How To Get Ungated On Amazon

How To Get Ungated On Amazon – Complete Guide

How To Get Ungated On Amazon – You’ll learn about the Amazon ungating service and how to get ungated on Amazon. We are also going to inform you about Ungated Amazon Categories.

So you’ve got a brilliant selling product and marketing idea and you want to get it rolling on Amazon and bam!! You are restricted from selling that product or the category which is other words means you are gated.
If you are in this situation, be rest assured you’ll get every answer you need on this article.

A few folks may not really understand what being gated on Amazon means, it will be just fair that we explain this before going further.

What Is Gated And Ungated On Amazon

To be gated on Amazon means being restricted from selling from specific product categories, ungated means to be allowed to sell from specific product categories.
There are mainly two selling areas for sellers in Amazon; open and restricted. The open area is where you can sell freely without restriction, products and categories there do not require approval before you can sell, this is the ideal spot for new sellers who want to start selling almost immediately.

One important thing to note is that, while there are numerous product categories in the open area, not all product categories are allowed there, this is where the restricted area comes in.

How To Get Ungated On Amazon

How Do You Get Gated On Amazon?

There are product categories that are restricted and sellers will need to be approved by Amazon before being allowed to sell.
Specific brands and products from product categories on Amazon requires approval from Amazon, another name of these restricted categories is ‘gated categories’.
In other words, to be gated means to be restricted from selling.

Amazon Ungating Service

Amazon ungating service are special ungating services offered by 3rd party vendors and company in assisting Amazon sellers get eligible to sell gated products.
These vendors or companies pride themselves as experts in getting sellers ungated by unlocking gated product categories on Amazon.
There are several companies offering Amazon ungating services such as Funnel Guru and Thompson and Holt (this is not a recommendation).

List Of Ungated Categories on Amazon

Below are the various ungated Amazon categories 2022;

  1. Baby *
  2. Beauty *
  3. Books
  4. Camera & Photo
  5. Clothing & Accessories
  6. Consumer Electronics
  7. Grocery & Gourmet Foods
  8. Health & Personal Care *
  9. Home & Garden
  10. Industrial & Scientific (BISS)
  11. Kindle Accessories
  12. Luggage & Travel Accessories
  13. Musical Instruments
  14. Office Products
  15. Outdoors
  16. Personal Computers
  17. Pet Supplies
  18. Shoes, Handbags, & Sunglasses
  19. Software
  20. Sports
  21. Tools & Home Improvement
  22. Toys*
  23. Video Games*
    There are some restrictions that may still apply to some products despite categories being accessible to all sellers. Products in Toys and Games category are restricted during the busy holiday season.

List Of Gated Categories On Amazon

Below is the Amazon gated categories list 2022;

  1. Postage stamps
  2. Collectible Coins
  3. Fine Art
  4. Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games
  5. Jewelry
  6. Join Amazon Subscription Boxes
  7. Made in Italy
  8. Music & DVD
  9. Requirements for selling Automotive & Powersports products
  10. Services
  11. Sports Collectibles
  12. Streaming Media Players
  13. Video, DVD, & Blu-ray
  14. Watches
  15. Sony PlayStation Requirements in Video Games

How To See What You Are Ungated On Amazon

Lots of questions have been asked about how to find out if a product is gated in Amazon. This is because lots of new traders have been finding it difficult to know the products and categories they are ungated on Amazon.
Anyone will surely love to have a list of products he or she can sell and the ones that are restricted and require approval.
Unfortunately, you will not find a specific list of product categories or products that you are ungated, you will only find a list of gated and ungated categories and products.
Here are a few ways to find out if your category or product is gated or not.

  • Navigate to your Seller Central account on Amazon, click here to check out list of gated products (products that require approval).
  • Inquire from Seller Support by opening a case in your seller account on Amazon, ask if a particular product you want to sell is gated or not.
  • Creating a dummy listed is another great way to find out if a category or product is gated. Once you have set up a dummy listing, you will be notified of any requirements or restrictions by Amazon. Ensure you have converted the listing to FBA, this will enable some restrictions to come up too.

How To Get Ungated On Amazon

  1. Register an Amazon Professional Seller account, this account costs $39,99 monthly.
  2. Open the Seller Central and click on ‘Inventory’, then click ‘select a product’.
  3. Search for a product in the brand, subcategory, or category that you are looking to sell (you can decide not to sell that particular product once you are ungated). You can search for the product using either name, Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), or brand.
  4. Now go and click on ‘Listing limitations apply’ right on top of the ‘sell yours’ button.
  5. Click on the ‘Request Approval’ button, you can see Amazon stating that they are not accepting applications for ungating for specific subcategories which are listed there.

Depending on the subcategory or category you are applying for ungating, further documentation may be required. Be aware that the process of ungating differs for different categories and products.

Below are some of the documentations that may be required;

  • An invoice that is itemized and has your supplier’s contact information.
  • If you are buying wholesale, a letter from the brand owner/manufacturer may be required.
  • A fee

Other requirements could be; an approval from FDA before selling medical products, at least three years experience before selling in Fine Arts category.
These and other requirements can be demanded for before being ungated.

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How To Get Ungated In Toys On Amazon 2021

Search for a product in the Toys category using either the name, brand, or ASIN. Click on Listing limitations apply’ then click on Request Approval’ button. Ensure you have relevant documentations ready.
Follow the process closely and you might get ungated.

Amazon only restricts the toys category during holiday seasons. This restriction is only for toy category products that are merchant-fulfilled, products that are fulfilled using FBA are not restricted.

How To Get Ungated In Beauty On Amazon

How To Get Ungated In Beauty On Amazon

Ensure that cosmetics products are sealed in original packaging from manufacturer, they must be unused and new. Lastly, products must display identifying codes like lot and serial numbers, matrix codes, etc., clearly from distributor or manufacturer.

When it comes to getting ungated in beauty products on Amazon, there process is more serious than several categories. You must not have an order defect rate below 1% and your pre-fulfillment cancel rate must be less than 2.5%. Also, your order’s late shipment rate must be less than 4%.

How To Get Ungated In Lego On Amazon

How To Get Ungated In Lego On Amazon

Your Amazon seller account age and performance records play vital roles in you getting ungated in Lego. Obtain legitimate documentations from Lego distributors that are reputable.
Ensure to have a recent invoice of minimum of 10 same Lego item from a Lego distributor, get this purchase prepared.