What Is A Walmart Meet And Greet

What Is A Walmart Meet And Greet? Read Complete Answer

Are you trying to get hired at Walmart and you are wondering what is a Walmart meet and greet? This post provides you with every information regarding the entire Walmart virtual interview process.

Being one of the top employers in the United States, Walmart employs no fewer than 1000 workers every year. As the company keeps expanding, it is not surprising that more people get employed yearly.

With over 10,000 outlets across the U.S., the company has continued to offer employment to interested persons in America.

If you are considering applying for a job at Walmart, you’ll definitely come across the word “meet and greet”. Ordinarily, you would expect this to involve a kind of physical meeting, that isn’t the case here. This is why several people find the word a little bit misleading.

On this post, we are going to explain what is a Walmart meet and greet, and other important aspect of the Walmart meet and greet.

Walmart Virtual Interview

Right from the moment you submit your job application at Walmart, the company starts the interview process, this includes mainly virtual

The Walmart virtual interview process involves phone interview, and meet and greet. Most of the times, an applicant only get to meet with the hiring manager when they have been offered employment, majority of the Walmart interview process is done virtually. Having said that, let’s talk about what is a Walmart meet and greet, it is a part of the Walmart interview process, read the next paragraph.

What Is A Walmart Meet And Greet?

Walmart meet and greet is a part of the interview process at Walmart, this is when a hiring manager calls the applicant to ask the last few questions before either being offered employment or rejected. The Walmart meet and greet usually comes after your application has been reviewed and you will receive an email scheduling a virtual meet and greet.

Essentially, the Walmart meet and greet is one of the most important stages of the interview process at Walmart. As an intended employee, you should prepare yourself and be ready to give the hiring manager reasons to offer you the employment.

How Long Is Walmart Meet And Greet?

Typically, the meet and greet call between the hiring manager and the applicant at Walmart takes between 3 – 5 minutes, it usually doesn’t take up to 10 minutes.

That being said, how long it takes depends on the hiring manager and the ability of the applicant to give correct answers to the questions asked.

However, if you are preparing for the meet and greet, you should build up your confidence and feel relaxed when being called. Also read: Does Walmart seel Amazon Gift Card?

What Is A Walmart Meet And Greet
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Walmart Meet And Greet Questions

Generally, the hiring manager may ask the applicant what position they want and how they understand the role as well as the pay. Thereafter, you may be asked to tell the hiring manager a bit about yourself.

The hiring manager may ask you to tell him a few things about your experience with your previous job, and how far you can go just to satisfy a customer.

There are no specific questions that are always asked during the Walmart meet and greet, but any question asked will surely relate to the position you’ve applied for.

In summary, you should be ready to answer questions relating to the position you are applying for, your previous job, and a bit about yourself.

If the Walmart virtual meet and greet link that was sent to you is no longer working, it means it has expired, the Walmart virtual meet and greet links normally expire 24 hours after being sent.

All you have to do is to call the store you were applying to and they’ll schedule a new day for the meet and greet.

Typically, you’ll be sent a new email which will contain the time for the meet and greet. If the call isn’t working, you then have to visit the store and inform them that you missed the meeting and you want it rescheduled. Also read: Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment?

Walmart Virtual Meet And Greet Expired

The Walmart virtual meet and greet links are to be clicked and attended within 24 hours, it expires afterwards. Once your link expires, you need to call the store and have a new date fixed.

Sometimes, you may call the store when the hiring manager isn’t on seat, if that happens then you’ll need to keep calling back until you can get the hiring manager to schedule another meet and greet.

Is The Walmart Meet And Greet An Interview?

The Walmart meet and greet is a part of the interview process at Walmart, it is an interview. During the meet and greet, the hiring manager will ask questions to know how the applicant understands the position they are applying.

Questions relating to applied job position, experience at previous job, and personal information about the applicant are usually asked during the Walmart meet and greet.

From the above explanation, you can confirm that the meet and greet at Walmart is an interview and the answers you give to each question will determine if you are getting hired or not.

Does A Meet And Greet Mean I Got The Job?

No, a meet and greet doesn’t mean you’ve gotten the job, it is a part of the interview process and you need to perform well and be impressive to stand a chance of getting the job.

People do attend meet and greet and still get rejected, you need to understand that the meet and greet is just as important as other interviews so get serious with it.

What Happens After Meet And Greet At Walmart?

After the meet and greet phone call at Walmart, the hiring will inform you if you’ve been accepted or rejected. If accepted, you will receive a couple of documents to sign. These documents include the job offer and they are sent to you through text email or text.

Once the above process is over, you need to pass the background check and you’ll be contacted for orientation.

What Questions To Ask In An Interview At Walmart?

As an applicant, you are basically required to have an understanding of the position you are applying for. Here are a few questions you should ask your hiring manager during an interview at Walmart.

  • How much you are to be paid.
  • Your working hours.
  • Your major responsibilities.