Amazon Package Running Late No Tracking

Amazon Package Running Late No Tracking – What To Do

This post provides information and guide for Amazon Package Running Late No Tracking. Nothing can be more frustrating than your Amazon package running late and you can’t still get any tracking information on it.

There are several reasons for missing tracking information as well as why some packages run late. Amazon delivery process is quite flexible and this allows majority of the packages to be delivered on time.

That being said, there has been several cases of Amazon packages running late and customers getting frustrated, this happens more during holidays.

On this post, we are taking our time to explain why your Amazon package is running late and why you are not also having its tracking information.

We will also guide you on what to do to possibly get your Amazon package delivered as soon as possible or get a refund.

Why Does My Amazon Package Say Running Late?

Generally, packages run late due to transportation problem, snow and inclement weather, product out of stock after being purchased, seller yet to ship the product, or product unable to get through Customs.

As a matter of fact, there are several reasons why your package is saying running late, below is a comprehensive list of why your package is running late.

  • Problem with transportation.
  • Snow and inclement weather.
  • Seller sold the product to another buyer after you purchased.
  • Product is out of stock.
  • Seller yet to ship the product.
  • Product still at Customs.
  • Incorrect address.
  • Missing building, unit, floor, or apartment number.
  • Package is lost.

If your package is experiencing any of the issues stated above, it will be tagged as “running late”. In summary, running late means that your package is not actually progressing towards delivery and the estimated delivery date is near or almost passing.

What Does It Mean When A Package Is On The Way But Running Late?

When a package is on the way but running late, it means that the package delivery has been hindered either by severe weather condition, problem with transportation, or international customs procedure.

Essentially, Amazon informs the customers that the package is running late so they won’t necessarily expect to receive the package on the estimated delivery date that may have been given. Also read Does Amazon Deliver To The Virgin Islands?

Amazon Package Running Late No Tracking

If your Amazon package is running late and there is no updated tracking or no tracking information at all, it is possible that the package scan was to be done on delivery, there is a delay with tracking database updates, or the package isn’t trackable.

Also, it is possible that the package is a gift and the buyer had selected the option of the recipient providing shipping address at checkout. If you have no tracking information and your package is running late, you may need to wait for another two days.

Majority of the packages running late do arrive shortly or on the estimated delivery date. Continue reading this post to learn what to do if your Amazon package is running late and no tracking.

How Late Is Too Late For An Amazon Package?

If your package is still not delivered after 3 days from the expected delivery date, it can be said to be too late and you can request for a refund. Generally, orders that have been shipped by the seller do get delivered at most 3 days after expected delivery date.

However, if your order hasn’t been delivered more than 3 days after the expected delivery date, the Amazon return policy gives you the full coverage to get refunded.

What Happens When Amazon Runs Late?

When an Amazon order runs late, it means that the package has not been shipped by the seller or the delivery journey has been halted. Also, it is possible that the seller doesn’t want to sell to you and has cancelled the order. A customer can request for a refund or choose to wait for additional days.

Many of the times, customers do get automatically refunded once their orders run late, this also depends on the option the selected. Amazon will always offer you the option of re-ordering or getting a refund, you can select the refund option if you don’t want to wait any longer. Also read How To Shut Down Amazon Seller Account

Amazon Package Running Late No Tracking

If My Amazon Package Is Late Can I Get A Refund And Keep The Item?

Yes, you can get a refund and still keep the item when it arrives, but that’s where your integrity will be questioned. Once you’ve requested for a refund, you’ve literally indicated that you are no longer buying. If you eventually get the package, it is just morally right that you contact Amazon support and tell them that you’ve received the package.

The funny thing here is that majority of the times, customers are told to keep the product, except the product is of a high value. Many sellers and even Amazon don’t like going through the stress of shipping back an item that has been refunded especially if the order’s value isn’t much.

If your Amazon package is late and you request for a refund, nobody stops you from keeping the item if it arrives even after you got the refund. But you should understand that the item may have been sold by a small business and that loss may contribute to their downfall, it is best you call Amazon and inform them that you’ve received the item.

In summary, you should always liaise with Amazon before deciding to keep an item you had received a refund for.

What Should I Do If Amazon Package Running Late No Tracking?

If your package is running late and no tracking, first ensure your shipping address is correct and possibly add delivery instructions to your addresses, check “Your Orders” for payment processing, and wait for another 2 days.

However, the best thing to do is to reach out to your seller to find out if your order was shipped, if this doesn’t solve it, contact Amazon support and report the situation to them, this will you to actually know what is really stopping your order from being delivered.

Amazon Still Arriving Today After 10pm

The reality is that if your Amazon package says delivery is after 10pm, chances are you will be getting the delivery early the next day. Based on our research, customers that received this message ended up receiving their packages the next day.

You must understand that the delivery time listed on an Amazon order is merely an estimation and may not be the actual delivery time. However, the delivery could be a few hours before or after the given time.


For orders that are tagged as “running late” and also has no updated tracking or tracking information at all, the customer needs to ensure that the address provided for the order is correct. Once this has been confirmed, the customer needs to wait for additional 2 days after the estimated delivery date or request for a refund from Amazon. Also read our analysis on Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus