Why Is eBay Asking For Proof Of Purchase

Why Is eBay Asking For Proof Of Purchase? – Complete Answer

Why Is eBay Asking For Proof Of Purchase? – Many eBay sellers have often asked why the sudden request for proof of purchase by eBay. Truth is, eBay will never ask for a proof of purchase if it is not necessary.

It is the duty of eBay to ensure that the platform remains safe and secure for business, the company wants customers to continue feeling safe to make purchases in the platform.

The above explains why eBay has zero tolerance to fraudulent activities by sellers. When eBay requests for proof of purchase, it doesn’t necessarily insinuate the seller is engaging in fraudulent activities. Certain activities may trigger suspicions, this may prompt eBay to request for proof of purchase.

Ordinarily, a seller with genuine intentions should not have any problem presenting relevant receipts of items whenever they are requested.

On this article, you’ll understand why is eBay asking for proof of purchase, you’ll also learn what you should do to ensure your account is not restricted or banned.

eBay MC011

eBay MC011 is when a sellers account is restricted, eBay will send you MC011 informing you that your account has been restricted from selling, listing new items on the platform.
Most of the times, a seller who gets the MC011 mail will have his or her existing listings taken down.
eBay MC011 restriction is unarguably the most complex restriction any eBay can get.
Truth is, a seller won’t get restricted if he or she hasn’t violated any eBay seller policy, continue reading this article to learn things that can get your account restricted by MC011.

Why Is eBay Asking For Proof Of Purchase?

Every time eBay asks for a proof of purchase, you should know that they are trying to confirm if you actually bought the item as claimed. This is because they don’t want any seller listing and selling stolen item(s) in the eBay website.
There has been cases of some sellers listing items that were illegally obtained, this can hurt the image of the platform. A request for proof of purchase is to confirm that the seller rightly bought the listed item.
eBay is oblige to protect the interest of buyers in the marketplace, this is why they seem to be policing sellers.
As a seller in the eBay marketplace, safely keep receipts of your items to avoid getting into trouble should eBay requests for it.

eBay Asking For Documents

Most times, eBay may ask sellers to send both item receipts and other documents to show proof of purchase. When eBay asks for documents, you should endeavor to send every document relating to the item. Sometimes, sending receipt may not be enough, a seller needs to send supporting documents to verify ownership of listings.
Understand that this doesn’t happen often, certain activities trigger this request and we’ll state some of these activities.

Why Is eBay Asking For Proof Of Purchase

What Type Of Documents Are Required During Account Restriction On eBay?

Based on a claim by a seller whose account was restricted and later reinstated, below are the required documents.

  • Front and back copy of driver’s license or any government issued ID.
  • A copy of credit card statement (must be recent), utility bill, or bank statement. The name on these documents must be same as your eBay account.
  • Invoices and/or receipts from manufacturers (must show that the items you recently listed on eBay were purchased by you).

eBay Asking For Supplier Invoice

Invoice from your supplier is one of the documents that may be requested by eBay to confirm ownership of the item. Usually, this happens when a seller lists items that are in high-stolen, high-counterfeit, and or high-scam categories.
This will alert the eBay system of possible illegal activity prompting the request for supplier invoice. Failure to present the supplier invoice might get your account restricted or permanently banned.

What Makes eBay To ask For Proof Of Purchase

eBay usually asks sellers doing dropshipping to provide proof of purchase, listing items that cost over $1,000 will make eBay to request for proof of purchase. Also, selling items at prices that are not in line with current market prices may look abnormal resulting in a request for proof of purchase.

MC011 Your eBay Selling Account Has Been Restricted

Anytime you receive this message from eBay, it means your seller account has been restricted from selling or making any new listing on eBay. Additionally, your old listings may be taken down.
It is really rare for eBay to restrict a seller’s account except there has been record of incessant violating of eBay selling policy.
There are several offenses that can get your eBay seller account restricted, read some of these reasons under the next subhead.

How To Avoid Getting My eBay Account Restricted?

Try as much as possible to avoid negative feedbacks, lots of negative feedbacks from buyers can get your account.
Ensure you haven’t listed Verified Rights Owner Program (VERO) items. Several brands do not permit usage of their copyrighted images or description, going against this may get your account restricted.

Also, your seller account can get restricted as a result of many cancelled orders. Ensure timely uploading of all tracking numbers of every order.

Maintain an active communication with your customers anytime there is an issue. Don’t allow many cases with buyers to linger without closing them.

Ebay Asking For Proof Of Merchandise

This is the same as saying eBay asking for proof of purchase. Anytime you are confronted with this situation, all you need to do is provide relevant receipts and invoices of items you have listed.

Understand that eBay wants to make sure that stolen or illegally obtained items are not sold in the platform. You must proof beyond any reasonable doubt that you actually own the items you’ve listed.

eBay Restricted Account

An eBay restricted account will be unable to sell or make new listing. Most of the times, every old listing in the account will be taken down.

A restricted account that is not verified or sorted out will eventually get permanently banned.

Is your eBay seller account currently restricted? Check your email for a mail from eBay, you’ll be told on what to do if you want to get your account restated. Ensure you provide needed documents promptly to avoid your account getting banned from selling on eBay permanently.

MC011 eBay Holding My Money

When a seller account is restricted, any funds in that account will be on hold, the seller will be unable to access such funds.
Typically, these funds are released once the account gets restated. If your money is still on hold after your account was restated, do well to check the document request mail you received from eBay, it is possible you may have missed a detail.
If you are sure that you provided all required documents, reach out to eBay customer service to find out why your money is still be held.