Why Did Amazon Charge Me Twice

Why Did Amazon Charge Me Twice? Complete Answer

On this article, you’ll get the most comprehensive answer to the question “Why Did Amazon Charge Me Twice?” We’ve had cases were customers were charged multiple times for the same order on Amazon. This has raised some concerns among buyers, this article will address these concerns.

According to Amazon, no matter how many times a customer is being charged for a particular order, the total amount charged will always equal the amount displayed when the customer made the order.

This means customers are not overcharged despite the multiple times they are being charged for a particular order. As unconventional as this may sound, there seem to be some justifiable reasons for this, read more to find out these reasons.

So, you placed an order in Amazon and you realized you’ve been charged twice or more and you are thinking what’s the reason for this, this article will give you the most accurate answer.

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Amazon Double Charge

The common issue relating to Amazon double charge has been a pending charge of the same amount for order after payment was successfully made for the same order. Several customers who experienced this were worried, the good news is that the pending charge will fall off after a few days.

If you placed an order on Amazon and you see two entries in your Order Summary, don’t get worried as pending charge will be removed when payments are settled.

Why Did Amazon Charge Me Twice?

You were charged twice probably because your order came in two shipments, or it’s just a pending order charge for your recent order. Amazon charge customers for items when they are being shipped, this explains why you will likely see a double charge for the same order if it came in two shipments.

If you discovered that you were being charged twice for the same order, you need to wait and receive your order so you’ll know if it is in one shipment or two. However, the total amount will not be more than what you actually ordered in this situation.

Why Did My Amazon Order Come In Two Shipments?

There are a few reasons why your order may come in more than one shipment, find a few of them below;

  • If any of your orders was dispatched by a marketplace seller.
  • If some items were not available when you made the purchase and you instructed Amazon to ship as they become available.
  • If Amazon dispatched your order from different fulfilment centers.
  • If the items in your order were to be delivered to different addresses.

Any of the above situations will result in Amazon charging you more than once for an order. However, the total amount of the entire order will be the same as what you saw while placing the order.

How Do I See What Amazon Is Charging Me For?

You can check what Amazon is charging you for or how many times you are being charged for a specific order.
To check this, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to ‘Your Account’.
  • Click on ‘Your Orders’.
  • Tap “Order Summary’.
    You’ll see transactions, expand it to see what you are being charged for and the total number of entries for each order.

Amazon Double Charge Authorization

Most Amazon double charge incidents are authorization, the customer won’t be charged eventually. The authorization charge will be removed after a few days.
However, if you get charged more than once, you can send a copy of your card statement to Amazon for a refund, at least that’s what a customer claimed Amazon said. Read complete details on What Is Upsn Amazon

Amazon Charged Me Twice Reddit

Amazon may charge you twice for a particular order, you may have 2 entries under transactions for one order, the total amount will not be doubled, it will sum up to the actual amount for the order. Amazon sometimes split orders into multiple orders or multiple shipments. Since orders are being charged when they are shipped, you could see multiple charges in such cases.

Another reason you may get charged twice by Amazon is if your shipment was moving back and forth, that is between ‘Not yet shipped’, ‘preparing for shipment’ and ‘Shipping Soon, etc. Barring any unforseen circumstance, the second charge should fall off within 2 – 3 days. Also read How To Refuse A Package From Amazon

Why Did Amazon Charge Me Twice

Amazon Charged Me 3 Times For The Same Thing

Sometimes, Amazon may split an order into multiple orders or shipments, this could translate to multiple charges since charge for items are done when they are shipped.
Imagine this situation, you order for six products at once, they were split into 3 shipments or packaged as three orders, you may not be charged for the 6 products at once if they are not shipped together, you’ll likely get charged for each two of the items as they are shipped out. The sum of all the charges will equal to the amount displayed for all the items.

Amazon Double Charge Refund

If you have 2 entries for one order you made on Amazon; one charged and one pending, give it a few days and the pending charge will be cleared. Like we have said before, you will not be charged for the pending charge.
So, seeing a double charge on Amazon should not worry you, the pending charge will be refunded. Read guide on How To Set A Different Residential Address On Amazon

Amazon Duplicate Order Policy

Under the Amazon return policy, a duplicate order can be returned and a refund made. If a seller notices a duplicate order, the seller should contact the buyer to alert over the duplicate order.
At this point, the buyer can request for cancellation of duplicate order in the order page, this will only work if the duplicate order is an error.
If it is not an error, it won’t be possible to cancel the orders after being dispatched. In such event, the duplicate order can be returned for a refund.

Amazon Took Money Then Put It Back

When Amazon charges you and refunds after some days, it is possible the amount charged was authorization. This is like trying to find out if your card has funds, it’s working, and if it can be charged.
One point you should note is that authorizations are not received by Amazon, no, they get none of that. Any authorization charges you receive get refunded after a couple of days. Learn How To Get Ungated On Amazon

Amazon Authorization Charge

Authorization charge doesn’t have anything to do with Amazon, it is between your bank and their operating debit network.
There are pre-authorizations installed in all credit card networks, this is not the case with debit card networks.
If you used a debit card, a small amount may be charged to test if the card works, it will be refunded after testing. The main charge for the order will take effect when the order is ready to be shipped.

What Should I Do If Amazon Charge Me Twice?

If you see a double charge in your account and the amount is double, it is possibly authorization charges, give it some days to fall off. Also check to see if your order was split into multiple shipments, if it is so, the total amount charged should be the same as amount displayed.
You can contact Amazon Customer Service if your issue is different from the two possible reasons above.


For customers asking “Why Did Amazon Charge Me Twice?” The charge you are seeing there may just be the pending order charge for your order even after you successfully paid, it usually goes off after a few days. It could also be because your order is coming in more than one shipment.