Why Is My StockX Order Still Pending

Why Is My StockX Order Still Pending? Read Best Answer

Why Is My StockX Order Still Pending? – Seeing the “pending” notice on your StockX order could be extremely frustrating, this is especially if you had an urgent need for the order or you were expecting it to be delivered soonest.

StockX is undoubtedly one of the top companies selling high various types of sneakers, streetwears, collectibles, trading cards, and designer handbags.

When it comes to swift processing of orders, StockX has always ensured that customers’ orders are not delayed. However, there are instances where orders remain pending longer than it should.

If you have been asking “why is my StockX order still pending?” This article provides you with the most accurate answer. After reading this article, you will know what to do whenever your StockX order remains “pending” longer than it should be.

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Why Is My StockX Order Still Pending?

Your StockX order is still showing “pending” either because the seller is yet to ship the item, or your payment method is yet to be authorised by StockX, your order status will change once the seller has shipped your order or StockX has authorised your payment method.

A temporary authorisation hold is always placed on a customer’s account each time a new payment method is added, this usually causes delay in order processing. According to StockX, authorisation holds are used to confirm payment methods, any order made by the customer may show up as “pending” until the authorisation has been made.

However, the most common reason why StockX orders remain as “pending” for a while is when orders are yet to be shipped by sellers. In such cases, the customer will see the order under the “Pending” tab on their account. The status of the order will read “waiting for seller to ship”, see example on image below. Also read: Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card?

Why Is My StockX Order Still Pending

What Causes StockX Order To Remain Pending For Long

Your StockX order won’t remain “pending” for a long time if everything relating to your payment method is correct and authorised, and if your seller has successfully shipped the item.
If your StockX order still reads “pending” after a while, it is possibly caused by one of the following;

  • Payment method yet to be verified and authorised by StockX.
  • Seller is yet to ship order.
  • Your bank’s authorisation timeframes and policies take longer than expected.
  • There is an issue with your most recently added payment method.

Basically, your order will remain “pending” as long as your payment method isn’t verified or your seller hasn’t shipped the order.

What To Do If StockX Order Says Pending

If your StockX order status says “pending” and stays that way for days, there is a little you can actually do to solve the problem, this depends on what is actually causing the delay.
Below are a few things you can do if your StockX order says pending.

  • Go to your StockX account, check order status to know the cause of the delay.
  • Crosscheck your payment method and ensure it is correct.
  • Use another payment method.
  • Contact your seller and ask if your order has been shipped.
  • Contact your bank to know how long it takes for them to authorise online transactions.

StockX Pending Update Payment Method

If your StockX order remains “pending” and it is caused by a problem with your payment method, the best thing to do is to update your payment method.
Follow the steps below to update your StockX payment method.

  • Visit the StockX website or launch the app.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” page on “My Account“.
  • Select “Edit” button under the “Buying Info” section.
  • Insert details of the new payment method.
  • Once you are done, save the new payment method.

If you’ve successfully updated your payment method, your StockX order might be processed successfully as long as the new payment method has been authorised.

Waiting For Seller To Ship StockX

Your StockX order will remain pending and the status will read “waiting for seller to ship” if the seller is yet to ship your order. Depending on several factors, some sellers ship items within 24 hours while others take up to 2 days to ship.

If you are getting the “waiting for seller to ship” notice on your StockX order status, you should wait for two days and try to contact the seller to know why your order is yet to ship your order.

The “waiting for seller to ship” notice will disappear once the item has been received by StockX for verification. Note that the order will be eventually repackaged by StockX and sent out once it passes the verification process and receives the StockX tag.

StockX Cancelled My Order

There are a few reasons why your StockX order was cancelled, the funny thing is that some of these reasons are unofficial. We’ve gathered some reviews from StockX customers on why their orders were cancelled.
Below are some of the reasons why your order was cancelled.

  • Your payment method could not be verified.
  • You won a bid and the price increased after your order, seller may cancel the order just to increase the lowest asking price and make more money (according to customers’ reviews).
  • Seller refused to ship the order, StockX will have to cancel it after a certain period of time.

How To Cancel StockX Order

It is generally believed that once an order has been purchased, it can’t be canceled on StockX. However, there is a way you can still cancel an order if you have legitimate reasons, you can contact StockX customer service as soon as possible on support@stockx.com and explain why you want to cancel the order.

Please understand that there isn’t any guarantee that your order will be cancelled especially if the seller had shipped the item to StockX.

How To Cancel StockX Order Before It Ships

It isn’t completely impossible to cancel StockX order before it ships, you can still get this done if you quickly email StockX support at most 3 hours after you made the purchase.

If you think your reasons are enough to cancel the order before it ships, simply email StockX customer service on support@stockx.com, carefully give your reasons and also apologise. Also read: Does StockX Use DHL?

Why Is My StockX Order Still En Route To StockX For Authentication?

If your StockX order still remains en route to StockX for authentication, it could be caused by a delay in transit or there are so many packages received for authentication, the distance between the seller and the StockX verification facility is also another factor that can delay your order.

Once a seller has shipped your order to StockX, there is nothing both you and the seller can do to expedite the process, you just have to wait for the order to arrive at StockX verification location and the verification process to be completed.


Why Is My StockX Order Still Pending? – Your StockX order can remain pending if your payment method hasn’t been yet verified, your bank hasn’t authorised transaction, or your seller is yet to ship the order to StockX.

We have listed the few things you can do if your StockX order still remains “pending”, the action you’ll take depends on why your order is still pending.