How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take? – Most Detailed Answer

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take? – FedEx carries out background checks on every prospective employee, this is one of the hiring process at FedEx.
While applying for a job at FedEx, it is necessary to understand and be aware of the employment procedure, this includes background checks.
When FedEx carries out a background check on an intended employee, they are seeking to verify almost all the information presented by the applicant.
One critical point here is that a background check CANNOT be carried out on an applicant without his or her consent.
A company’s ability to retain and share your data is restricted, these restrictions ensures the safe keeping of your private information.
It’s not out of place for a company to run a background check on an applicant. People tend to believe that a company’s main concentration during background checks is past criminal records. This isn’t entirely true, while FedEx is heavily concerned over the past criminal record of applicants, there are other checks that can mar you from getting employed. Essentially, several factors affect the duration of a background check, continue reading this article to learn about these factors and how long does FedEx background check take.

FedEx Hiring Process 2022

The hiring process at FedEx is quite typical of major companies in the United States. As an applicant, FedEx expects you to have all relevant document containing your personal information, you should also have your proof of working eligibility along with your job history of between 7 – 10 years. Your personal information including your phone numbers, contacts of previous employers, and your addresses must be up-to-date. Once you’ve got everything intact, you can proceed to the FedEx hiring process.

1. Online Application

The first step towards getting hired at FedEx is submitting application and this is done online entirely. To be able to apply for several open positions, you need to create an account on the FedEx career website.
Go through the list of available jobs and pick the ones you wish to apply for.
Go through each job listing to get full information on it’s requirements and needed qualifications. Don’t fail to read the full job description to know if it’s suitable for you or not.
After locating a job listing that interests you and fit your qualification, you can now proceed to filling the application form on the site. Uploading a current resume along with your application gives you a better chance of getting employed, this may not be required for several positions.

2. Online Assessment Test

This is the next step in the FedEx hiring process. You will be directed to this next step once you’ve completed your application. The aim of this test is to check your personality attributes, your weaknesses, and strengths. The test typically consist of questions requiring a ‘true or false’, ‘agree or disagree’, and least-likely or most-likely’ responses.
Take your time to read the questions thoroughly and give your best answers.

3. Phone or In-Person Interview

Depending on the applied position, you may be called for a phone or in-person interview, your performances during any of these interviews may determine if you are getting employed or not. If you get a phone interview, help yourself by ensuring you are in a noiseless environment and comport yourself. You may be interviewed via Skype, install and create a Skype account, it makes a lot of sense to familiarize yourself with Skype before you join the interview.
During in-person interviews, you may be asked between 3 to 10 questions bothering on problem solving and behavior.

4. Background Check

This is the hurdle most applicants find it difficult to cross, FedEx conducts background checks on almost all applicants to ensure they are employing the right people. This process can not be quickened, it must be done properly, all you have to do is wait.

FedEx Express Background Check Requirements

For FedEx to run a background check as part of the hiring process, an applicant must provide a proof of identity, this maybe passport, driver’s license, or other acceptable national ID card. Of course, this is alongside other information that were earlier submitted.

How Strict Is FedEx Background Check?

Just like other top brands, FedEx are very strict with background check. Every application MUST go through the background check process.
The intensity of the background check depends largely on the position applied for. For example, FedEx will focus mainly on criminal history of an applicant seeking for a package handler position, warehouse jobs will require a drug test, while a CDL will be required for any type of driving job.
An applicant may be unable to secure a driving job at FedEx if the felony had anything to do with any vehicle type or a DUI.
Factors such as number of convictions and offense type will be largely considered while conduction background check on applicant’s criminal record.
FedEx will also consider how long the applicant completed his or her sentence as well as the steps taken towards rehabilitation and living an honest lifestyle.
You can see from the above that FedEx takes background check seriously but doesn’t discriminate. Want to know how long it will take to get your first paycheck at FedEx? Read here.

Types Of Background Checks At FedEx

Typically, FedEx looks at several background checks including the following;

  • Criminal history of applicant
  • Employment history of applicant
  • Credit history of applicant
  • Educational history of applicant
  • Motor vehicle and license history of applicant.
  • Confirmation of applicant’s identity.

Why Is FedEx Carrying Out Background Check?

Background check is a vital aspect of the FedEx hiring process. It helps the company to know vital things about an applicants to ascertain if he or she is fit to work in the company.
Employing an unrepentant felon can hurt the image of the company, it is extremely risky to employ a driver with negative driving history.
You’ll most likely agree that running a background check on applicants is a wise step towards ensuring that the right persons are employed.

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take?

A background check at FedEx should take between 3 to 5 days. To be fair, a background check should take less than 2 weeks to be completed. This is not always the case as there are factors that can delay this process. There are some background checks that took more than 6 weeks. Want to know why they took that long? Continue reading.

Why Is My FedEx Background Check Taking So Long?

How long a background check takes solely depends on factors like location, applied position, and number of background checks carried out.
According to one FedEx applicant, an interview told him that the background check was taking a long time because he lived in different states, it took more than six weeks for the background check to go through.
However, a background check should take a few days or sometimes few weeks. It solely depends on how thorough the check is, someone with no past criminal record and with a positive credit history is likely going to come out of the background check in a few days.
Certain clearances and or certifications like airports may demand Federal checks, this may take up to three weeks to come out.

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take For Package Handler?

FedEx background check for a package handler position typically takes between 3 – 12 days to be completed.
FedEx pays attention to criminal history as well as motor vehicle and license history when carrying out background check on an applicant seeking for package handler position.

Haven t Heard Back From FedEx After Background Check

If you’ve not been contacted by FedEx after background check, it is possible you didn’t scale through the process.
You can reach out to your interview to know why you haven’t heard from them.

FedEx Background Check Disqualifiers

Below are the few things that could get you disqualified during FedEx background check.

  • Having history of illegal drug usage.
  • Intoxication.
  • Misdemeanor.
  • History in fighting or any form of violence.
  • Theft
  • Lacking concern for safety.

Will FedEx Hire Me With A Misdemeanor?

An applicant once claimed he was denied a shipping position at FedEx for an assault 3rd misdemeanor he committed 2 years back.
FedEx do hire misdemeanors, the chances are slim though. An applicant with theft conviction history may find it difficult to secure a packaging warehouse job at FedEx.
However, FedEx does not discriminate, part of the company’s employment policies allow for hiring of misdemeanors and felons.

Does FedEx Hire Immigrants?

FedEx do higher immigrants for certain positions, as long as an immigrant has proper documentation that permits working legally in the United States, the person may be hired.

Who Does FedEx Use For Background Checks?

Background checks at FedEx are handled by designated administrative staff, you can call them FedEx office staff. Their duty is to verify information submitted by applicants, they also ensure FedEx employs credible staff by thoroughly completing the background checks.

How Long Does It Take To Get Hired At FedEx Express?

Typically, the hiring process at FedEx express takes between 1 to 3 weeks. A certain employee said he was employed just 6 days after he applied.
Barring any unforseen situation, FedEx express hiring process should be completed within 6 – 8 days.