What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx

What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx? Comprehensive Answer

What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx? – the word ‘Release Authorized is a common phrase especially among folks shipping stuffs with courier brands like FedEx, UPS, etc.

On this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive answer on what ‘release authorized’ means, we’ll also touch other aspects of FedEx shipping and what happens when no one is at home to receive the package.

Shipment Release Meaning

Shipment release means the package has been examined and cleared by customs for further processing. Whenever the word ‘release shipment’ is mentioned, it insinuates parcel involved is cleared by Customs.

What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx?

Release authorized means that FedEx can release the parcel without a signature or anyone present.
In general shipping context, released authorized means package can be delivered without requesting for a signature on delivery.
One thing to note is not all shipments can be delivered without signature.
There are shipments that requires an adult or direct signature. In such situations, there must be someone at home to sign for the parcel.
If there is no one at home, the courier will attempt a second delivery or leave a door tag.

FedEx Shipment Release Authorization

FedEx shipment release authorization is the process of giving an authorization to FedEx to make delivery of a package even in the absence of everyone.
FedEx will likely deliver the parcel on first attempt and may not request for a signature.
However, the recipient may still be required to sign for the parcel if it is required by FedEx policy.
You should always find out if your package requires a signature before trying to authorize release.

Some shipments may require indirect signature, this can be signed through FedEx Delivery Manager electronically.

What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx

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What Does Shipment Release Authorized Mean?

It means that the freight charges for the package has been settled and it can be released to the recipient on delivery.
When a shipper selects shipment release, it means that Fedex should release the parcel even without requesting for a signature on delivery.

Package Delivered To Recipient Address – Release Authorized FedEx

This is a notice that the shipment has been delivered to the destination address probably without a signature.
Even if no one was at home to receive the package, it was delivered since release authorized was selected by the shipper.

FedEx Door Tag

A FedEx door tag is a tag that is left behind by a courier delivery man if there is no recipient at home to receive a package. You’ll get a door tag from FedEx if you were not home while an attempt to deliver your package was made. The door tag number is associated with the package tracking number and usually starts with DT. This door tag number will enable the recipient to easily locate the package and find out the delivery options that are available.

A FedEx door tag will be provided after a first attempt to deliver a package and if release was not authorized by the shipper.

FedEx Door Tag Number Tracking

Once there is no one to receive a package, a door tag number will be needed to track the location of your parcel. There are various ways of tracking packages using the FedEx door tag number. You can track your package using the FedEx door tag number through;

  • FedEx Mobile App – download the FedEx mobile app here and scan the barcode which is on your door tag. You will receive details on the delivery options available for you.
  • FedEx website – Use the FedEx door tag number you received to track the location of your package on the website.
  • Text – send follow and door tag number as a message to 48733 (e.g. follow DT7263648595224)

Authorized Shipment Release Is Not Available

This option will not be available if the package requires an adult signature. There are also packages that do not allow authorized shipment release, especially if it was excluded as a delivery option.
Like we said above, there are packages FedEx policy does not allow for authorized shipment release.