What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon

What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon? Complete Details

What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon? – Wondering what it means when Amazon tags a package as undeliverable? Well you are surely going to get the answers on this article.

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Packages are occasionally returned to Amazon as undeliverable. Anytime these happens, Amazon normally make refunds after informing the customer through an email. Address related problems and damage to items could be the reason a package is not delivered and returned as undeliverable.

You must have received an email to confirm the return and you are trying to figure out what undeliverable package means, grab a drink and read on!

What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon?

When an order is tagged ‘undeliverable’, it simply means that Amazon is unable to deliver the order to the customer. Such goods are returned by the delivery personnel and tagged as ‘undeliverable’
While reasons for these situation are mostly related to issues customer’s address, there are several other reasons which are explained on this article.

What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon

What Does It Mean When An Order Is Undeliverable?

An undeliverable order indicates that the package can not be delivered and a refund has to be made.
An undeliverable order may mean that the receiving address is not accessible, a passcode may be needed to enter housing building, or the provided address is not safe for the ordered products to be left there.

Why Is My Amazon Package Undeliverable?

Your package will be returned as undeliverable if the receiving address you provided is incorrect, outdated, unrecognized, restricted, or illegible. It could also be returned as undeliverable if the package was damaged while the carrier was going to make delivery.

Also, your Amazon package could be returned as undeliverable if the recipient refused to receive the package or the carrier failed to deliver. The details of these reasons are explained further in this article.

Why Does Amazon Say Currently Not Deliverable?

When Amazon say order currently not deliverable, it could be that the category of the ordered product is not among the items delivered by their courier partners in your area, or there is an issue with the address provided.
Also, it could be that the value of goods ordered has exceeded the value limitations of their courier services delivering to a customer’s area.

Below are common reasons for Amazon Undeliverable Packages

1. Incorrect or Outdated Address

When the address provided by the customer is incorrect or outdated, the package will be returned as undeliverable. Customers are usually advised to ensure that the correct address is provided when placing an order. To find more details on how to edit, add, or delete addresses from the customer address book on your Amazon account, see here.

What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon

2. Unrecognized Address

Address reading and shipping coordination are done by computer systems in Amazon, the system can be prevented from functioning normally if an address format isn’t recognized.
An unrecognized address could mean that the address is not recognized by Amazon’s system, or the order could have been possibly assigned to a carrier who is unable to deliver to that address.
Not inserting a full postal code in address can be the reason for unrecognized address problem. Also, address formats can be the reason, a new address that has not been entered in the system yet can cause an order not to be delivered.

3. Restricted Address

Sending orders to locations where couriers do not have permissions to enter will end up as failed delivery.
This means that either the order and/or the carrier assigned to deliver the order may be subject to certain restrictions if the customer used a correctional facility, government facilities, prison, or similar institutions, as delivery address.
In most cases, a customer will see information like ‘Amazon some items in your order are not deliverable to the selected address’ while trying to place an order. This may not be the case in every situation.

4. Failed Delivery

An order can be returned as undeliverable if the carrier fails to deliver. In several cases, the carrier can make one or several attempts to deliver the order but failed. An order that is not successfully delivered will be returned as undeliverable.

5. Refused Delivery

There may be cases where a gift recipient refused to receive the package because he or she was not expecting a gift and feels it is being delivered by mistake.
Also, a recipient might refuse to sign for the package. There can be no delivery if the recipient refuses to sign. In such cases, customers are always notified by email and refunds made.

6. Illegible Address

When it becomes impossible to read address labels in transit, the package will be returned by the carrier. Possible causes of illegible address are; failure by printer while printing address, system error, etc.
In any situation where a barcode can not be scanned, or a label is impossible to be read, the order will not be delivered. This will automatically lead to the order being returned as undeliverable and customer notified via email.

7. Damaged Order

Amazon may tag an order as undeliverable if it is damaged before it gets to the recipient. A carrier may suspend delivering and return the package if it is damaged while going to deliver. When an order gets damaged on its way to the customer, it could be returned as undeliverable.
Despite the efforts of Amazon and their delivery partners in ensuring that package damages are minimized, there are still cases of damaged orders.

When packages get damaged, the carrier will suspend delivery and return it as undeliverable.

What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon

What Happens If Amazon Delivery Fails?

When a delivery fails, and the order is returned as undeliverable, Amazon will inform the customer via email and provide refund details in not more than 48 hours. A customer who wishes to replace the order may be told to re-order.
Orders that are returned as undeliverable can not be re-shipped. If you want to still get the undeliverable products, you will need to place a new order on Amazon website.

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Undeliverable Amazon Refund

Refunds for undeliverable packages are made immediately the order has been returned to the Returns Center. Refunds are usually made between 3-5 business days after an order has been returned to the Returns Center. No action is needed from the customer before the refunds will be made, it is initiated by Amazon automatically.

How Do I Get A Refund For Undelivered Items On Amazon?

In normal circumstances, Amazon will begin issuing a full refund automatically once a package is returned as undeliverable. This refund will include shipping charges but not handling charges.
Upon receiving an email notification regarding an undeliverable package, a customer will be able to see details of order refund status by click ‘Your Orders‘ in the customer account dashboard.

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Amazon Package Undeliverable Damaged

There are cases where packages get damaged while on its way to a customer, such packages will be returned by the courier as undeliverable without an attempt to deliver.
In cases where Amazon informs you that your order can not be delivered because it was damaged, you will be notified on what will happen either in the same email or another email.
Usually, a refund will be made and you will be urged to re-order if you still want the item.

Amazon Package undeliverable after it was already out for delivery

Reasons the package was returned as undeliverable after it was already out for delivery could include damaged package, rejected or failed delivery. In situations like this, the customer will be promptly notified via email and refunds will be processed.

Why Was My Amazon Order Undeliverable?

You may have provided an incorrect or outdated address, or the system at Amazon could not recognize your address, or the order was assigned to a carrier whose area of delivery doesn’t include yours. It could also be that your delivery address is restricted (the courier could not have permission to access the location).
Another reason could be the order has been damaged and the courier had to return it to Amazon without attempting to deliver.

Why Are Some Amazon Items Not Deliverable?

There are a few reasons why some Amazon items may not be deliverable, these include:

  • The item exceeds dimensional shipping limits. Amazon has a maximum length or width of 108 inches and maximum weight of 70 lbs. for packages. If an item exceeds these limits, it cannot be shipped.
  • The item is ineligible for shipping because it’s large or oddly shaped. Amazon may not be able to ship items that are too large or oddly shaped to fit in a standard shipping box.
  • The item is a restricted product. Amazon does not ship certain products, such as alcohol, tobacco, and some types of medications. These products are restricted due to local, state, or federal laws.
  • The item is being shipped to a restricted address. Amazon may not be able to ship items to certain addresses, such as PO boxes, military bases, or prisons. These restrictions are typically due to the carrier’s policies.
  • The seller does not offer shipping to your location. Some sellers on Amazon only ship to certain countries or regions. If you are trying to purchase an item from a seller who does not ship to your location, you will not be able to complete the purchase.
  • The item is out of stock. If an item is out of stock, it cannot be shipped.

If you are trying to purchase an item that is not deliverable to your address, you can contact the seller to see if they can make an exception. You can also try to find a different seller who is willing to ship the item to your location.