What Is The Card On The Lanyard For Instacart

What Is The Card On The Lanyard For Instacart – Read Full Answer

If you’ve just received a package from Instacart and you are wondering what is the card on the lanyard for Instacart, this post provides the most comprehensive answer.

One of the things new shoppers receive after the Instacart onboarding process is a package containing a green shirt and most a lanyard. Instacart has been pretty consistent in sending lanyards to new full-service shoppers.

However, many of these new shoppers do not know what the card on the lanyard is used for, you will get the best answer from this post.

Since this question has been frequently asked by Instacart new shoppers, we decided to research on the this, read on to know what we discovered.

Do Instacart Shoppers Get A Shirt?

Yes, majority of the new shoppers who just got hired at Instacart do receive a shirt as one of the welcome packages. From our research we have discovered that not all the new shoppers receive shirts, majority of them do receive though.

Instacart have always been finding ways to make the job easier for their shoppers, the shirt they receive serves like a means of identification and can help a shopper get more attention than other customers while shopping batches.

Unfortunately, and funny enough, majority of the shoppers don’t like wearing the shirts, probably because of the color which is a bright shade of green, not everyone likes shiny colors.

Do Instacart Shoppers Get A Lanyard?

Yes, new shoppers at Instacart always receive lanyards as their first gift from the company. Even though Instacart doesn’t send shirts quite often, they don’t miss sending lanyards to new shoppers.

The lanyards do have the Instacart logo embolden which gives them identification without the need for any introduction.

Lanyards are typically used in holding identification cards, shoppers do receive Mastercards from Instacart and this is the card on the lanyard. Also read Can Instacart Customers See My Picture?

What Is The Card On The Lanyard For Instacart

Generally, the plain green card on the lanyard sent to shoppers by Instacart does not have any major purpose other than to give the shopper a means of identification.

With the card on the lanyard, a shopper looks more professional and everyone in the shop will know that they are working for Instacart.

Secondly, when you wear the lanyard with the green card, it helps people to know that you are not a stranger when you are approaching their homes for deliveries, this is useful especially if you are searching for the right apartment or house.

Once you are approaching an apartment to deliver an order with your lanyard on, the customer will easily identify you, this is one of the major purposes of the card on the lanyard. Also read How To Get W2 From Instacart

What Card Do Instacart Shoppers Use?

Instacart shoppers do receive Mastercards from the company, these cards are given to them so they can be used at checkout. Generally, Instacart prefer shoppers using the Mastercards sent to them rather than their own debit or credit cards.

Mastercards given to shoppers by Instacart are preloaded with amount required for an order placed by a customer, it makes it easy for a shopper to swiftly fulfil batches.

What Is The Card On The Lanyard For Instacart

Can I Get Another Instacart Lanyard?

Yes, you can always get another Instacart lanyard even though you can’t expressly request for one. The only way you can get another lanyard sent to you by Instacart is to request a replacement card.

Once you’ve requested for a replacement card, Instacart will send the new card alongside another lanyard, you can just keep the card pending when the current one gets old.

Another possible way to get another Instacart lanyard is to get a family member to apply as a full-service shopper at Instacart. Once they are successful, they’ll receive a new lanyard and can hand it to you.

When Does Instacart Send Lanyards?

Instacart send lanyards to new shoppers immediately after the onboarding process and they have been confirmed as full-service shoppers. As a matter of fact, once a new shopper has been accepted, Instacart will send them a package containing a t-shirt and a lanyard.

However, it isn’t mandatory to wear the t-shirt or put on the lanyard while shopping, Instacart only encourages shoppers to wear them so they can be easily identified while shopping or making deliveries. Read Can I Sue Instacart For Wrongful Termination?

Are Instacart Lanyards Useful?

Yes, those lanyards are quite useful primarily because they give shoppers a means of identification. This helps shop staff to give them some sort of preferences and attend to them faster than other customers.

Secondly, it also helps the customer to easily identify the shopper when they come for delivery, this is especially if the shopper is having problems identifying the apartment or house.


The card on the Instacart lanyard you received can help you fulfil batches faster, shop owners and staff will definitely give you preference and help you checkout faster. With the green card on the lanyard, even customers will easily identify you when you go to deliver.

In summary, the card on the lanyard from Instacart is to let everyone know that you are working for Instacart.