Why Did My FedEx Package Go Backwards

Why Did My FedEx Package Go Backwards? What You Should Know

Why Did My FedEx Package Go Backwards? – This question has been asked by FedEx customers severally, you’ll get the most accurate answer in this article.

However, we will first explain the FedEx package routing system and how it works, this will help you understand why your package went backwards.

FedEx Package Routing System

The FedEx package routing system assigns orders to relevant postal or zip codes, this takes place once these parcels are processed in the system.
The FedEx Package Routing system makes use of the Dynamic Route Organization (DRO) technology. This technology enables FedEx drivers to easily deliver packages by optimizing the routes assigned to the drivers.
In simple terms, we can say that the FedEx package routine process is automated to ensure accurate delivery of packages.

Now that you understand how the FedEx Package Routing system works, lets attend to some questions concerning the FedEx packages and deliveries.

Why Did My FedEx Package Go Backwards?

When your FedEx package goes backwards, it means that you are not going to receive it. It is almost like saying that the package is undeliverable and it is on its way back to where it came from.
There are several reasons why your package went backwards. However, it all boils down to one thing; FedEx are unable to deliver it.

Why Is My FedEx Package Going The Wrong Way?

If your package went the wrong way, it is possible there was a human or machine error while sorting orders. Sometimes, a parcel may fall into the wrong container and will be taken to the wrong city. In most cases, this is always discovered during another sorting and redirected to the right destination.

Also, packages in the United States are sorted, collected and joined with other parcels to be delivered in the country. At some point, you may notice that your package is going the wrong way, this is because it is going with packages that are to be delivered first, this happens especially if your package was the only one to be delivered in your city. It may take a little while longer but you will still get your parcel.

FedEx Package Taking Weird Route

As a result of trying to hit delivery targets, FedEx drivers may take other routes to deliver packages that are closer before heading to your location. Although, the safety of your package should be your concern, worry less on the weird routes because your package will be delivered.

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FedEx Only Delivered One Of Two Packages

If you were expecting delivery of two packages from FedEx but ended up getting one, it is possible you may receive the second package the same day.

Why Did My FedEx Package Go Backwards

The reason for this could be maybe someone else loaded the truck and did not possibly notice there are 2 parcels assigned to your stop. It could also be that the driver was rushing and didn’t go through and find the other package.

Another possible reason is that one of the package could be express, and the other one HD or ground. If this is the case, both packages will not be delivered same time.

FedEx Package Has Been Released

When you get the notice that your FedEx package has been released, it simply means that it has been cleared by the postal customs in the destination country.
This also means that it has been received at the local postal facility and will be heading your way soon.

FedEx Missing Package

If your FedEx package is missing, you need to report the missing package promptly. You should only do this after your recipient had checked and confirmed that the package was not left by FedEx driver.
To report a FedEx missing package, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your account on FedEx and open the FedEx tracking page.
  • Insert the package tracking number or reference number.
  • Tap ‘Manage Delivery.
  • Tap ‘Report Missing Package’
  • Click ‘Yes’ to confirm that the package has not been received by your recipient.
  • Insert your contact number, phone number, email address and your name.
  • Indicate your preferred way of contact (email or text).
  • Confirm that you are okay with FedEx contacting you.
  • Click ‘Submit’. Your report’s assigned case number will be sent to you.
  • Click ‘Done’.
    FedEx will contact you as soon as possible to assist in locating your missing parcel.