Where Is FedEx Origin Facility

Where Is FedEx Origin Facility? – Comprehensive Answer

This article provides answer to the question Where Is FedEx Origin Facility? A FedEx facility simply refers to a location occupied by FedEx and used as either warehouse or local hub for scanning, sorting, and distribution of packages, but what and where is FedEx original facility? Pretty sure this is why you landed on this page, this article will do justice to this question.

FedEx has been consistent in offering top-notch courier services to people in the United States and worldwide. The brand located in the US is ranked among the top delivery companies in the world.

They have a network of over 600,000 employees, more than 200,000 motorized vehicles, and over 5,000 facilities. Lots of FedEx customers get confused when they hear ‘FedEx origin facility’, getting a full knowledge of what this means will also help you to know where FedEx origin facility is.

On this article, we explain what a FedEx origin facility is and where you can find it. We also have lot of useful articles for FedEx customers, see them here.

What Is FedEx Origin Facility?

A package’s FedEx origin facility is the FedEx location where a package is first received and registered into the FedEx network. By FedEx origin facility, it means the first FedEx office where a package was entered into the FedEx delivery system.

When a client takes a package to FedEx for shipping, the package is received and entered into the FedEx network, the location where the package was received and registered is the FedEx origin facility for that package.

Similarly, if your package is coming into the country, the first FedEx warehouse it arrives and get scanned becomes the origin facility for that package. Having now understood what is a FedEx origin facility, let’s now talk about where a FedEx origin facility is.

Where Is FedEx Origin Facility?

Since the origin facility of each package is the first FedEx location where the package was scanned into the FedEx network, you can easily locate your package’s FedEx origin facility by tracking it.

FedEx has a near real-time tracking feature which allows you to know the present location of your package. If you have been informed by your sender that your package has been handed over to FedEx for delivery, you can easily locate the origin facility where the package was received.

This can be achieved by using the unique package tracking ID to track the package at the FedEx website. Once you have the tracking number, follow the guide in the paragraph below to know your package’s origin facility.

FedEx Tracking

With the FedEx tracking system, customers are able to monitor their outgoing and incoming packages effortlessly. This can be done online at the FedEx website. Follow the steps below to track your FedEx package.

  • Visit the FedEx tracking feature here.
  • Scroll a little bit down and chose your tracking means (tracking number, track by reference, or track by TCN). Select ‘Tracking Number’ to track your package using its tracking ID.
  • Insert the tracking ID at where you have ‘Tracking Number’.
  • Click ‘Track’ to display the current location of your package.

FedEx Origin Country

This is the country where the FedEx facility that received the package is located. Let’s say your sender dropped your package at a FedEx facility in Guangzhou, China, and it is to be delivered to you in the United States.

The FedEx origin country for that package is China, this is because it is at China that the package entered the FedEx network. This rule is applicable to every other courier company worldwide.

FedEx Hub

FedEx hubs are the various FedEx facilities where packages are sorted and tracked. These are the locations where packages always end up at once shipped through FedEx.
Packages are sent to their delivery locations from FedEx hubs after being sorted and tracked.
Hubs are usually close to the delivery location and they are the last FedEx facilities to receive packages before delivery, you can call them FedEx local facilities.

Where Is FedEx Origin Facility

FedEx Left Facility

This indicates that the package has left the FedEx facility where it was received last, this could be a FedEx warehouse or a local post office.

The package may be heading to a FedEx local facility where it will be sent out for delivery or is currently on its way to the delivery destination. A facility may be a warehouse or local center close to the delivery location.

What Does Left Origin Facility Mean In FedEx?

When you get the notice that your package has left its FedEx origin facility, it means your package has left the first FedEx facility where it entered the FedEx network. The package is surely heading to a local FedEx facility to be sorted and sent out for final delivery.

You shouldn’t expect to receive the package immediately, this is because the package will be dropped at another FedEx facility quite close to the final destination.
The good thing here is that your package is progressing as far as delivery is concerned.

Left FedEx Origin Facility No Update

If you are not getting any update after your package was said to have left FedEx origin facility, it is likely that the plane or truck is yet to arrive or unloaded. Your package has not been received in the local facility yet, this explains why you aren’t receiving any update.
There are many things that may be responsible for the delay, give it a couple of days and you’ll probably get an update.

Arrived At FedEx Location

The package has arrived a FedEx local facility and has been sorted and tracked. At this point, all that is remaining is for the package to be sent out for final delivery. Typically, it take between 1-3 days for packages received at FedEx local facilities to be delivered.

FedEx In Transit

A package ‘in transit’ means it is progressing towards getting delivered. The package is heading towards its final delivery location. Technically, your package is said to be in transit once it has entered the FedEx network. In transit doesn’t necessarily insinuate that your package is in a truck or plane and moving, it means that the package has commenced its delivery journey having entered the FedEx delivery network.

FedEx Package In Transit For A Week

It is not out of place or unusual for your package to be in transit for a week. Although this isn’t really a nice thing to hear, deliveries get delayed for several reasons like faulty truck, unavailable plane, etc.
Your order entered the FedEx network but is still waiting at a FedEx facility.

FedEx Package Delayed In Transit

Several things could delay your package while on transit, package to be delivered to remote locations may experience longer delivery time. Also, incorrect or problem with address can delay delivery time. The best move is to contact FedEx customer service to find out why your package is delayed in transit.

Can You Pick Up A Package At A Local FedEx Facility?

FedEx allows recipients to pick up packages at the local FedEx facility. You can easily request for your package to be held up at a local FedEx facility, this is totally free. This can be done by simply visiting FedEx website and entering the package tracking number then request for it to be held up.
Note you’ll need to present a means of identification at the FedEx facility before you’ll be allowed to pickup the package.
To request for a package to be held up, follow the steps below.

  • On your web browser, visit FedEx tracking page.
  • Select the ‘Manage Delivery’ option.
  • Click ‘Hold at Location’.
  • Choose the Fedex location that is close to you where you want the package to be held up.
    You’ll get a notification that your package has been held up at the location waiting for pickup.

Also, you can use the FedEx Delivery Manager to request your package to be redirected to a FedEx local facility where you’ll pick it up. Log in to the platform with the link above and choose a convenient location.