How To Join Amazon Preview

How To Join Amazon Preview? – Full Guide

How To Join Amazon Preview? – The idea of joining Amazon Preview sounds interesting. Quite frankly, it feels so good to be among the first set of people to watch great movies and TV series even before they get released officially.
As an entertainment fan, you’ll really fancy the idea of becoming a member or participant in the Amazon Preview program.
So let’s say you are an entertainment enthusiast and you’ll love to join Amazon Preview, this article will give you a head start.
There is really no particular method of joining Amazon Preview, at least there is no sign up link or page to just join, you’ll only get picked by Amazon if you meet certain requirements, continue reading this article to learn how to increase your chances of getting selected to join Amazon Preview.

What Is Amazon Preview?

Amazon Preview offers selected entertainment fans an opportunity to make contributions towards movies or TV series that are still in production stages. People who are selected to join the Amazon Preview have the chance to view and provide feedbacks on entertainment projects before they are released to the general public.

This is like saying you’ve become a member of the movie crew. You’ll be given the chance to view the storyboards, concepts, and test movies of new entertainment projects so as to provide your honest feedback and contribution which will further enhance the quality of the project.

Amazon Preview is a program under Amazon Studios, with the aim of getting feedbacks from selected customers in a bid to improve the standards of upcoming Amazon entertainment projects.

What Is Amazon Studios?

Amazon Studios is a subsidiary of Amazon, specializing in development, producing and distribution of TV series and movies on Amazon.
Amazon Studios provide Amazon customers with innovative TV series and movies from up-and-coming to top tier creators.
You can call it the TV series and movie producing wing of Amazon.

Why Did Amazon Introduce Amazon Preview?

Amazon has continued to provide its users with high quality entertainment projects. In a bid to keep its entertainment projects at the top level, Amazon Preview was introduced to help Amazon gather feedbacks from selected customers. These feedbacks are used to ensure Amazon projects (TV series and movies) keep getting better.

How To Join Amazon Preview?

To join Amazon Preview, you need to be a consistent Prime customer. You may eventually get selected by Amazon to join the Amazon Preview team. Once you’ve joined the Amazon Preview program, you’ll receive several opportunities to view entertainment projects that are yet to be released.
Kindly ignore any article that says you can join Amazon Preview yourself, you’ll only join after you’ve been selected by Amazon and an invitation link sent to you via email.
All you can do to better your chances of getting selected is to remain a committed Amazon customer over a period of time. Amazon has not revealed other criteria that gets people selected.

How Will I Know That I Am Selected To Join Amazon Preview?

Once a customer is selected by Amazon, the customer will receive an invitation link to join Amazon Preview via email. The customer is expected to click on the Amazon Preview invitation link and accept. After accepting the invitation, you will be eligible to view different yet-to-be released TV series and movies, you’ll get to preview projects and ideas at their earliest stages.
Movie and TV series features like posters, storyboards, premises, promos, pilots, test movies, trailers, etc., are tested and you feedback used to improve these productions.

How To Sign Up For Amazon Preview

Signing up for Amazon Preview gives you a chance to preview movies and TV series that are yet to be officially released.
Joining the Amazon Preview Waiting List might boost your chance of getting selected to join Amazon Preview.
Once you have been selected and you receive an invitation link via email. Simply click on the link contained in the mail and follow the instructions to sign up for Amazon Preview.
Once your sign up has been successful, you’ll be receiving several opportunities to watch yet-to-be released projects and give your feedback.

Amazon Preview Sign In

As an Amazon Preview member, you can sign in to your account carry out surveys any time. Follow the steps below for Amazon Preview sign in.

How To Join Amazon Preview
  • On your browser, visit Amazon Preview.
  • Click on ‘Sign In’.
  • Type in your Amazon Preview email address.
  • Insert your password.
  • Click ‘Sign in’ once you are through.

Amazon Preview Invitation

Amazon Preview Invitation is the invitation mail sent by Amazon to a customer via email. This invitation mail is only sent to customers that have been selected to join Amazon Preview.
The email contains an invitation link, the customer is required to click on the link and follow instructions to join Amazon Preview.

Is Amazon Preview Legit?

Amazon Preview is entirely legitimate and owned by Amazon. The program offers opportunities to selected customers to carry out surveys on TV series and movies that are still in their production stages.
Participants are given access to watch trailers, storyboards, and test movies of entertainment projects even at their earliest stages.

Amazon Preview Rewards

As an Amazon Preview participant, you get the chance to watch movies and TV series that are yet to be released to the general public.
Additionally, Amazon do offer giveaways and prizes to members of Amazon Preview as a way of thanking them for participating, these rewards may come from time to time.

How do I know if the email I received from the Amazon Preview Panel is Legit or a Scam?

There are several ways you’ll use to know if an email you receive claiming to come from Amazon Preview panel is a scam or legit. The first thing you do is never to click on the link. Simply right-click on it, copy it and paste on a separate browser. Check to see if the link returns you to,If it doesn’t, it is possibly a scam.
Also check the mail sender, if the email doesn’t have as it’s root domain, it is a scam.