What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe? – Best Interview Q&A

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe? – At Amazon, safety is a priority, the company has continued to invent new measures to ensure the safety of their employees.
Amazon understands that providing a safe workplace for employees is a legal requirement, this is why the company leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the safety of its employees.

That being said, Amazon expects every employee to understand and abide by the company’s safety policy. As an employee, you are expected to help maintain a safe workplace, this is why the question “what will you do to keep Amazon safe” has been asked recently as part of the Amazon interview questions. Amazon also conduct mouth swab drug test for applicants, read how to pass a mouth swab drug test at Amazon.

For some employees, this might look like a routine question, Amazon actually wants every employee to understand the company’s position when it comes to safety, they want you to also know that you are required to join hands in ensuring that Amazon locations remain safe.
Having said all this, we want to take our time to explain Amazon safety policy, this will help you to better understand your role with regards to safety at Amazon, it will also help you to answer the interview question “what will you do to keep Amazon safe?”
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What Is Amazon Safety Policy?

At Amazon, safety is integral and employees are trained to understand equipment usage and designed processes put in place to ensure their safety at work.

The company mandates employees to always pay attention to their environment and stay alert. Always putting on your protective equipment is vital especially at the fulfillment center.

As an applicant, you should understand common safety practices and be aware that Amazon expects every employee to play a vital role in keep operations safe at the highest standards.

Once you understand Amazon’s safety procedures, it becomes easy to reduce hazards, avoid violating policy, and prevent accidents.

Now that you have a clue about Amazon’s safety policy, let’s discuss the answer you are expected to give when asked “What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe?”

While applying to get employed at Amazon, the company expects you to have read about its policy regarding safety, you are expected to understand common safety requirements especially while working in warehouses where heavy equipments are being used daily. Read this: What Is A Good RoAS On Amazon?

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe? 4 Answer Ideas

While this question doesn’t require a kind of a professional answer, you will be able to provide a near-accurate answer if you understand the basic safety procedures at warehouses.

During the Amazon hiring process, the company wants to see how the applicant understands their safety policy, your ability to explain how you will approach safety while working at Amazon can be the deciding factor in getting employed.

As someone who understands the importance of maintaining a safe workplace, how will you contribute to the continuous safety of Amazon workplace? This is essentially what the interview team means when they ask what will you do to keep Amazon safe.

Below are the tips that can give you a direction on how to answer the Amazon interview question regarding safety.

  1. I understand Amazon’s position when it comes to safety and I will stick to all the safety procedures. I will also report any unsafe conditions and assist in creating a safe working environment for other employees. The company will benefit from the experience I have gathered in safety training and techniques.
  2. I know that Amazon expects me to inform management about any unsafe situation and also follow all safety regulations, I will do this at all times and also contribute my quota in ensuring that the workplace remains safe for everyone. I am totally committed to safety just as the company is, I have acquired the required knowledge on workplace safety.
  3. I will follow every safety regulation while working here, I won’t fail to alert the management of any forthcoming danger. I value safety, I have gotten enough training and experience, this will be evidenced in my services to the company.
  4. I will ensure that I follow the company’s policy and employee guideline while working here. I will apply the highest level of caution while making use of the company’s equipment to avoid injury and damage.

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Warehouse Safe? 11 Best Tips

At Amazon warehouse, an employee is expected to strictly abide by several safety rules, this is because the warehouse is like the powerhouse of the company,
heavy equipments are used daily at the warehouse, this demands strict compliance to safety policy to avoid injury to employees and damage to equipment.
For applicants seeking to work at Amazon warehouse, you could be asked what will you do to keep Amazon warehouse safe?
Below are the things you should do to keep Amazon warehouse safe, this should give you an idea of what to answer. Also read: Amazon CS11 Error Fix – Step-By-Step Guide

1. Wear Safety Gear

As a general rule, workers are required to always put on their safety gear once they report to duty, this is the first and major step towards preventing injuries.

2. Report Any Unsafe Situation

Every employee at the warehouse is expected to report any unsafe situation to a manager, this will greatly help in preventing any forthcoming hazard. You would have saved yourself and others from injury by reporting any unsafe situation immediately. Amazon managers are always on alert to address any issue reported by an employee.

3. Watch Out For Warning Signs

For some of the hazards that occur at warehouses, there are always warning signs prior to the occurrence, paying attention to warning signs has helped lots of workers to avert hazards.

4. Abide By All Safety Procedures

Amazon have put in place safety procedures to safeguard an employee while working at the warehouse. It is now demanding on the employee to abide by these safety procedures.

5. Follow All Protocols In The Warehouse

You’ll essentially save yourself lots of trouble by following all the protocols in the warehouse, all of these protocols are put in place for your safety and that of other employees.

6. Avoid Danger Areas

There may be areas that are strictly out of bound to certain employees, stay out of these areas if you are not permitted to go there.

7. Ask Questions Over Safety Concerns

Never stop asking questions if you have safety concerns. Your safety and that of other employees is important, it’s within your rights to ask for clarity over any safety concern. Amazon takes employee feedback very serious and they make changes to improve their workers’ well-being at work.

8. Report Any Suspicious Occurrence

As an employee, the security and safety of everyone and everything in the warehouse should be your concern, you should always report any suspicious occurrence to either a security or manager.

9. Your Workstation Shouldn’t Be Messed Up

Ensure that your work area is free of clutter to avoid accidents and injuries. Keep it clean and create enough space to work.

10. Pay Attention To Details

You can’t overestimate the importance of paying attention to details especially when working in a place like Amazon warehouse, you need to take note of every information and instructions given to you, this will prevent mistakes, accidents, and injuries.

11. Stay Updated On Safety Information

Amazon constantly update safety protocols and procedures in their warehouses. As an employee, you should stay updated on all safety information including any available training for employees. This takes us to how Amazon train employees on safety, continue reading.

How Does Amazon Train Employees On Safety?

Since employee safety is extremely important at Amazon, the company have invented ways of training employees on safety, this helps everyone to work with confidence.
Here are the three safety training opportunities available to employees at Amazon.

1. Microlearning

Amazon employees have the rare opportunity of building their safety skills through constant training on core safety topics like fall hazards and body mechanics. This is done through routine alerts, and reminders while on messages and while logging on to workstations.

2. Just-in-time training

Employees are given need-related training at almost every point of their operations, this boost the efficiency of the worker and reduces accidents and hazards. The Amazon just-in-time training comes handy anytime of the day.

3. Learning by doing

At Amazon, every employee goes through a learning process each day, the learning never ends, your understanding of Amazon’s safety procedure keeps increasing as you continue working with the company.

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe

Two Most Important Safety Issues At Amazon

In recent times, there has been some safety issues reported at Amazon. CNBC earlier claimed that Amazon warehouse workers suffer serious injuries more than their rivals in 2021.

According to the report, from every 100 Amazon warehouse workers, a total of 6.8 serious injuries were reported. The two important safety issues reported where as follows;

  • Increased pace of work doesn’t give workers enough breaks and bathroom time, this created an unsafe working environment especially for warehouse employees.
  • Failure to report injures and receive proper treatment was another safety issue that was reported. The report alleged that several injuries were not reported and the injured employees where unable to get adequate treatment at Amazon’s first aid center or other places recommended by Amazon.

Safety Tips For Amazon Warehouse (6 Best Tips)

There are several safety tips for employees at Amazon especially at the warehouses. We are going to outline the important ones, following these tips will help you stay safe at the warehouse.

1. Wearing Proper Equipment

The importance of wearing a proper personal equipment especially in a warehouse can’t be overemphasized. It cuts across every department and it’s the best way to prevent accident.

2. Ensure The Safety Of Your Workspace

Own your workspace and ensure it stays safe at all times, this includes reporting any emerging hazard and ensuring it’s free of clutter.

3. Avoid Trips and Falls By Cleaning Up Workspace

You will do yourself a whole lot of good by keeping your workspace clean. Ensure that your workspace is organized, this will prevent trips and falls.

4. Follow Instructions Accurately

Every instruction you are given is important, never overlook any of them. Make sure you follow every instruction and steps outlined, this will prevent confusion and chaos.

5. Follow Safety Procedures

Don’t work based on your instincts, emotions aren’t good in this line of work. Follow the laid down procedures in everything you are doing.

6. Don’t Be Complacent

As you gradually becoming conversant with your daily operations, there is a possibility of getting complacent, always remain vigilant to avoid accidents.

7. Don’t Rush To Complete Task

It is better to complete a task accurately and be late than to rush it and make mistakes. Yes, time is of essence, but always make sure you complete your task without errors, you don’t have to over-rush.