Will USPS Notify Me If My Package Has Been Seized

Will USPS Notify Me If My Package Has Been Seized? Full Details

Will USPS Notify Me If My Package Has Been Seized? – There are several reasons why packages do get seized, most of these seized packages don’t get received by the intended recipients at all, some do get delivered if it is eventually deemed as not having contraband contents.

When a USPS package is seized, it is no longer in USPS’s possession, the package could get scanned and the delivery status could truly reflect the present situation ‘seized’.

Several senders or intended recipients get to know about the seizure of their packages while tracking the delivery status.

The big question is Will USPS Notify Me If My Package Has Been Seized? Let’s find out if you’ll really get a mail from USPS about your seized package.

First off, when a package is seized, it is handed over to the relevant law enforcement agency, this depends on what was discovered that made the package to be seized.

On this article, we’ll discuss what actually happens when a USPS package gets seized and if intended recipients do get notified when their parcels get seized.

Will USPS Notify Me If My Package Has Been Seized?

Yes, USPS will always attempt to reach out to the intended recipient and sender regarding a seized package. The package will be scanned as ‘seized by law enforcement‘ if the attempt to reach the sender or recipient isn’t successful.
But in the real sense, do people really get notified of their seized parcels by USPS, not at all. As a matter of fact, you’ll normally find out that your package has been seized during tracking.

There are cases you won’t even see the ‘seized by law enforcement’ notice after your package has been seized, this will be so if the law enforcement are trying to get you arrested.

What happens after a package has been seized is solely determined by what made it to be seized, the contents in the package, etc.

What Will Tracking Say If A Package Has Been Seized?

Once a package has been seized, it may be scanned with the notice ‘seized by law enforcement‘. If the seized packaged is actually scanned, the information will be available on the package tracking page.

However, this isn’t always the case, most seized packages don’t get scanned, this is because the law enforcement agency that seized the package may want to arrest the recipient. If that is the case, the package won’t be scanned with the message ‘seized by law enforcement’.

Does USPS Seize Package?

Literally, USPS does not have the authority to seize any package found containing illegal or contraband substances, no logistic company has such power.

Although packages are scanned at USPS, this is done under the supervision of relevant law enforcement agency who have their agents at postal offices.

Lots of people have been surfing the internet to find possible reasons why packages do get seized, we’ll explain on the next paragraph why packages get seized by law enforcement.

Why Was My USPS Package Seized?

There are several factors that may be responsible for the seizure of your USPS package. While USPS doesn’t size package, scanning of packages are done at the postal office and can be seized for any of the few reasons stated below.

  • If package contains any criminal item.
  • If parcel contain illegally gained products and profits.
  • When illicit or illegally processed materials are found inside the package.
  • When attributes usually employed in illegal or criminal conduct are included in the parcel.

Once a package contains any of the above listed items, it will definitely be seized. What happens after your package has been seized depends on what’s found inside the package.

When Will A USPS Package Get Seized?

A package will get seized after being scanned at the USPS office. This is where packages containing illegal substances are discovered.

It is not really certain if USPS scans every package, this is why some packages containing illegal items may skip being seized.

The overwhelming number of parcels constantly sent to USPS for deliveries makes it difficult for scanning to be done on every parcel. That being said, packages are mainly scanned when they look suspicious.

So, if you get lucky receiving a package that is supposed to be seized, it shouldn’t be an encouragement to continue.

Will USPS Notify Me If My Package Has Been Seized

Who Holds A Seized Package At USPS?

USPS can’t hold a seized package, once the package has been deemed to contain illegal item(s), it is automatically in possession of the law enforcement agency that seized it.

The package may be transfered to a more appropriate law enforcement agency if it becomes necessary, especially if further investigation is to be carried out.

Packages seized at USPS are not kept at any postal office, they are taken away by law enforcement.

Can A Seized Package Be Later Released USPS?

Yes, there are cases where seized packages eventually do get released and delivered to the recipient.

However, this is very risky as most of the times as the package could be used as a bait to get the recipient arrested.

However, if it is determined that no illegal or harmful item is in the package after investigation, the package will be released, USPS will now be in possession of the item. The said item will be sent for final delivery to the intended recipient.

If the package is to be used as a bait, a ‘controlled delivery‘ will be arranged by the law enforcement. In this case, a police office will dress like a mailman and make the delivery.

The goal is to get the recipient’s signature and eventually get them arrested. Once the recipient takes delivery of the package, the cops will get the recipient arrested.

How Will I Know If My Package Is Seized?

One of the ways to know if your package has been seized is by tracking the package. If it’s a USPS package, tracking the package using the USPS tracking feature will let you know if your package has been seized or not.

Secondly, you might just take a walk to any postal office and request for your package delivery status, you’ll be informed if your package has been seized.

Other than the above mentioned ways, there is really no channel that informs people if their packages have been seized.

Do You Get In Trouble If Your Package Is Seized?

You’ll only get in trouble if your package is seized for containing any illegal or harmful substance. If your package contains anything deemed as inappropriate and against the law, that could be a huge problem.

However, several seized packages do eventually get destroyed without the intended recipient or sender being arrested.

The law enforcement mostly destroy the package without carrying out further investigation or making any arrest if it’s a minor issue.

This won’t be the case if your package contains Schedule II narcotics, the law enforcement will definitely make arrest.

This is the same situation whether you are shipping with other logistics companies like FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

USPS Package Seized By Law Enforcement

A USPS package will be seized by law enforcement if it is found to contain illegal or prohibited substances. Once a package has been scanned at a postal office and deemed to contain any illegal item, it will be seized by the law enforcement agent.

Your chances of getting your seized package are extremely slim, almost zero. If you ever get it, then you’ll likely get arrested.

A seized package is likely going to get destroyed and you’ll probably get the notice that your shipment was destroyed.

Continue reading this article to know what happens after a package has been seized at USPS.

What Happens When A USPS Package Is Seized By Law Enforcement?

If the content of the seized package is some minor illegal item like shipping a plant, the package will be destroyed, the intended recipient and sender will be notified.

But if the package contains serious illegal and harmful substances, or has highly criminal attributes, the law enforcement will make moves to arrest everyone in connection with the seized package.

In this case, a ‘controlled delivery’ method will be deployed to get the cops to the recipient. A cop will be dressed as a mailman to make the delivery, the recipient will likely be arrested shortly after signing and receiving the package.

What Happens If USPS Finds Drugs In A Package?

If USPS finds illegal drugs in your package, the said parcel will be turned over to the relevant federal department for further investigation.

This is because USPS doesn’t have the authority to carry out investigations on illegal items whatsoever. What USPS will do once they find drugs in a package is to call postal inspectors and the local police.

USPS Controlled Delivery, What Is It?

USPS controlled delivery is a trick deployed by law enforcement to arrest the recipient of a seized package. When a package containing highly harmful or illegal item is seized, the police will deploy ‘controlled delivery’ to be able to get hold of the recipient and possibly get the sender too.

A controlled delivery is literally when a cop or any law enforcement agency sends an officer to pose as a mailman and make delivery, this method is only used when a recipient is to be arrested.

Can USPS Open My Package?

Normally, USPS aren’t supposed to open your package, they don’t even want to. But, they may need to open the package if it is deemed to contain any suspicious item.

In such a situation, a warrant will be obtained and the package will be opened in the presence of a law enforcement officer. If nothing illegal is found, the parcel will be repackaged properly and sent out for delivery.

However, the package will not be sent for delivery if it is deemed to contained any illegal substance or item, it will be turn over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for further actions.

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