How To Take Off StockX Tag

How To Take Off StockX Tag – Read Best Guide

How To Take Off StockX Tag – The famous green tag with a “Verified” and “Authentic” words alongside the StockX logo is always an indication that the product you’ve purchased has been verified as being authentic by StockX.

Whenever an item is purchased on StockX, it passes through a verification process, the item will be subsequently shipped out to the buyer if it passes the authentication.

To a lot of people, this gives them confidence to shop at StockX without fear of buying fake products. However, many people don’t know how to take off StockX tag, this explains why we’ve been seeing it as one of the top queries online.

If you are looking for how to take off a Stockx tag without breaking it, we are pleased to inform you that we found a way this can be done easily.

After noticing the several number of times this question was asked, we decided to make a thorough research on how to remove StockX tag, read this article carefully to get the best answer.

What Is A StockX Tag?

A StockX tag signifies that a product has been verified to be authentic by StockX. When a customer purchases an item at StockX, the seller has to send it to a StockX authentication center first before the item will be shipped to the buyer.

At the StockX authentication center, the item will be properly accessed to ensure it is not fake. This is a standard procedure at StockX and it is aimed at discouraging sellers from selling fake items in the marketplace.

Once the item passes the authentication process, a StockX tag will be clipped on the product, this is to show the buyer that the item has been guaranteed by StockX.

How To Take Off StockX Tag

To take off the StockX tag, you literally need to pull off one end of the rope that goes into the tag with your hand or cut it with a scissors.

To pull one of the ropes off with hand, simply bend the tag to reveal where the ropes got into the tag, you’ll see one of the ropes that looks like it was clipped in. Hold that rope, try using your finger to twist it a bit and apply a little pressure while pulling it out. You’ll hear a little clipping sound if you do it correctly and the rope will be out of the tag.

Or, you can use a scissors to cut one of the ropes, once you’ve finished cutting the seam, get the tag off the item by pulling the locking tab out from any part of the product where it was clipped. Please be gentle on it if you are using a scissors so you don’t mistakenly cut or damage your item.

The process is really easy and you shouldn’t have any problem removing the tag. We have posted a video of how to take off StockX tag at the end of this article, you can scroll to the bottom to watch. You may also want to read this: Does StockX Use DHL? – Read Best Answer

What Happens When A Product Passes StockX Authentication?

Once a product passes the StockX authentication process, a StockX tag will be clipped on it, the item will be subsequently sent to the appropriate courier company that will handle shipping of the item to the buyer.

With the StockX tag on the product, the buyer will have the confidence that the product has been verified to be authentic by StockX, this is one of the main reasons why StockX introduced the item authentication tag.

StockX verification tags has been in use for a little while now and the company keeps evolving them. Continue reading this article to learn more about these StockX tags.

Does StockX Tags Have QR Codes

Yes, the current version of the StockX verification tag has a QR code on it. This was recently introduced by the company and you should expect to see these tags with QR codes when you buy an item at StockX.

Like we explained before, the StockX verification tags keep evolving, the current version of the verification tag is their third model, the company has promised new and improved versions of the tags in future.

Before the introduction of the StockX tags, there were too many reported cases of customers receiving fake products from sellers, this has drastically reduced in recent times.

How To Take Off A Stockx Tag Without Breaking It

The easiest way to take off a StockX tag without breaking it is to hold one of the ropes at one end that got inside the tag, use your finer to try twisting it a bit and apply a bit of pressure as you try pulling the rope out from the tag, you’ll hear a pop once the rope comes out of the tag.

How To Take Off StockX Tag

Once you’ve successfully removed one end of the rope from the tag, you can just pull it out from where it was attached to the item you purchased.

Alternatively, you can slowly cut any of the two stitched ends. This can be done either with a knife or a scissors. Be extremely careful so you don’t cause any damage to the item, I recommend using a scissors to cut it if you can’t pull it out with your hand.

For buyers who want to take off a Stock tag without breaking it, the key is just to work on the seam, don’t try cutting the tag itself. You either try pulling one end of the rope off using your hand or you cut it off with a scissor.

Should I Remove StockX Tag?

Yes, you should to remove the StockX tag before using the product you bought from StockX. This is because the tag there isn’t from the manufacturer of the item, wearing a shoe you bought at StockX with their tag can be misleading.

However, you may wish to leave the tag on just to show off when taking pictures, that’s up to you, but ensure you tuck it inside while using it. Also read: Does StockX Have Gift Cards?

How To Scan StockX Tag

After receiving an item you purchased at StockX, you’ll notice that the tag has a QR code, this can be scanned using a barcode scanner on your smartphone.

It’s just like scanning other QR codes, simply open your phone’s camera app, move the camera and make sure the QR code is perfectly placed in the frame. Open your camera lens and keep moving the camera until the QR code fit the frame.

What Happens When You Scan StockX Tag?

Once you’ve correctly scanned the StockX tag QR code, the code used by StockX to identity the brand of the product will appear, that’s if it’s the real tag, the fake tag won’t.

This means that once you’ve placed your phone camera and scanned the QR code on the StockX tag, you should see the identification code used by StockX for the model and brand of the product you purchased.

However, this won’t see if you are scanning a fake StockX tag QR code, the fake one will possibly show nothing or you’ll get redirected to the StockX marketplace.

How To Take Off StockX Tag Video