PSP-7907-12088 eBay – Complete Details

PSP-7907-12088 eBay – Recently, lots of game freaks have been searching for PSP-7907-12088 eBay, it is obvious that there are many folks who still love playing the PSP game.

It is widely said that the era of PSP games is past gone, this isn’t entirely true because lots of folks still own and play PSP games.
There were several exciting games released for the PSP game which remain evergreen, popular games like Grand Theft and Dragon Ball can still get you glued to your PSP console.

Most importantly, lots of people prefer game consoles that are portable to the popular PlayStation 2 – 5 game consoles, this is one of the top reasons you’ll still see PSP games around.
So, getting back to the topic “PSP-7907-12088 eBay”, is there really a PSP game with this model on eBay? Well, let’s reveal what we discovered, continue reading this article.

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What Is A PSP Game?

The PSP is an acronym for PlayStation Portable, it is a handheld game console which has a 4.3-inch TFT LCD screen, the game successfully edged out Nintendo DS.

The PSP game consoles allowed users to play games from UMD discs, and games could be downloaded directly from Sony’s online PlayStation store inside game console.

As at when it was trending, the primary method for purchase of new games on the PSP game console was the Sony’s online PlayStation store.

What Is The First PSP Game?

The first PSP game console was the PlayStation Portable 1000 which was released in 2004. It was undoubtedly the most powerful mobile gaming console then, it came with advanced graphics and it became quite popular in that era.
Since there were no smartphones, the PSP-1000 impressed almost every game lover with its high resolution and the fact that it was handheld.
There was a provision for headphones which ensured gamers can hear every sound effect and also adjust them at will.
The PSP-1000 had the ability to play back both video and audio that were saved on the PSP Memory Stick, it could also displayed pictures and images saved on the memory stick.

PSP-7907-12088 eBay – What Is It?

Well, the PSP-7907-12088 isn’t one of the PlayStation Portable game models, it is also not a number for any of the games played on the PSP.

We carried out a search of the keyword on the eBay marketplace and it returned no result. However, we are pretty sure you landed on this page probably trying to find a PSP gaming console, continue reading this article to find out.

Apart from searching on eBay marketplace, we also made a search on Google with the keyword “PSP-7907-12088 eBay” and it returned no result, this indicates that there was no PSP-7907-12088 produced.

While we will continue digging for more information on the keyword “PSP-7907-12088 eBay”, check out the available PSP models and where you can buy them below.

PSP-7907-12088 eBay

Are PSP Gaming Consoles Still Produced?

No, the PSP was discontinued by Sony in 2014, this was when the game was last produced. As it stands, you can’t really get a brand new PSP gaming console anywhere.

However, the used and refurbished ones are still on sale in various shops and marketplaces. There was really no reason given by Sony as to why the production of the PSP gaming consoles was discontinued. But we can all see that the company moved on to produce bigger and more advanced gaming consoles like PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

That being said, none of these new gaming consoles can really replace the PSP game when it comes to the handheld aspect, the only invention that has replaced the PSP game is smart phones where users can download and play games.

Also, despite not producing PSP game consoles anymore, the PSP games are still being sold. PSP games can still be gotten through the PS3 and PS Vita Stores. Users can still download PSP games through these stores, it is presently impossible to search for games or make in-game purchases on the PSP game console.

How Many Models Of PSP Are There?

Sony produced a total of 6 models of the PSP game console. Each new model that was produced came with improved functionality. Below are the five models of PSP.


When the PSP-1000 first came out, it was seen as a multi-media mini powerhouse with great photo, music, movie, and game handling capabilities. It had a screen big enough for watching of movies and playing exciting games.


The PSP-2000 was an advanced version of the first PSP game console, but it was a bit lighter and less-thicker than PSP-1000. The processor was faster and had an improved screen, as well as a better UMD door.


This model was nicknamed “PSP Brite” because of the brigher LCD screen it came with. The battery was also better than that of PSP-1000 and PSP-2000, this is one of the reasons why it was largely regarded as the best of the 4 PSPs produced.


The PSP Go was a bit more portable than PSP-3000, the major improvements were on the body and not really different from PSP-3000 in terms of operations.


Although, this model came as a surprise to many people, it didn’t have a Wifi feature and had a minor change in its design. The screen was a bit smaller than others and it had a mono sound.

PS Vita

This was the last model of PSP that was produced and it was generally more sophisticated than previous models. It had wonderful features like backwards-compatibility for a few games. The screen resolution was brighter, bigger, and higher.

PSP 3000 – How To Buy It On eBay

You can buy the PSP-3000 game on eBay by searching for it on the “Video Game Consoles” category. Simply open the eBay website or launch the app on your mobile device. On the search bar, type in “PSP 3000” and select “PSP 3000 – Video Game Consoles”.

PSP-7907-12088 eBay

This will bring out results of PSP 3000 games sold on the eBay, you can scroll down and go through the search results and their prices.
Alternatively, click here to view the PSP 3000 search results on eBay instantly.