What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx

What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx? Comprehensive Answer

Are you among the people wondering What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx? Well, the word ‘Release Authorized is a common phrase especially among folks shipping stuffs with courier brands like FedEx, UPS, etc.

It is not just FedEx, several other courier companies make use of this term, this is why we are taking our time to explain what is means. A FedEx package can not be released without a signature except the sender gives the go ahead, you will understand this more as you keep reading this post.

So, what does release authorized mean FedEx? On this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive answer on what ‘release authorized’ means, we’ll also touch other aspects of FedEx shipping and what happens when no one is at home to receive the package.

Shipment Release Meaning

Shipment release refers to the process of allowing a shipment to be delivered to its final destination. This can happen after the shipment has cleared customs, paid all applicable fees, and met any other requirements.

There are two main types of shipment release, one is authorized release: This is the most common type of release. It means that the shipper has authorized the carrier to release the shipment to the recipient, without requiring a signature. Another type of shipment release is signature release: This type of release requires the recipient to sign for the shipment upon delivery. This is often used for high-value or sensitive shipments.

The specific requirements for shipment release vary depending on the carrier, the type of shipment, and the destination country.

What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx?

Release authorized means that FedEx can release the parcel without a signature or anyone present.
In general shipping context, released authorized means package can be delivered without requesting for a signature on delivery.

One thing to note is not all shipments can be delivered without signature. There are shipments that requires an adult or direct signature. In such situations, there must be someone at home to sign for the parcel. If there is no one at home, the courier will attempt a second delivery or leave a door tag.

FedEx Shipment Release Authorization

FedEx shipment release authorization is the process of giving an authorization to FedEx to make delivery of a package even in the absence of everyone. FedEx will likely deliver the parcel on first attempt and may not request for a signature.

However, the recipient may still be required to sign for the parcel if it is required by FedEx policy.
You should always find out if your package requires a signature before trying to authorize release.

Some shipments may require indirect signature, this can be signed through FedEx Delivery Manager electronically.

What Does Release Authorized Mean FedEx

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What Does Shipment Release Authorized Mean?

Shipment Release Authorized (SRA) is a term used by shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS to indicate that the recipient has authorized the delivery driver to release the package without a signature. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as if the recipient is not home or if the package is too large or heavy to be signed for.

When a package is shipped with SRA, the delivery driver will leave the package at the recipient’s door without requiring a signature. The driver will then scan the package and mark it as “released.” The recipient will receive an email or text message notification that the package has been delivered.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using SRA. First, the package must be left in a safe location where it will not be stolen or damaged. Second, the recipient is still responsible for the package even if it is not signed for. If the package is lost or damaged, the recipient may not be able to file a claim with the shipping carrier.

Package Delivered To Recipient Address – Release Authorized FedEx

The status “Package delivered to recipient address – release authorized” means that your package has been delivered to the recipient address and the recipient has authorized FedEx to release the package without a signature.

The shipment was delivered either because shipper of the package did not require a signature, and the courier felt it was safe to leave it at or near the door or a secure location, or recipient has an agreement with FedEx that they are authorized to release Indirect Signature Required packages at or near the front door.

FedEx Door Tag

A FedEx door tag is a tag that is left behind by a courier delivery man if there is no recipient at home to receive a package. You’ll get a door tag from FedEx if you were not home while an attempt to deliver your package was made. The door tag number is associated with the package tracking number and usually starts with DT. This door tag number will enable the recipient to easily locate the package and find out the delivery options that are available.

A FedEx door tag will be provided after a first attempt to deliver a package and if release was not authorized by the shipper.

FedEx Door Tag Number Tracking

Once there is no one to receive a package, a door tag number will be needed to track the location of your parcel. There are various ways of tracking packages using the FedEx door tag number. You can track your package using the FedEx door tag number through;

  • FedEx Mobile App – download the FedEx mobile app here and scan the barcode which is on your door tag. You will receive details on the delivery options available for you.
  • FedEx website – Use the FedEx door tag number you received to track the location of your package on the website.
  • Text – send follow and door tag number as a message to 48733 (e.g. follow DT7263648595224)

Authorized Shipment Release Is Not Available

There are a few reasons why Authorized Shipment Release may not be available for your package. One reason is that the shipper has specifically requested that a signature be required for delivery. Another reason is that the package is being delivered to a commercial address, where FedEx does not allow authorized release. Finally, Authorized Shipment Release may not be available due to delivery conditions, such as adverse weather or safety concerns.

If you’re seeing the message “Authorized Shipment Release Not Available” on your FedEx tracking information, it means that the sender has requested that the package be delivered only with a signature.

The package may contain valuable or sensitive items, the sender may be concerned about theft or tampering, or the sender is required by law to obtain a signature for the delivery.


The status “Release Authorized” in FedEx means that the recipient has authorized the release of the package without a signature. This could be because the shipper did not require a signature for the delivery, the recipient has previously authorized FedEx to release packages without a signature, or the recipient has signed a FedEx door tag authorizing the release of the package.


  1. What does it mean if a FedEx tracking status says “Release Authorized”?It means that the recipient has authorized the release of the package without a signature. This can happen for the reasons mentioned in the conclusion.
  2. How do I know if my FedEx package is release authorized?You can check the tracking status of your package on the FedEx website or app. If the status says “Release Authorized”, then the package does not require a signature for delivery.
  3. What happens if I don’t release a FedEx package that requires a signature?If the package requires a signature and you do not release it, the FedEx driver will not leave the package. You will need to contact the shipper to arrange for another delivery attempt.
  4. Can I change the release authorization status of a FedEx package?Yes, you can change the release authorization status of a FedEx package. You can do this by contacting FedEx or by signing a FedEx door tag.
  5. Where can I find more information about release authorization in FedEx?You can find more information about release authorization in FedEx on the FedEx website or by contacting customer service.