What Does Shipment On Hold Mean DHL? – Read Best Answer

What Does Shipment On Hold Mean DHL? – Getting a notice that your shipment has been marked “On Hold” can be somehow annoying, this is especially if you needed the package urgently. It gets even worse if you don’t really understand what the term stands for, this article will explain this terminology to you.

The DHL is one of the most reliable means of shipping mails both in the United States and worldwide.

DHL delivers over 1.6 billion packages every year, with its headquarters in Germany, it is rated as one of the top providers of courier services globally.
This is why business owners and regular shippers in the U.S. are conversant with the company.

As a regular shipper, there are several terminologies that are relevant to courier services. The term ‘on hold’ happens to be one of those shipping terms. Sadly, no shipper wants to hear these two words while shipping or expecting a mail.
So, what does shipment on hold mean DHL? Continue reading this article to learn about this. We have written several useful articles for DHL customers, see them here.

What Does Shipment On Hold Mean DHL?

When your DHL shipment is marked “On Hold”, it means your delivery has been delayed and you won’t get it on the estimated date and time.
This notice is another way of saying that your package is not moving and has been placed on hold for any reason.

There are several reasons that could make your shipment to be delayed and placed on hold, we’ll list some of these reasons in the next paragraph.

Receiving a notice that your shipment is on hold could be a little bit frustrating, you might find yourself in a crossroad not knowing the best step to take.

Although, there is quite a little you can do to salvage the situation, finding out what really caused the delay might help a lot.

Why Is My DHL Shipment On Hold?

According to a DHL staff, shipments that contravenes a particular country’s import law, or subject to Custom and Regulatory Agencies & Authorities scrutiny usually get marked as ‘on hold’.

Why your DHL shipment is on hold depends on the shipment stage, if your shipment is held at DHL facility, it could mean there is a technical problem, social unrest, route changes, holidays, or natural disaster.

For legitimate reasons, your shipment could be on hold at Customs facility. If this is the case, there is a need to reach out to DHL and the shipper so as to find out what is needed for the shipment to be released. Does DHL Deliver On Sunday?

DHL Shipment On Hold Customs

If your shipment is on hold at Customs facility, there may be a need for confirmation of documents or Customs duty payment, it is very likely that there is some sort of documentation problem that needs to be sorted out before the shipment will be released.
Also, port congestion, closed border, or incomplete documentation can cause your shipment to be on hold.
Reaching out to concerned parties (your shipper and DHL) will help you get an accurate information why your shipment is on hold.

What Does Shipment On Hold Mean DHL

DHL Shipment On Hold In Another Country

If your shipment is tagged “on hold” in another country, it could be a case of a closed border. As long as DHL is unable to get it through, it will be marked “on hold”.

Another reason your package is on hold in another country may be port congestion, this is very common during holiday seasons. Although port congestions usually get sorted out between 1 to 2 days, you’ll have to wait for Customs to process DHL’s packages.

Incomplete documentation is one of the major causes of packages being delayed at Customs. Sometimes it may be the seller didn’t include some vital documents, if this is the case, you need to reach out to the seller and urge him or her to send necessary documents to DHL. DHL Scheduled For Delivery As Agreed

DHL Shipment On Hold After Clearance Processing Complete

If your package is still on hold after it was said to have completed the Custom clearance processing, it is possible you haven’t paid the import tax on them. Find out what could still be delaying your package from your seller.

Also, it could mean that all required documents have been submitted for Customs declaration, but your package will still be on hold until the final release confirmation by Customs. Does DHL Deliver On Sunday?

How Long Will My Shipment Be On Hold DHL?

This depends on what is actually causing the delay of your shipment. If it is port congestion, it should clear within 1-2 days. Issues like closed border or incomplete documentation may take a little while. How soon your seller is able to present required documents will determine how soon your shipment will be released.

Also, imagine there is a security concern in a neighboring country and the border is closed, your package will remain on hold until the security issue is sorted out. Should it take 2 months for the issue to be resolved, your package will be on hold for 2 months. What Does Enroute Mean DHL?

DHL Shipment On Hold New York City GATEWAY

This may be the case of incomplete documentation, ensure your paper works are complete. DHL do not have much they can do to speed up the clearance. If you are sure your documentation is complete, all you need to do is wait and hope it gets cleared soon.

Why Is My Shipment On Hold DHL?

There are lots of reasons why your shipment is on hold. Issues like bad weather, shortage of staff, incomplete documentation, faulty or missed truck, closed border, port congestion, and changed route can stop your shipment from moving. It is best you reach out to your sender and DHL to actually ascertain what is stopping your shipment from moving. What Does Missent Mean DHL?


What Does Shipment On Hold Mean DHL? It means your package is currently not moving towards delivery, it has been help for some reasons. Until the issue is resolved, your package may not resume its movement towards delivery.