866-749-7538 Amazon

866-749-7538 Amazon – Everything About This Number

Do you know 866-749-7538 Amazon? There has been lots of questions surrounding this telephone number. Several Amazon customers have questioned the authenticity of this telephone number.

In a world where scammers are constantly looking for people to rip off, it’s just okay that you know who calls you and who you divulge your information to.

On this article, we are going to reveal the legitimate ways of contacting Amazon, we will also give you complete details on 866-749-7538 Amazon and Amazon Returns phone number.

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How To Contact Amazon Customer Service

There are various ways customers can contact Amazon customer service, the company has enabled several features to reduce the possibility of their customers getting scammed.

Presently, Amazon doesn’t really encourage customers to call them directly. As a matter of fact, Amazon prefers calling the customer if the customer needs any help. Below are the various ways you can contact Amazon.

1. In-app chatting

Amazon has the in-app chatting feature that enables users to initiate a chat with a customer representative. All you need to do is to have the Amazon app on your mobile device.
Once you’ve been connected to an Amazon associate, you can go on and off within 24 hours without being disconnected. The chatting feature is the recommended means of contacting Amazon.

866-749-7538 Amazon

2. Request A Phone Call

With the “Request Call Now” feature, you can easily provided your phone number for Amazon to call you with. The “Request Call Now” option is available on the Amazon Contact Us page.
This feature allows you to instantly connect with Amazon customer representatives and you’ll be able to get your problem solved. Also read: What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe?

866-749-7538 Amazon

3. Email

You can also contact Amazon customer service by sending a mail via cs-reply@amazon.com. Replies from this email typically takes longer than reaching them through other means.

4. Direct Phone Call

Amazon customer service has dedicated phone numbers for customers to reach them. You can reach Amazon by calling either 1-866-216-1072, or 1-888-280-4331. You’ll first talk to bots before you’ll be transfered to humans.

Ensure that the phone number on your Amazon account is close by, this is because you’ll need to verify your account ownership by entering a code sent to that number.

866-749-7538 Amazon – Is It An Amazon Number?

This number “866-749-7538” is NOT an Amazon customer representatives number, do not trust or transact with the said number on behalf of Amazon.

Although, this number has been alleged to belong to Amazon, we have been able to discover that it doesn’t belong to Amazon.

An Amazon customer had revealed what Amazon said after he received a call from the number claiming to be Amazon and saying that his account has been compromised and he should enter a code and reset his password.

According to him, he contacted Amazon and was told that his account is alright and the number isn’t valid.

Is 866-749-7538 Scam?

Yes, it is obvious that the phone number “866-749-7538” is used by a scammer with the intention of hijacking Amazon accounts and ripping them off.

From the reviews we have seen, the number calls Amazon customers who have active accounts and claim to be Amazon, they will instruct you to make changes to your password through a code they will give you.

Additionally, you may be told to send them the code you just received from your phone number or email, these are the characteristics of a scammer. Also read: Amazon CS11 Error Fix – Step-By-Step Guide

What Should I Do If 866-749-7538 Calls?

Having realised that the number is used by a scammer, the best thing you can do is to block the phone number from calling your number.

That being said, if you happen to mistakenly receive the call, you should not do whatever you are being told to do, you should immediately contact Amazon and report the call.

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

The Amazon customer service phone number for customers is 1-866-216-1072, you can also contact Amazon via 1-888-280-4331. These two phone numbers can be used by customers in the United States and even abroad.

Alternatively, you can always contact Amazon by navigating the the “contact us” page on the Amazon website. Also read: Does Amazon Pay For 4th Of July? Read Best Answer

Phone Number 866-216-1072 Amazon Customer Service Number

The phone number 866-216-1072 is one of the legitimate phone numbers you can actually call to speak with an Amazon customer service representative.

The number can be used to report several issues relating to customers’ accounts and product purchases. However, we will always recommend that you contact Amazon either through the in-app chat feature or you request a call from Amazon. Also read guide on how to get Chive TV On Amazon Fire Stick

When Can I Call Amazon Customer Service?

The Amazon customer service is always open for customers at anytime of the day. Customers can call them 24hours a day and 7 days a week.

However, the best time to call Amazon customer service is in the evening, this is because there are always hundreds of calls during the day, you’ll easily get them in the evening.

Can I Call Amazon To See Where My Package Is?

No, you can’t call Amazon to see where your package is, you can track your Amazon package to know where it is by using the “Your Orders” page to track your order.

However, in the event of an on-road incident involving a delivery, you can call Amazon on 844-311-0406 to make a report and get immediate assistance. This customer service number is always available 24/7.

Can I Call Amazon About An Order?

Yes, you can call Amazon to report any incident involving your order, or if your package has been lost or damaged.

Customers who wish to contact Amazon concerning their orders can do so by calling Amazon customer service on 866-216-1072.

Can I Call Amazon Delivery Driver?

You can call an Amazon delivery driver who is actually coming to deliver your order. However, that will only be possible after the driver must have called you and informed you that he is coming to deliver your order.

Until you’ve been called, you won’t possibly know the driver that has been authorised to deliver your order. Therefore, you can only call an Amazon delivery driver after they have called you and informed you of the coming delivery.

Can I Call Amazon 24/7 Customer Service?

Yes, Amazon customer service is always available 24hours a day, and 7 days a week. The numbers are open to customers to call at anytime of the day.

However, you should have details of your account and order before making the call, these details may be required to verify ownership of your account.