Does FedEx Deliver On Martin Luther King Day

Does FedEx Deliver On Martin Luther King Day 2024? (Answered)

Does FedEx Deliver On Martin Luther King Day? – FedEx is one of the top logistics companies in the United States that continue rendering their services even during holidays.
Considering how important delivery services are, especially during holidays, you’ll scarcely see a shipping company that doesn’t make local deliveries during some holidays in the U.S.

Apart from major holidays like Independence Day, Christmas Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day, most delivery companies work on other holidays as if they were normal business days.

Statistics have shown that the demand for local deliveries usually escalate during holidays, people are always home to take deliveries. To a lot of people, this is the period they have time to be at home to receive packages.
FedEx is quite notable for prompt delivery of packages in the United States, this is why they are one of the most preferred shipping choices. So, does FedEx deliver on Martin Luther King day? Continue reading this article to actually find out.

Does FedEx Deliver On Martin Luther King Day 2023 ?

Yes, FedEx does deliver on Martin Luther King day, deliveries are made on this day just like normal business days. Although, Martin Luther King day is a federal holiday, FedEx continues delivering services on this day.

However, there are modified services for FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Express by FedEx on Martin Luther King day. Delivery services like FedEx Custom Critical, and FedEx Ground are fully operational on Martin Luther King day, regular pickups and deliveries take place on this day.

What Days Are FedEx Closed?

FedEx offices and services are usually closed on major holidays including Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

Although, the company doesn’t officially operate on these holidays, they have modified operational hours on days surrounding these mentioned holidays. Residential deliveries are often made later in the day for some of the holidays except Christmas.

Lastly, extended hours around these holidays are often available at Local FedEx stores. This means you could possibly pickup your package at any FedEx local facility near you even on these major holidays. Also read What Does Departed FedEx Hub Mean?

Does FedEx Deliver On Christmas 2023?

FedEx doesn’t make deliveries on Christmas day, all FedEx facilities and offices are usually closed during this holiday. However, one of FedEx’s delivery services known as ‘FedEx Custom Critical’ is open on Christmas day.

Christmas day is a major holiday and the company allow their workers to have the whole day for themselves, none of the FedEx regular mail services are operational on Christmas day. Services like FedEx Freight are closed on Christmas Eve, but FedEx Express only operate with modified services.

So, if you are thinking of sending or scheduling for a package to be delivered by FedEx on Christmas day, you might have to reschedule it as it may not be delivered on that day.
The company resumes operation on 26th December with all delivery services like FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground Economy, and FedEx Custom Critical up and running. FedEx Express and FedEx Freight remain closed on 26th December. Also read Can You Work At FedEx At 17?

Does FedEx Deliver On Martin Luther King Day

Does FedEx Deliver On New Year’s Day 2023?

On New Year’s day, FedEx Express and FedEx Home Delivery operate with modified service, this means that deliveries take place later in the day but for a few hours, there are other conditions that may be attached to these deliveries.
FedEx only allows deliveries for FedEx Custom Critical on New Year’s day.

Services like FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Ground Economy remain closed on New Year’s day.

Does FedEx Deliver On Thanksgiving 2023?

The only FedEx delivery service that is available on Thanksgiving is FedEx Custom Critical, other services are closed on Thanksgiving.

These closed services include FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground Economy, etc.

FedEx Express has modified service, while FedEx Freight remains closed a day after Thanksgiving. Also read Can You Finance A Fedex Route?

2023 FedEx Holiday Schedule

The 2023 FedEx holiday schedule indicates that FedEx will be operating on some of the holidays. There are several holidays that deliveries will have modified services.
You can have a full view of the 2023 FedEx Holiday Schedule here.

Does FedEx Deliver On Saturday?

Yes, FedEx makes deliveries on Saturday with the delivery service called ‘FedEx Home Delivery’. This service offers weekend deliveries to most residential locations and it is an every-day delivery service, which includes Saturday and Sunday.

With the FedEx Home Delivery, customers are sure of receiving their packages any day of the week including weekends.

According to statistics, FedEx reaches almost 95% of residential addresses in the United States on weekends.