What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon

What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon? – Complete Details

What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon? – Amazon offers 7 paid holidays to employees. Amazon employees working as full-time receive holiday benefits, this benefit will be calculated by multiplying their basic hourly rate by the total of hours they have worked during holidays.

As a standard rule, Amazon employees get holiday pay for each of the holidays. Apart from this, employees working during holidays will be paid 1.5 their hourly rates.

Being one of the top employers in the United States, Amazon has set up policies to ensure their employees are fairly treated with regards to holidays.

So, What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon? This article will give you details about holiday pay at Amazon, you’ll also read answers to other questions relating to holiday pay at Amazon.

How Many Holidays Does Amazon Has?

Amazon pays employees for 7 holidays in a year, these holidays are mainly federal holidays. Find the list of paid holidays at Amazon below;

  • Memorial Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Labor Day

Employees working during any of these holidays earn more than their normal hourly rate. Additionally, they also earn holiday pays depending on their type of employment, more on this as you continue reading.

Amazon Vacation Policy

Working as an Amazon employee makes you eligible for vacation time payment. This paid vacation time is accumulated on the basis of per pay-period.
The annual accrual rate for each hourly staff depends on several factors, these factors determine what you get. The factors include years worked, type of employment (whether part time, reduced time, or full time). The rule isn’t only applicable to hourly staff, it applies to salaried employees as well.

What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon?

Employees required to work during holidays receive one hour for each hour they have worked on that day. This means a full time worker will receive 8 hours holiday pay for working 8 hours, while a part-time employee gets 4 hours.

Generally, every employee is eligible for a holiday pay irrespective of the type of employment. However, this has changed in recent times, employees who don’t show up get nothing. This is widely reported for part-time employees, full-time employees are said to be receiving their holiday pays even without showing up.

How Does Amazon Pay Employees For Working On Holidays?

Amazon employees working on holidays earn 1.5 their hourly rates. This is simply calculated as your normal hourly rate x 1.5 (for hourly staff). Salaried employees working during holidays get double of their pay for the hours they have worked.

Amazon is continually making efforts to compensate hard working employees who sacrifice their time during holidays to work. Recently, the company announced a one-time bonus to be given to all employees during the holidays. According to the announcement, full-time workers were to be given $300, while part-time workers get $150.

Amazon Time And A Half Holidays

A holiday pay of 8 hours for full-time employees, and 4 hours for part-time employees, plus time and a half hours of work are added to total working hours of employees working on the holiday.

A full-time employee at Amazon earns either 6 or 8 hours holiday pay, this depends on the schedule paid at their regular rates. Once you work on the holiday, you are eligible to earn 1.5 times your hourly rate in addition to your holiday pay.

Amazon Holiday Pay Policy 2022

Amazon follows common business practice by scheduling every national holiday on the designated day. As part of their policy, every employee is eligible for a holiday pay depending on their type of employment.

According to the policy, an employer doesn’t have to work on a holiday to earn holiday pay. Also, an employee required to working on the holiday will be given 1.5 hour of holiday pay for the total hours he or she has worked.

Since Amazon doesn’t allow more than 8 hours of work on holiday, the number of holiday pay for full-time employees can’t exceed 8 hours.

Amazon Holiday Pay Part-Time

For Amazon part-time employees, they get not more than 4 hours holiday pay. This is simply because the holiday pay is simply awarded based on your regular number of daily hours worked.

Also, part-time employees working on the holiday get holiday overtime pay, this is 1.5 x their regular hourly rate.
Let’s say you were earning $18 per hour at Amazon, you’ll earn $27 for every hour worked on the holiday.

Amazon Holiday Pay Presidents Day

Amazon does not pay employees any extra pay or bonus for working during the presidents day. This is because the president’s day is not among the holidays observed by Amazon.

There are no holiday pays and employees who don’t show up get punished, Amazon operates on President’s Day.

Does Amazon Pay Holiday Pay For Veterans Day?

The Veterans Day is not one of the paid holidays and employees don’t earn holiday pay for working. Amazon only gives holiday pay to employees for the 7 paid holidays which has been listed above, read more about Amazon paid holidays here.

What Holidays Is Amazon Warehouse Closed

Amazon warehouse is only closed on Christmas Eve and also Christmas Day, but this isn’t always the case. Except these two mentioned days, Amazon warehouse is always open for business on other holidays.
However, employees working on these holidays earn 1.5 x their regular hourly rates.

Is Amazon Closed On Christmas 2022

Yes, Amazon closes on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. The Christmas day is among the 7 paid holidays at Amazon. Generally, shipping activities are suspended on Christmas day across the U.S.

Despite being one of the paid holidays, some employees may be required to show up on that day, these employees will earn extra pay for working.

How To Use Vacation Time At Amazon

As a salaried employee at Amazon, you earn a vacation time of two weeks during your first year of working in the company, while a part-time worker may earn between 5 to 10 days of vacation time.
A salaried worker earns a vacation time of three weeks in his or her second year of employment, while reduced time workers can earn between 7.5 to 15 days vacation time.
The table below explains how vacation times are earned by Amazon employees. Read more about the vacation time here.

What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon

What Types Of Leave Is Paid On Amazon?

Amazon pays for some leaves like parental and pregnancy leaves. The company also pay for some parts of bereavement, military, and jury/witness leaves.
In some types of leave, your HR or manager’s approval and/or some kind of certification may be required.


What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon? Holiday pay is the extra hour Amazon employees earn on each holiday. The holiday pay earned by an employee depends on whether they are part-time or full-time.