Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel? (Read Comprehensive Answer)

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel? – Having your Instacart grocery order delivered to your hotel room is definitely what you’ll want, but can you Instacart to a hotel? This is the question on the lips of hundreds of Instacart customers.

There are two major questions attached to this topic, the first one is ‘will Instacart deliver to a hotel? While the second one is ‘does my hotel accepts Instacart deliveries?

Talk about a reliable grocery delivery platform in the United States and you’ll surely be referring to Instacart. The company became famous for constant delivery of grocery and pick-up services. You may want to read about Amazon Fresh.

With Instacart, you can easily order from your favorite stores and have it delivered to your home or office, but will Instacart deliver to a hotel? Guess this is why you visited this page, continue reading this article to learn more about Instacart and what you should do to have your order delivered to your hotel room.

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel?

Yes, Instacart can delivery your grocery order to your hotel, the delivery driver can also take your order right to your hotel room, this will also depend on the hotel’s policy regarding deliveries.

To ensure that customers continue relying on them for their grocery orders, Instacart included the hotel delivery service especially for customers on vacation.

Let’s say you are on a vacation and your hotel suite has a kitchen, it isn’t a bad idea if you want to fix meals for yourself. This is where Instacart gets useful, the company offers hotel delivery service and you can get your order at the hotel counter or have it delivered directly to your hotel room.

However, there may be some limitations to this, continue reading this article to know what may stop Instacart from delivering to your hotel room.

Can You Instacart To A Hotel?

Currently, customers are able to Instacart to a hotel, this is as long as the hotel permits deliveries. Deliveries for Instacart orders are made to any address as provided by a customer, this includes hotels.

A customer is expected to be available to receive the Instacart order from the delivery driver. There are several hotels that won’t permit the Instacart delivery driver to take the order to the hotel room. If you are in a hotel with such policy, you’ll need to get to the counter to take delivery.

Instacart allows customers to decide if the order should be handed over to the hotel staff to make delivery or the order should be delivered directly to the hotel room.

This is one of the flexible delivery comfort offered at Instacart, this allows you to have a wonderful experience even more than you would have at home.

What Should I Do To Instacart To A Hotel Room?

To Instacart to a hotel room, you need to ensure that you’ve provided the correct address of the hotel during shopping either at Instacart website or app.

The most important thing to do so your order can be delivered right to your hotel room is to include the hotel room number. This can be done by including specific delivery instructions. It is okay to also include the hotel security requirements, this will prevent delay during delivery.

Lastly, schedule a time for the delivery to be made especially if you ordered stuff like icecream, you need to be around to take delivery. Wondering how to schedule a time for Instacart hotel delivery? Find the answer in the next paragraph.

How Can I Schedule A Time For Instacart Hotel Delivery?

The best way you can be sure of being around for your Instacart delivery is to schedule a time. The Instacart website and app has the unique feature that enables customers to easily indicate when they will be around to take delivery.
Are you in a hotel and trying to order groceries or other items from Instacart, follow the steps below to learn how to schedule a time for Instacart hotel delivery.

  • Visit the Instacart website or app, select items you want to order and add them to cart.
  • Once you are done, click on the ‘cart’ icon and click ‘Go To Checkout’.
  • Click on the current delivery address and click ‘add new address’.
  • Add the hotel’s address (ensure it is accurate), and click ‘Save’.
  • Under the ‘choose delivery time’, click ‘Schedule a time’. You’ll see a list of available delivery times and days, select the one that is convenience and proceed.
  • Be sure to deselect the ‘leave at my door if I am not around’ option and click ‘Continue’.
    Proceed to adding your phone number if you haven’t and make payment. Your Instacart order will be delivered to your hotel room at the scheduled time.
Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel

Can I Add Hotel Room Number To Instacart Hotel Delivery?

Yes, you can add the hotel room number if you want your Instacart groceries to be delivered right to your hotel room. Although, there is no option that says ‘add hotel room number’, there is a sure way to actually do this.

To add your hotel room number to your Instacart hotel delivery, simply make use of the ‘add delivery instructions’ box. This enables you to specifically provide the particular room where you want your order to be delivered.

The ‘add delivery instructions’ feature is available during checkout just after you’ve added the hotel’s address and scheduled the delivery time (this is optional). See image below.

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel

After Placing An Instacart Order To A Hotel, What Should I Do?

Once you’ve successfully placed your Instacart order and provided the address of the hotel you want it delivered, it is just normal that you inform the staff at the front desk.

To avoid any delay, you should inform the front desk that you are expecting a delivery. Once they are pre-informed, the delivery driver would not be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny on arrival.

You should also be available to receive your order, the front desk won’t store your grocery even if they take delivery.

How To Know If A Hotel Accepts Instacart Deliveries

It is important that before you place your Instacart order to be delivered to any hotel, you should get to know if the hotel allows deliveries from couriers and others.
There are several hotels with strict security policies that prohibits delivery of anything whatsoever to guests. Also, there are lots of hotels that allow deliveries from reputable companies like Instacart.

The only way to really find out if your hotel accepts Instacart deliveries is to ask the hotel’s front desk.

Why Won’t A Hotel Allow Instacart Delivery?

There are a few reasons why some hotels don’t allow Instacart deliveries to their guests. One of the reasons is if the hotel has a restaurant, they want their guests to patronise them rather than bringing food and drinks from outside.

A hotel that has a restaurant will possibly see Instacart as a competitor, this is why they’ll not allow Instacart orders to be delivered.

The second reason could be security, some top hotels don’t generally allow deliveries of any item whatsoever to their guests. If you are in such a hotel, you won’t not be able to have your Instacart order delivered to your hotel room. You can still get your order delivered even if the hotel doesn’t allow, continue reading to learn how.

What Should I Do If A Hotel Doesn’t Allow Instacart Deliveries?

You can still get your Instacart order delivered even if the hotel doesn’t allow deliveries from Instacart. The only difference here is that you won’t be able to receive your order right in your hotel room.

If the hotel doesn’t allow Instacart deliveries, you can direct the delivery man to the parking lot or anywhere outside the hotel. Not many hotel will stop you from personally bringing in food or items bought outside.

Secondly, you can indicate that you want to pickup the Instacart order yourself. This can be done during checkout, you’ll be shown the available pickup location and time once you select the ‘pickup’ option. Instacart pickup commences from 9am every day, while deliveries start from 10am.

How To Select Pickup Location For Instacart Order

Instacart allows customers who don’t want their orders to be delivered to personally pickup the orders themselves.
To select the ‘pickup’ option, finish selecting items you want to order, add them to cart, tap the ‘cart’ icon and press ‘go to checkout’.
On getting to the address page, you’ll see ‘Pickup’ right after ‘Address’. Press it and select any of the addresses that is convenience and close to you, tap ‘confirm Pickup location’, choose a pickup time and proceed to make payment.
Once your payment is successful, you can head to the location you selected with your ID to pickup your order back to your hotel room.

How To Add Special Instructions To Instacart Orders

Special instructions can be given by a customer on individual items ordered at Instacart. This feature was created to allow customers to specially state how they want their item packaged or give other relevant instructions.
Several customers aren’t aware of this feature even when they have a need to add instructions to their Instacart order.
To add special instructions to individual items on your Instacart order.

  • Open the Instacart website or launch the app
  • Select items you want to order. Once you are done, click on the ‘cart’ icon to open all the items you’ve selected.
  • Look under each of the items you’ve selected, you’ll see ‘add instructions’, this is where you can add special instructions.
  • Close the checkout page to view the ‘add instructions’ page. Type in the special instructions and press ‘save instructions’.
    Instacart allows you to add different instructions on different items before proceeding to checkout.

Instacart To Vegas hotel

Instacart customers can order their groceries and have them delivered to their hotel rooms in Vegas. Instacart deliveries can also be made to resorts in Las Vegas.

The Instacart same-day grocery delivery in Las Vegas includes deliveries to homes, hotels, resorts, Airbnb, vacation rental, etc. These Instacart deliveries can be made within one hour anywhere in Las Vegas.

So, Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel? Yes, Instacart will deliver your groceries to your hotel as long as the hotel allows deliveries. The Instacart delivery drivers can even take your order right to your hotel room if you provided your hotel room number.