What Is A Discord Kitten

What Is A Discord Kitten? Read Most Complete Answer

What Is A Discord Kitten? – The word ‘Discord Kitten’ has been flying around, and quite frankly, lots of folks don’t even understand what it’s all about.

Surely, the word ‘Discord Kitten’ is more of a slang and mainly used on Discord to refer to set of users who try to please others in exchange for gifts.

The above explanation isn’t all you should know about Discord Kitten, there are some negative insinuations in connection with the word, this article will elaborate more on this.

So, did you here the word from your kid? That could be a reason to worry, especially if the kid is underage. Want to know what is a Discord Kitten? You’ve gotten to the right place and we’ll explain what it means, what they receive as gifts, and if it’s really cool being a Discord Kitten.

Discord is a platform for text, video, and voice chatting between individuals, it also allows users to hang out with their friends and communities. With Discord, you can stream movies and TV shows, you can also stream games like Nintendo Switch, etc. Read: How To Stream Nintendo Switch On Discord.

As new users keep coming into the platform, there are new phrases that have been formed, Discord Kitten is one of these slangs. If you are wondering what is a Discord Kitten, continue reading this article.

What Is A Discord Kitten?

A Discord Kitten is a general term used when referring to a class of Discord users who are willing to do whatever another Discord user wants in exchange for a give.
A Discord Kitten is more like a ‘willing slave’, this person will do whatever the other user wants just to get gifts from them.
Truth is, the whole idea sounds weird, but that actually what Discord Kitten means. Based on our research, Discord Kittens are generally young or underage kids not too mature to realise what they are actually doing.

A Discord Kitten will be owned by someone of the opposite gender, this means a female Discord Daddy will have a male Discord Kitten, while a male Discord Daddy will have a female Discord Kitten. However, majority of the Kittens presently on Discord are females, this explains why the Daddies are mostly males. Read: How To Unfriend On Discord Mobile.

Who Is A Discord Kitten?

Simple, if you are young, underage or you create an account claiming to be young, then you try pleasing any Discord user in exchange for a gift, you are a Discord Kitten.

A Discord Kitten is a Discord account owner who does whatever another Discord user wants just to receive gifts, a Discord Kitten is more like a toy in the hands of the Discord Daddy. Probably it’s best we explain what a Discord Daddy is, this will help you to understand more about Discord Kittens.

Who Is A Discord Daddy?

A Discord Daddy is a user who owns a Discord Kitten and gives them gifts for doing what they want. In essence, a Discord Daddy is someone who pays a younger almost-ignorant folk of the opposite gender for please them.

A Discord Daddy is more like a sugar daddy to a Discord Kitten who can also be referred to as a sugar baby. The Discord Kitten does whatever the Discord Daddy wants and receive gifts for pleasing the Discord Daddy.

Majority of parents aren’t comfortable with the whole Discord Kitten stuff, their worry is justifiable. Since Discord Kittens are usually young and naive kids, it makes them vulnerable to manipulative older folks who use gifts to entice and lure them into doing whatever they want.

What Gift Does A Discord Kitten Receives?

A Discord Kitten usually receives Nitro as gifts from a Discord Daddy. A Discord Nitro is the platform’s paid membership service. Discord Nitro helps enables users to get the most out of Discord.

The Discord Nitro helps users to improve their overall experience on the Discord platform. Simply put, it unlocks premium features that are offered on Discord, it has series of amazing perks.

So, this is exactly what Discord Daddies give to their Discord Kittens for serving them. Features unlocked by Discord Nitro are not available to users who are using Discord free. Also Read: How To Unfriend On Discord Mobile (Read Best Guide)

What Is A Discord Kitten

How To Become A Discord Kitten

There are no laid out procedure on becoming a Discord Kitten, you just need to search for Discord servers that are more on dating stuff.

Once you join any server, you should be able to know if there are Discord Daddies there or not, you’ll notice that men will send you friend requests immediately you join the server, that shows you may be at the right place.
Follow the guide below to stand a chance of getting picked as a Discord Kitten.

  • Open Discord, and search for edating, online dating, dating, sugar-babies, etc.
  • Make sure it’s female profile you are creating, Discord Daddies mostly want females as Discord Kittens.
  • Use a cute profile picture of yourself or anime character. You can use a catfish photo if you are not comfortable with posting using your picture.
  • Actively chat with people who added you from the server. Don’t be too available but drop nice words once in a while.
  • Act cute and say words like ‘DMs are open’, ‘yes dad’, etc.
  • Drop nice, naive-looking and enticing words in the server once in a while to spark interests.
    These are some of the things you can do to stand a chance of getting picked as a Discord Kitten.

Should You Allow Your Kid To Be A Discord Kitten?

No, it isn’t really cool to allow your kid to be a Discord Kitten, your kid could be easily manipulated into engaging in acts way too mature for them.

This kind of relationship between a Discord Daddy and a Discord Kitten has pedophiliac vibes once the Kitten is young and underaged, you shouldn’t encourage your kid.

Just before you decide whether to allow your kid become a Discord Kitten, have a look at some of the things Discord Kittens do to earn Discord Nitro.

What Do Discord Kittens Do?

Truth is, Discord Kittens do the bidding of their Discord Daddies, this may involve lots of debasing acts in chats and even on voice channels.

A Discord Kitten may have to dress inappropriately, engage in mature chats and even become acquiescent in a voice channel.

As long as the Discord Baby is doing what the Discord Daddy wants, they keep receiving Nitro as gifts.

So, What Is A Discord Kitten? A Discord Kitten is a user who does whatever another Discord user wants in exchange for gifts (Nitro).