Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Lobsters

Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Lobsters? Read Best Answer

Several Walmart customers have been asking why did Walmart Stop Selling Lobsters. Several years ago, it was common to see lobster tanks position just by the several Walmart shopping stores. Unfortunately, these tanks are not longer seen, this raises the question why did Walmart stop selling lobsters.

If you are one of the old Walmart customers, you’ll agree that Walmart was one of the top retailers of live lobsters, they had them in tanks and they sold at affordable prices.

On this post, we will reveal why did Walmart stop selling lobsters and what type of lobsters ae still sold at Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell Lobsters?

Yes, Walmart do sell lobster, you can get frozen or pre-cooked lobsters at Walmart stores close to you. The popular retail store stopped selling live lobsters which explains why you are not seeing those lobster tanks anymore.

This is contrary to what was the case some years ago, Walmart were undoubtedly the most popular sellers of live lobsters, they stopped several years ago.

Technically, Walmart have not stopped selling lobsters, they have only stopped selling live lobsters, majority of their stores do sell frozen lobsters tails. It’s not only Walmart, many retail stores no longer sell live lobsters, you’ll only get frozen ones. Also read When Does Walmart Restock Hot Wheels?

Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Lobsters?

There were several factors that prompted Walmart to stop selling live lobsters, it was not proving to be a profitable business venture due to the cost of carrying those live lobsters.
Below are some of the reasons why Walmart stopped selling live lobsters.

  • High Carrying Cost: The cost of carrying them in those tanks was high compared to how much where being sold in each location. This was one of the reasons Walmart stopped carrying live lobsters. Imagine fueling a truck to carry live lobsters and end up selling quite a few of them, that wasn’t profitable and they stopped selling them.
  • Many Animal Cruelty Activists: The emergence of several activists from organizations like PETA protesting against animal cruelty made some grocery stores to stop having lobster tanks.
    The killing and selling of live lobsters was seen as animal cruelty by these activists, Walmart and other grocery stores had to opt for frozen lobsters instead.
  • Customers Weren’t Buying: The sad reality was that people weren’t buying a hard to make lobster for an expensive amount. Only a few people would buy a lobster they’ll spend time to prepare for a higher amount, this didn’t favor Walmart in anyway.

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Did Walmart Used To Sell Live Lobsters?

Yes, live lobsters where always sold at Walmart some years ago, you would find the popular lobster tanks positioned beside Walmart stores across the country.

Sadly, this isn’t the case anymore as the popular retail stores didn’t find the business profitable so they stopped. Aside from the profit angle, they didn’t want to engage in any legal battle over animal cruelty, so it was best they stopped selling them.

Can I Buy Lobsters At Walmart?

Yes, you can buy frozen or pre-cooked lobster tails and claws at Walmart stores close to you, the popular retailers now sell lobster tails and you can find them in the freezer section in the meat department.

However, if you are looking for live lobsters, you won’t see them at any Walmart stores, they stopped selling them many years ago.

Walmart phased out selling of fresh seafood more than 10 years ago, what you can get now are prepackaged seafood products. Also read Does Walmart Accept Sezzle?

Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Lobsters

What Type Of Lobster Can I Buy At Walmart

You can buy pre-cooked or frozen lobster tails and claws at any Walmart store close to you, you’ll always find them in the freezer section located in the meat department at Walmart stores close to you.

Live lobsters are no longer sold at Walmart, if you are still bent on buying lobsters at Walmart, then you are definitely going to get pre-cooked or frozen.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell Lobsters Anymore?

Walmart are still selling lobsters, you can buy pre-cooked and frozen lobsters at Walmart, but you won’t see live lobsters in any of their stores.

Like we’ve explained before, several factors made it impossible and unwise for them to continue selling live lobsters. Also read Does Dollar General Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

Can You Buy Live Lobsters At Walmart?

No, you can’t buy live lobsters at any Walmart store, they had stopped selling live lobsters some years ago. What you can get at Walmart are frozen or pre-cooked lobster tails and claws.

It isn’t only lobsters, Walmart doesn’t generally sell live seafoods, you won’t also find live fish at Walmart. Also read What Aisle Is Nesquik In Walmart?