Will Amazon Flex Rehire You

Will Amazon Flex Rehire You? (Read Full Answer)

Will Amazon Flex Rehire You? – Hundreds of car owners in the United States have made lots of money delivering parcels for Amazon Flex. This is why it gets distressful when Amazon Flex fires any of them.

For a lot of these drivers, getting rehired at Amazon Flex will be delightful, but is this possible? Will Amazon Flex rehire you after you were fired?

Well, there are lots of pieces to this, there is actually no straight answer because it depends on some factors.

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest employers in the United States, it is also one of the top brands with a good salary rate and structure, this is why lots of folks would want to work at Amazon anytime the opportunity beckons.

Amazon Flex offers you a chance of actually working at your own time and pace. Despite this, there are guidelines you must follow to continue working as a Flex driver, constant violating of these guidelines and policy will ultimately get you fired.

So, lets say you got fired by Amazon Flex a while ago and you are considering reapplying. Will Amazon Flex Rehire You? Ensure you read through this article to know if you can be rehired or not.

Will Amazon Flex Rehire You?

Amazon Flex will rehire you if you had previously left the company in good terms. By good terms it insinuates if you weren’t served a termination letter.

How possible it is for you to get rehired at Amazon Flex is solely determined by the circumstances that led to your previous departure.

If you left Amazon after a seasonal job, you are fully eligible to re-apply and get rehired. This is as long as you had no bad record while at Amazon Flex.

Any Amazon Flex driver whose appointment was terminated for engaging in behaviors that were inappropriate or violating Amazon’s policies may be subjected to a certain waiting period after which he or she will be eligible to join Amazon Flex again.

But still, the chances of getting rehired at Amazon Flex after your previous appointment was terminated is slim, you are likely not going to get rehired.

This is why you should do your best never to served with a termination letter, the best way to avoid this strict compliance to Amazon Flex’s policies.

What Will Make Amazon Flex To Fire Me?

There are several things that can get you fired at Amazon Flex, the company has almost zero tolerance for policy violators and workers who don’t always show up on time.

First, you can get fired at Amazon Flex for violating the Amazon Flex’s zero tolerance policy. You will also get fired if you violate Amazon Flex’s workplace harassment policy. Constantly failing to show up for shifts or always showing up late can get you fired at Amazon Flex.

Amazon maintains a strict time policy and mandates every worker to adhere to this policy. At Amazon, punctuality to work is vital and essential if you must remain as a worker.

Having undelivered packages can get you fired especially if a customer calls Amazon to make a report of not receiving package.

Amazon Flex Permanent Deactivation

The Amazon Flex’s zero tolerance policy strictly and vehemently prohibits a delivery driver working under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any driver that is reported for such offense will be permanently deactivated.

Another reason for permanent deactivation is if the account stays inactive for 6 months. If an Amazon Flex account hasn’t scheduled a shift for 6 months, it will be assumed that the driver isn’t interested in working for Amazon Flex anymore.

Your Amazon Flex account will be permanently deactivated if you carry any weapon while working with Amazon. While delivery Amazon packages, carrying a weapon in your vehicle is outrightly prohibited and will surely get you permanently deactivated if you get caught.

Also, you are not allowed to perform other jobs while delivering for Amazon, this can get you deactivated if you are caught, try as much as you can to finish delivering Amazon Flex parcels before performing other duties.

Will Amazon Flex Rehire You

How Long Can You Be Inactive On Amazon Flex?

As an Amazon Flex driver, you are expected to be active and schedule a shift as often as possible. Your Amazon Flex account must not be inactive for 6 months, this will get the account deactivated.

Keeping your account inactive for 6 months or more is a clear indication that you are no longer interested in working at Amazon Flex, it is just appropriate that the account be deactivated.

The good aspect of getting deactivated for inactivity is that you can always apply to re-enroll in Amazon Flex. Accounts that are deactivated for inactivity are always eligible to get rehired.

What Time Does Amazon Flex Pay You?

Amazon is quite notable for prompt payments to workers, not just Flex drivers. The company ensures that payments are released to Flex drivers by 5pm local time every Tuesday and Friday.

Every Flex driver can see total amount earned and what to expect, Amazon maintains a high level of transparency with workers including Flex drivers.

However, this payment will reflect on your account in the next business day. How much you receive is based on the number of delivery blocks you choose to pick up.

What Does Onboarding Mean On Amazon Flex?

When the word ‘onboarding’ is mentioned at Amazon Flex, it means the process where an applicant is made to pass through the online orientation, background checks, formally accepted as a Flex driver.

Onboarding is the period a new driver is given every needed orientation and necessary support that makes him or her a full Flex driver, this is when the driver is introduced to Amazon and gets to understand everything about the Amazon Flex working ethics.

Onboarding is very essential as it helps the new driver to quickly adapt to the system and ready to start deliveries, new Amazon Flex drivers are integrated into the organization through onboarding.

Can I Have Amazon Flex Multiple Accounts?

Yes, you can have more than one Amazon Flex account, but they must be logged in one at a time. Amazon Flex allows drivers to have multiple accounts with different details.

You can’t have two Amazon Flex accounts with the same email, phone number, or name. The accounts must have different phone numbers and email addresses associated with them.

Several Amazon Flex drivers create more than one account using details of their spouses or family. This is allowed at Amazon Flex as long as these accounts remain active.

Amazon Flex Unfair Dismissal

Amazon Flex allows dismissed drivers to appeal if they have reasons to believe that they were unfairly dismissed.

Usually, Amazon Flex sends a deactivation email to affected Flex drivers, there is always a link provided in the deactivation email.

Any Flex driver that feels the dismissal is unfair can click on the link to appeal the unfair termination. Once the appeal has been sent, the Flex driver will receive further instructions from Amazon Flex customer support regarding the next step to take.

Alternatively, a dismissed driver can reach out to Amazon Flex support for further directive via amazonflex-support@amazon.com. If your Amazon Flex account has been deactivated, you can possibly get it reactivated if you are able to provide tangible reasons why you feel your suspension was unfair.

How Long Do I Have To Appeal Amazon Flex Deactivation?

Amazon Flex gives every dismissed driver an opportunity to appeal an account deactivation within 10 days.

This means you are only able to appeal the account termination within 10 days of receiving the Amazon notification email regarding your closed account.

Failure to appeal within 10 days may mean that your account is never going to be reinstated again. With the above information, you should ensure that your appeal is submitted within 10 days.

Amazon Flex’s Zero Tolerance Policy Download

The Amazon Flex’s zero tolerance policy is available for download and Amazon expects every Flex driver to strictly adhere the policy.

To download Amazon Flex’s zero tolerance policy, ensure you have PDF installed in your device to be able to view the file. Once you have installed the latest PDF version, download Amazon Flex’s Zero Tolerance Policy.

Amazon Flex’s Workplace Harassment Policy Download

Every new Flex driver is expected to have a copy of the Amazon Flex’s workplace harassment policy and go through it.

The Amazon Flex’s workplace harassment policy is on PDF format and can be viewed on any device that has PDF installed. Download the Amazon Flex’s workplace harassment policy here.

Amazon Flex Support Line

Amazon Flex provides an open channel for Flex drivers to get in contact with the company for any enquiry. You can call Amazon Flex support via 888.281.6906. This number is available every day from 8:00am – 9:00pm.

With the phone number provided above, every Amazon Flex driver can easily contact Amazon Flex support for assistance in solving any account related issue.

So, Will Amazon Flex Rehire You? – You can get rehired at Amazon Flex if you previously left the company on a good note. As long as you didn’t receive a termination letter, you are eligible for a rehire.