfer.
  • PayPal.
  • Venmo (Only for US sellers).
  • Debit Card (Only for US sellers).

StockX bank transfers are issued in several currencies depending on the seller’s location. Also, an equivalent of $2 may be charged as a bank transfer fee, this depends on the seller’s transfer payout currency.

What Does Payout Pending Mean On StockX

StockX Hyperwallet Payout Pending

Since the StockX payout settings is powered by Hyperwallet, your payout may remain pending if there is any error with your account details, PayPal email, phone number, or debit card number.

Also, your payout will remain pending as long as your item is yet to pass the StockX verification process, this will change once the process is completed.

For several sellers, their items do take more than 1 week to pass the verification process and another week for their payment methods to be verified.

If you have the StockX Hyperwallet payout pending issue, continue reading this article to learn what you can do to possibly solve the problem. Also read: Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card?

StockX Verified But No Payout

If your item has been verified and you haven’t received your payout, it might be caused by the payout method you selected, there may also be a problem with the payment details you provided.

For example, bank transfers may take up to 5 days for funds to hit your account, this largely depends on your bank and the region.

Also, you may need to check and ensure that your payout method is correct and valid. Once you are sure that your payout method and details are accurate, give it a few days and you should receive the funds.

StockX Venmo Payout

StockX sellers can use their Venmo accounts to receive their StockX payouts, all you are required is to insert your Venmo phone number.

Please note that only United States sellers are allowed to receive their StockX payouts via Venmo. A seller is required to set up a Venmo account within 30 days if a Venmo payout method was selected.

StockX Payout Time

StockX payout time depends on the payout method selected by the seller, each of the payout methods have different payout time.

A StockX seller’s payout is processed immediately after the sold item has passed the verification process.
Below is the StockX payout time for each payout method.

  • Bank transfer takes between 1-5 business days.
  • PayPal payout takes within 30 minutes.
  • Venmo payout takes within 5 hours.
  • Debit card payout takes within 5 hours hours.
  • MasterCard takes between 1-3 business days.

StockX PayPal Payout

StockX sellers can easily receive their payouts using their PayPal accounts. A seller is required to provide their PayPal verified email address to receive payment from StockX.

PayPal payouts on StockX takes within 30 minutes, this is the fastest payout method on StockX. As long as the email provided has been verified by PayPal, the payout won’t delay. Also read: Does StockX Use DHL?

StockX Instant Payout

The StockX instant payout program allows sellers to receive their payouts immediately after they have shipped their items, they don’t have to wait for the item to pass the verification process.

The StockX instant payout program is only available for sellers in the US, UK, and EU. A seller may be suspended from the program if StockX feels that the seller’s account has dropped below the required level.

How To Be Eligible For StockX Instant Payout

To be eligible for StockX instant payout, a seller must maintain a Level 4 status and must have a minimum of 100 successful sales. Each seller is required to maintain this level so as to remain eligible for the instant payment.

Any seller that fails to maintain the Level 4 status will be removed even after being previously enrolled. Another factor that determines your acceptance into the StockX instant payout program is your selling history.


What Does Payout Pending Mean On StockX? – When you get the “payout pending” notice, it means that something is delaying your StockX payout. There are several things that may delay your StockX payout like different bank account number with different StockX profile, wrong or unverified email address for PayPal payout, invalid phone number for Venmo payouts, or wrong card details for debit card payouts.