Does Academy Take Apple Pay

Does Academy Take Apple Pay? (Complete Answer)

Does Academy Take Apple Pay? – So, there has been lots of questions recently regarding Academy Sports and the various payment methods they accept.

We carried out a mild research and discovered that almost half of the people buying stuff at Academy Sports are Apple users, this explains why the question ‘Does Academy Take Apple Pay? has been asked quite often.

Apple Pay is one of the most trusted mobile payment alternatives, the Apple owned online payment system boasts of impressive speed, secure, and safe transactions, this is why the mobile payment app is accepted at popular stores like Dollar Tree.

Recently, companies have been aggressively accepting contactless payments in their systems, it is not surprising that people are expecting companies like Academy Sports to accept Apple Pay as a payment option.

On this article, we are going to explain the various payment methods accepted at Academy Sports and how you can actually make payment.

Does Academy Take Apple Pay? Reading this article will provide you with the most comprehensive answer. Also read: Does Dollar Tree Accept Apple Pay?

Does Academy Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Academy Sports accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment in-stores, Apple Pay isn’t accepted while shopping online. The popular sporting goods store chain hasn’t fully adopted the idea of accepting payments from online payment apps. Currently, Academy Sports are not accepting payment from several mobile payment platforms.

This means that Apple users can’t pay for their Academy Sports orders using their Apple Pay account online, they can only use Apple Pay while shopping in-stores. If you intend making purchases at Academy Sports website or app, you’ll have to explore other means of making payments apart from Apple Pay.

There are several other payment methods available for customers at Academy Sports, we are going to explain these payment methods later on this post.

What Is Academy Sports?

Academy Sports + Outdoors is a sporting goods store chain in the United States. The company has its corporate offices in Texas.

Academy Sports offers sales of clothing for athletes of all ages. It is also a place for fishermen and hunters to shop for their equipments.

In summary, Academy Sports deals on hunting, camping, and fishing equipment, they also deal mostly on sporting, backyard & recreation, as well as health & fitness items.

What Items Are Sold At Academy Sports?

Academy Sports are fully into selling of products that are mainly sports related, the popular sporting goods store chain is quite notable for selling good quality sports related products at good rates.

At Academy Sports, you’ll find sport related equipments like apparel and footwear, fitness, hunting, team sports, boating, golf, marine products, leisure, and recreation equipment.

The company services United States customers and boasts of no fewer than 11,000 employees. Also read: Does Cookout Accept Apple Pay?

How To Pay With Apple Pay At Academy Sports

Apple users can comfortably walk into any Academy Sports store and purchase sport related products using their Apple Pay accounts.
Follow the steps below to learn how to pay for items with Apple Pay at Academy Sports.

  • Shop for your desired sport items and head to the counter.
  • Once the items have been scanned by the cashier, launch your Amazon app and scan the QR code.
  • Insert the amount you are to pay for the picked items.
  • Follow the prompt on your phone to confirm and authorise payment.
  • Insert your transaction pin if required.

Does Academy Take Google Pay?

Unfortunately, Academy Sports doesn’t accept Google Pay as one of the payment methods, payment for orders at Academy Sports can’t be made using the Google Pay app.
Like we’ve explained earlier, Academy Sports isn’t fully accepting payment from several mobile payment apps for now, this may change in the nearest future.

Google Pay is one of the most reliable online payment options and made exclusively for Android phone users, it is widely accepted as a payment method at popular stores.
Although, Google Pay is largely accepted as a payment method, popular online stores like Amazon are still yet to accept it as a payment method.

Does Academy Take Samsung Pay?

Sadly, Samsung Pay isn’t available as a payment option at Samsung Pay. This means that you can’t use your Samsung Pay account to pay for items at Academy Sports.

Samsung Pay isn’t quite as popular as Google Pay and Apple Pay, but it is still a reliable and secure online payment method.

Since Academy Sports is not accepting payment from several online payment platforms, payment for items ordered can’t be made via Samsung Pay.

Does Academy Take PayPal?

Yes, Academy Sports accepts PayPal as a payment option online, PayPal can’t be used for payment in-stores.

PayPal being one of the oldest and most trusted online payment platform is widely accepted by lots of stores in the United States, this is why it is one of the payment methods available at Academy Sports.

PayPal payments at Academy Sports are processed on the PayPal website, buyers will be redirected to PayPal to confirm and authorise payment. A credit card is required to be added to the PayPal account for the order to be completed.

Does Academy Take Apple Pay

Can I Pay With PayPal At Academy?

Yes, you can pay for your Academy Sports order using your PayPal account, you’ll see the PayPal button at the bottom of the checkout page at the Academy Sports website or app.
Once you are at the checkout, simply select PayPal as the payment method. You will be redirected to PayPal so you can login to your PayPal account and authorise payment.
The customer will be redirected back to the Academy Sports website once the PayPal payment is successful.

Payment Methods Accepted At Academy Sports

There are several payment methods available for customers Academy Sports, these include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Klarna, Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Gift Cards.

Does Academy Take Apple Pay

Mobile payment platforms like Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, are currently not accepted at Academy Sports, you’ll need to pull out your card to pay for your order.

Does Academy Stores Accept Mobile Payment?

Academy Stores accepts payments from mobile payment platforms like Apple Pay (in-stores), and PayPal (website and app).
You’ll need to scan the QR code with your Apple Pay app at the counter to make payment using your Apple Pay.

PayPal is used for payment while ordering through Academy Sports website or app.

So, Does Academy Take Apple Pay? The answer is ‘Yes’, you can pay for sport related items at Academy Sports using your Apple Pay app in-stores. Please note that Apple Pay can’t be used for payment on the Academy Sports website or app, it can only be used when shopping in a physical Academy Sports store.