Does OnTrac Use USPS

Does OnTrac Use USPS? Read Best Details

Does OnTrac use USPS? This question has been asked quite a few times by OnTrac customers who are possibly wondering if the company has the capacity to deliver their package. OnTrac is a popular shipping carrier that offers last-mile delivery services to businesses and consumers across the United States. If you’re expecting a package through OnTrac, you might wonder about their delivery methods, who delivers the packages, and other related questions.

So, does OnTrac use USPS? Well, Yes! While OnTrac is not affiliated with the USPS, the two companies do have a partnership that allows OnTrac to use USPS’s delivery network in certain areas.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how OnTrac delivers packages, who delivers Ontrac packages, how late does OnTrac deliver packages, does OnTrac use UPS, does OnTrac deliver to door or mailbox, how long does OnTrac take to deliver once out for delivery? OnTrac says delivered but no package, and answer some frequently asked questions about OnTrac and USPS.

How Does OnTrac Deliver?

OnTrac uses a variety of methods to deliver packages, including ground, air, and express shipping. For ground shipping, OnTrac uses its own fleet of trucks to deliver packages to homes and businesses. For air shipping, OnTrac partners with major airlines to transport packages across the country. And for express shipping, OnTrac uses a combination of ground and air shipping to get packages to their destination as quickly as possible.

OnTrac primarily operates through their own network of drivers and distribution centers. They offer a range of delivery services, including next-day and two-day delivery options. OnTrac focuses on providing fast and reliable shipping within their coverage area, which includes states such as California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. Also read “how long does USPS awaiting item take?

How Does OnTrac Operate?

OnTrac’s business model is unique in the delivery industry. Instead of having a large workforce of direct employees, OnTrac contracts with individuals to manage large geographical zones. These individuals then subcontract each delivery route to other individuals.

Drivers are paid in four ways: a base pay for the route, a per-stop fee, a per-pound weight fee, and a pickup fee. The base pay is determined by the difficulty of the route, such as the number of stops and the distance between stops. The per-stop fee is paid for each stop that the driver makes. The per-pound weight fee is paid for each pound of weight that the driver delivers. The pickup fee is paid to drivers who have a pickup route.

Because training is not standardized and drivers often do not interact with OnTrac employees, the level of service can vary from driver to driver. If you have a good driver, you will be very happy with timely deliveries and good work ethics. If not, you may not get your package promptly.

Another issue with OnTrac’s business model is high driver turnover. New drivers are always coming into the system quite often and the amount of money paid to these drivers comes from the contractor. The contractor has a financial incentive to pay the subcontractors as little as possible, because that money comes out of their own pocket. This can lead to low wages and poor working conditions for drivers.

In conclusion, OnTrac’s business model has some unique advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it allows OnTrac to operate with a smaller workforce and lower overhead costs. On the other hand, it can lead to inconsistent levels of service and high driver turnover.

Who Delivers OnTrac Packages?

OnTrac employs their own team of dedicated drivers who handle the delivery of packages. These drivers are responsible for picking up packages from OnTrac distribution centers and transporting them to the intended recipients. However, in some areas, OnTrac partners with the USPS to deliver packages. This happens in areas where OnTrac delivery network does not cover, they hand over to USPS to make the last mile delivery on their behalf.

Does OnTrac Use USPS?

Yes, OnTrac does use USPS to deliver packages in certain areas. This is typically done in areas where OnTrac does not have its own delivery network. When OnTrac packages are delivered by USPS, they will be marked as “OnTrac by USPS” on the tracking information.

OnTrac and USPS have a partnership that allows OnTrac to use USPS’s delivery network in certain areas. This partnership allows OnTrac to expand its delivery reach and provide customers with more delivery options.

If you are expecting a package from OnTrac and it is being delivered by USPS, you can track your package using the USPS tracking number. You can also contact OnTrac customer service for more information about your package.

How Late Does OnTrac Deliver Packages?

The specific delivery times for OnTrac can vary depending on various factors such as the package’s destination, the service level chosen, and the day of the week. OnTrac’s standard delivery hours are from 9am to 9pm, Monday through Friday. However, OnTrac may deliver packages earlier or later than these hours, depending on the specific delivery location.
However, it’s important to note that delivery times may be subject to occasional delays due to unforeseen circumstances or high delivery volumes. Read information on USPS expects item for mailing SSK

Does OnTrac Use USPS

Does OnTrac Use UPS?

No, OnTrac is not affiliated with UPS (United Parcel Service), this means they don’t directly deal with UPS. However, OnTrac does have a partnership with the USPS that allows OnTrac to use USPS’s delivery network in certain areas. Since USPS partners with UPS, OnTrac deliveries can be handed to UPS by USPS in areas where USPS are unable to delver.

Does OnTrac Deliver to Door or Mailbox?

OnTrac typically delivers packages to the recipient’s door. The driver will attempt to make a direct delivery to the specified address. If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, OnTrac may leave a delivery notice or attempt a redelivery on a subsequent day. However, OnTrac does not typically deliver packages to mailboxes, as they focus on doorstep delivery.

How Long Does OnTrac Take to Deliver Once Out for Delivery?

Once a package is marked as “Out for Delivery” by OnTrac, the estimated time for final delivery depends on various factors such as the distance to the destination and the service level chosen. In most cases, packages out for delivery with OnTrac are delivered within the same day. However, the delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods or unforeseen circumstances.

OnTrac Says Delivered But No Package

If OnTrac tracking shows that a package has been marked as “Delivered,” but you have not received it, there are a few steps you can take. Firstly, check the immediate surroundings of your delivery location, including porches, garages, and neighbor’s houses, in case the package was left in a safe place. If you still can’t locate the package, contact OnTrac customer support with your tracking number to report the issue and initiate an investigation.


OnTrac is a regional shipping carrier that operates its own delivery network, employing dedicated drivers to ensure efficient package delivery. They do not use USPS for their deliveries. OnTrac primarily delivers packages to the recipient’s door and aims to complete deliveries by the end of the business day. If you encounter any issues with a package marked as delivered but not received, contacting OnTrac’s customer support is recommended for further assistance.


  • Can I track my OnTrac package? Yes, you can track your OnTrac package by visiting the OnTrac website or using their tracking system. Simply enter your tracking number provided by the sender, and you’ll be able to see the current status and location of your package.
  • What should I do if my OnTrac package is lost or missing? If you believe your OnTrac package is lost or missing, the first step is to contact the sender and provide them with the details. They will work with OnTrac to initiate an investigation and determine the next course of action, which may include filing a claim or arranging for a replacement shipment.
  • Can I schedule a specific delivery time with OnTrac? OnTrac does not offer specific time slot scheduling for deliveries. They aim to deliver packages by the end of the business day, but the exact delivery time can vary. If you need a more precise delivery time, it’s best to contact OnTrac customer support and inquire about any available options.
  • Does OnTrac deliver on weekends? OnTrac primarily operates from Monday to Friday and does not provide standard delivery services on weekends. However, they may offer specialized services for weekend deliveries in certain cases. It’s recommended to check with OnTrac or the sender if you require a weekend delivery.
  • Can I redirect an OnTrac package to a different address? Redirecting an OnTrac package to a different address after it’s already in transit can be challenging. It’s best to contact OnTrac customer support and explain the situation. They will provide guidance and assistance based on the specific circumstances and feasibility of the request.