What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering 2023? (Answered)

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering? – Amazon Logistics is the delivery service wing of Amazon, they are charged with the responsibility of delivering packages ordered at Amazon.

Their modus operandi is just like other logistics company, they do deliver even late in the night if it becomes necessary.

Amazon Logistics prides itself as one of the top providers of quality logistic services in the United States, this isn’t in doubt owing to how well structured their delivering process is, based on my personal experience.

So, what time does Amazon stop delivering? Well, the answer to this question will be determined by some factors, we’ll discuss these factors on this article, continue reading to learn more.

Amazon is one of the most popular online retail marketplace in the United States, the record speaks for itself. Having been in the U.S. retail market for a long time, the company created it logistics wing to ensure products ordered on their platform are processed and delivered by them without the need for a third party, clever!

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering?

Officially, Amazon Logistics deliver packages between 8am to 8pm local time. During these official delivery hours, Amazon drivers will ring the bell, knock on your door, or contact you directly for deliveries.

However, they won’t knock on the door or ring the bell for any delivery made after 8pm. Instead, the delivery man will quietly drop your package at a convenience place outside your house and leave.

Amazon drivers can deliver as late as 11pm, if it becomes absolutely necessary.

What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering In The Morning?

Amazon logistics commence package delivery operations by 8am every morning, this is mainly applicable to deliveries during business days. Weekend deliveries usually start as early as 6am, this is because most drivers close early on weekends.

Although, 8am is the official time for the commencement of deliveries, you can arrange with the driver to deliver as early as 6am during business days, that’s if he failed to deliver the previous day.

Amazon’s delivery policy is fashioned to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, this is why their drivers operate in a flexible way. Also read Does Amazon Deliver To Qatar?

Does Amazon Deliver After 9pm?

Yes, Amazon delivers after 9pm, their drivers can delivery as late as 9pm. In this case, you shouldn’t expect them to knock on the door or ring the bell, they’ll quietly leave the item outside your door.

This is because they know that people may have gone to bed, a driver that is delivering after 9pm will only drop the package at a convenience location out side your door and leaves, this is only applicable to packages that doesn’t require signature.

If your package requires signature, the driver may try reaching out to you or suspend delivery till the next day.

Does Amazon Deliver After 10pm?

Yes, Amazon drivers do make deliveries beyond 10pm, this is on rare cases and for packages that requires no signature, the delivery man will attempt to contact you via phone if your package requires signature.

If you are expecting your package by 10pm, you shouldn’t expect to a knock on the door or the bell ringing, Amazon drivers are cautioned against possibly disturbing people at late hours.

In this situation, the driver will only drop the package in front of your door at a location he feels it is convenience. Also read about Amazon FBA Removal Report

Does Amazon Deliver At 11pm?

Amazon delivery drivers rarely make delivery of packages at 11pm, this is very late and there are not many cases of deliveries made at this time.

You may get an Amazon driver to deliver your package by 11pm if you won’t be available the next day. Most of the drivers stop making deliveries by 10pm.

However, if you’re expecting your delivery at 11pm, you’ll not get a knock on the door or hear the bell ringing, the package will be kept outside your house.

Amazon Says Arriving Today But Not Out For Delivery

This means either the delivery driver hasn’t gone out for the day’s delivery yet, or there is no driver going your route yet, it is very possible that you’ll receive your package before the end of the day.

Considering the fact that many Amazon deliveries stop at 8pm while some drivers do deliver as late as 11pm, you should still expect your delivery on the stated day.

If your package isn’t out for delivery even after Amazon said you’ll get it today, give it a little more time, it will be out for delivery shortly. Also read Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS?

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering At Night?

Amazon officially stops deliveries of packages to customers by 8pm. However, their drivers can still make deliveries till 11pm, this commonly happens if a guaranteed delivery date was given for the package or if you had a kind of arrangement with the delivery man.

When a driver is making a delivery after 8pm, he won’t knock on your door or ring the bell, he may try to contact you if the package requires signature, if he is unable to reach you then the package won’t be delivered that day, he’ll try to delivery the next day.

You should always have a concrete arrangement with the driver if you expected your package late at night.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver On Friday?

Amazon logistics officially delivers packages on Friday from 8am to 8pm. Packages can still be delivered to customers as late as 10pm on Friday, especially if there was a guaranteed delivery date.

Amazon drivers operate in a very flexible way to ensure customers’ satisfaction. If your order has to be delivered on Friday, they won’t mind delivering it as late as 10pm.

Also, the delivery time can start as early as 6am on Friday morning if you had an arrangement with the delivery driver. Also read How To Sell Coloring Books On Amazon

What Time Does Amazon Deliver On Saturday?

Amazon drivers make deliveries on Saturday between 8am to 8pm for Amazon free users, and 8am to 10pm for Prime members. Amazon Prime members are able to customize their delivery preferences to as late as 10pm.

Deliveries for Amazon Prime members can be done as late as 10pm on Saturday, Amazing customers that are using the free version are not able to customize their delivery preference.

This means that free member packages that are not delivered by 8pm on Saturday will likely be delivered on Sunday or Monday.

Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday?

Amazon makes deliveries on Sundays, but not as much as during week days or Saturdays. Although, deliveries for regular orders are still made on Sunday, Amazon Fresh orders are mostly delivered on this day.

The company understands that Sunday is a day of rest for several people in the United States, this is why they adjust the hours of deliveries.

How early or late you’ll get your package depends on the delivery driver that is delivering your package.

Amazon Fresh drivers will always ensure they finish up deliveries on time so they can also rest ahead of the start of the new work week. Read guide on How To Remove Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering On Sunday?

Because Sunday is a resting day for most people, Amazon drivers often start deliveries from 6am and end by 5pm.

However, you can still get your package delivered as late as 8pm, but not later than that, this is mostly applicable to Amazon Fresh orders.

The time your package will be delivered on Sunday may vary, this is because Amazon collaborates with other logistics companies to make Sunday deliveries.

Amazon Fresh drivers may deliver your package not later than 8pm, normal deliveries may not exceed 5pm.

Most Amazon drives have only Sunday to rest and get refreshed for the start of the business week, this is why you shouldn’t expect your package to be delivered late in the night on Sunday.

Packages that are not delivered on Sunday will be likely delivered early the next day or at their earliest convenience.

We’re Sorry Your Package Is Late. Please Contact Amazon For The Next Steps.

Late deliveries do occur several times, there are some factors that are usually responsible for this. If you received a message that your package is late and you should contact Amazon for next steps, it is possible that any of these factors may be responsible; your address may be incorrect, missing floor, building, apartment, or unit number, severe weather conditions, or delay at international customs.

If any of the above factors occur, your package may be late, it doesn’t mean your package is lost, it is recommended that you give it a little more time before taking action.

Late deliveries are usually resolved in less than 2 days. Read the next paragraph for recommended actions to take if your package isn’t delivered after 48 hours. Also details about Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock

My Amazon Package Is Late, What Should I Do?

A late package is caused by either bad weather conditions, missing unit, floor, building, or apartment number, incorrect address, or delay at the custom.

If you Amazon package is late, try any of the following steps.

1. Confirm The Estimated Delivery Date By Tracking Your Package

You may need to confirm the estimated delivery date for the package, this will help you to know when to expect delivery and to also know if the package will still be delivered or not.

You can’t simply reach a conclusion without first knowing the present delivery status of your order. Tracking your package status should be your first action.

2. Confirm Payment Processing

It is crucial that you find out if the payment you made for the order was successfully processed or not,

Checking your payment processing is important when trying to know what is making your package to be late.

3. Confirm That Your Shipping Address Is Correct

Incorrect address could be the cause of late deliveries or other delivery problems. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned in ensuring your package is successfully delivered.

Ensure you’ve confirmed your shipping address and make sure it is up to date.

How To Confirm Estimated Delivery Date For Amazon Package

Amazon allows users to have access to their package’s delivery status. This can be accessed by tracking the package status on the user dashboard.

Follow the steps below on how to confirm estimated delivery date for Amazon Package

  • Login to your Amazon dashboard via website or launch the app.
  • Navigate to Your Orders and click on it.
  • Locate the particular order you want to track and click on it.
    Estimated delivery date for the package and other information will be displayed.

How To Confirm Your Shipping Address On Amazon

Customers are allowed to confirm or make changes to their shipping address to ensure successful deliveries.

Updating of shipping address can be done via the user dashboard. Follow the steps below on how to confirm your shipping address on Amazon.

  • Visit Amazon website or launch the app.
  • Navigate to Your Addresses.
  • Confirm the address or update as required.

Amazon Late Delivery Refund

Amazon may make refunds if a package isn’t delivered after a guaranteed delivery date was provided. Please note that only a refund for the shipping fee will be made.

Read more about Amazon guaranteed delivery terms and conditions here.

How Can I Apply For Amazon Late Delivery Refund?

To be eligible for a refund, there are certain requirements that must be met.

If you are sure that you’ve met these conditions, follow the steps below to apply for Amazon late delivery refund.

  • On your website browser, contact Amazon.
  • Click on the ‘An Order I Placed’ link.
  • Choose the order you want to apply for a shipping refund.
  • Click on ‘Problem with an order’.
  • Click ‘Shipping or delivery issues’
  • Locate ‘Shipment is late’ and click.
    Follow the prompt to submit the application.