What Is Non Scheduled Cross Foot USPS

What Is Non Scheduled Cross Foot USPS? Read Complete Answer

If you are wondering What Is Non Scheduled Cross Foot USPS, this post is just what you need to read. Several employees at USPS have been confused over the “non-scheduled cross-foot” description on their payslips. Frankly speaking, USPS hasn’t officially explained what this means to employees, this is why lots of employees have been surfing the internet for an answer.

The USPS pay stub usually contain information regarding the employee’s total worked hours, overtime hour, night work prem hours, etc. On this post, we will explain What Is Non Scheduled Cross Foot USPS. We will also explain what night work prem hours USPS means.

USPS currently has over 5,900 workers in the United States, they are no doubt one of the top employers in the U.S.

So, are you wondering What Is Non Scheduled Cross Foot USPS? We have thoroughly researched on this question and you are about to read the most comprehensive and accurate answer.

What Is Non Scheduled Cross Foot USPS?

The term “non scheduled cross foot” is used when an employee has not worked the complete 40 hours a week. The USPS payroll system needs to offset the remaining time under 40 hours that the employee has worked in the week.

For example, if an employee worked 38 hours in the week, the non scheduled cross foot for the week’s payroll will be 2 hours. Essentially, the non scheduled cross foot is just an accounting term deployed by USPS to ensure the employee’s hours worked adds up to 40 for the week.

In other words, the non scheduled cross foot is the total hours out of the 40 hours weekly work-time you didn’t work and you are surely not getting paid for those hours, this explains why the amount is always .00.

In summary, the hours of the non scheduled cross foot shown in the payroll are the total hours needed to complete the mandatory 40 hours weekly worktime.

What Does Transitional Emp Negative Cros Total Mean USPS?

This is an accounting term for the USPS Time and Attendance Control System to ensure that an employee’s holiday pay isn’t counted as overtime.

In the weekly pay stubs, the traditional emp negative cross total is derived by removing the overtime total from the work hours total and adding the holiday leave total, the number of hours required to bring the total number to 40 becomes the traditional emp negative cross total.

However, in daily pay stubs, you can derive the traditional emp negative cross total by removing the overtime hours from the work hours and add the holiday leave, the hours required to bring down the total hours to 10 is the traditional emp negative cross total.

Basically, it is there to ensure that an employee’s holiday pay is not paid as overtime.

What Does Leave No OT Crossfoot Mean?

The “leave No OT Crossfoot” code is used for accounting purpose while calculating an employee’s weekly pay, this helps to bring the number of hours to 40 and to indicate the paid holiday pay.

On the weekly timecard, the total basic hours for each worker must be 40. Should the total number exceed 40, the TACS will deploy the Transitional Emp Negative Cros Total code to ensure that the holiday pay isn’t paid as overtime. But if it doesn’t get up to 40 hours, the Non Scheduled Cross Foot code (unpaid) will be used to sum up the hours to 40, the “leave No OT Crossfoot indicates the total paid holiday pay. Also read Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS?

What Is Non Scheduled Cross Foot USPS

What Is Penalty Overtime At USPS?

Penalty overtime at USPS is x2 of the employee’s hourly rate paid to a worker for working over 10 hours in a day. If an employee workers overtime each day of their 5 scheduled days, they will get penalty for any overtime worked on the 5th day of overtime.

Basically, a worker will be paid penalty if the management didn’t give them a one hour notice when they were required to work overtime, employees that work overtime at their Stamp Distribution Offices get penalty overtime.

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Night Work Prem Hours USPS

The night work prem hours at USPS is the total number of hours worked between 6.00pm and 6.00am, the rate varies depending on the employee’s step and level.

An employee can earn between 90 cents to as much as $1.70 for each hour of night work prem hours. It isn’t really clear if USPS calculates each minute because there are workers that receive between 25 to 50 cents for working around 30 minutes after 6.00pm.

Can USPS Fire You For Not Working Overtime?

Yes, overtime is mandatory under the federal law, the USPS have the right to penalise or even fire an employee over refusal to work overtime, refusing to work overtime when required is a violation of the federal law.

The federal law gives employers the right to request their workers to work overtime if it is necessary, this may not be applicable in every state.

Under the federal law, an employee can get fired by the USPS for refusing to work overtime after being duly informed.

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