How To Appeal Product Authenticity Complaints Amazon

How To Appeal Product Authenticity Complaints Amazon – Best Guide

How To Appeal Product Authenticity Complaints Amazon – There are strict seller policies put in place at Amazon to ensure authenticity of products sold at the platform.

Essentially, these policies are geared at ensuring that every item sold at Amazon is not just original but from the right and authorised manufacturer.

In recent times, several sellers have been hit with the product authenticity complaints from Amazon, any seller that receives an inauthentic suspension from Amazon might get confused on what to actually do.

As a matter of fact, no seller is immune to the inauthentic complaint suspension, it is one of the most common reasons seller accounts do get deactivated at Amazon.

On this article, we will explain more on Amazon inauthentic complaint, how to appeal product authenticity complaints Amazon, and how to write Amazon inauthentic appeal letter.

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Amazon Inauthentic Complaint

Amazon inauthentic complaint happens when a seller’s product is deemed inauthentic or counterfeit. Typically, the inauthentic complaints do come from customers and Amazon would swing to action especially if there is a lack of quality control over product sourcing.

To get things right, Amazon would suspend a seller’s account after receiving complaints over the authenticity of a product sold, they would expect the seller to provide documents especially invoices and supplier’s details.

Truth is, no seller is guaranteed of escaping the Amazon inauthentic suspension, this is because your account could get suspended at the slightest suspicion of selling a counterfeit product.

That being said, there is a huge possibility of getting your suspended account reinstated as long as you have all the required documents and your products are from authorised suppliers. Also read: Amazon FBA Hashtags For Amazon Sellers – Best 60

What Happens When You Receive Amazon Inauthentic Complaints?

When your seller account gets suspended as a result of an Amazon inauthentic complaint, your listing will be removed. You will be required to submit invoices regarding the alleged inauthentic product. Sometimes, you may be required to submit invoices for all products you have sold within a particular time.

Essentially, Amazon just wants to verify the supplier and ensure that the product you sold is authentic, understanding this fact will help you in gathering the required documents to appeal product authenticity complaints.

In summary, Amazon expects sellers to only sell authentic goods on the marketplace, sellers should also be ready to provide proof of authenticity whenever Amazon requests for it.

Amazon can take your inventory and refuse paying you for any sales you’ve made if you fail to prove authenticity of products you’ve sold. Before we explain how to appeal product authenticity complaints Amazon, let’s talk about the documents you’ll need to provide. Also read: Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment?

Documents Required For Amazon Product Authenticity Complaints Appeal

Before you start the Amazon inauthentic complaints appeal process, you should ensure that the following documents are in place.
These documents MUST be original and never altered, any alteration made to these documents will invalidate it and your appeal may not be successful.

  • Original product invoices (issued in the last one year)
  • Supplier’s contact information (name, address, number, and website).
  • Buyer’s contact information (name, address, number, and website).
  • If there are no product invoices, a seller must explain why there are no valid invoices, how and why a product was listed and how it was sourced. This should be submitted as an appeal.

How To Appeal Product Authenticity Complaints Amazon

Once you have the information listed above readily available, you can now proceed to appeal the product authenticity complaints on your seller account.

Follow the steps below on how to appeal product authenticity complaints Amazon.

  • Get the product invoices and other details ready.
  • Login to your Amazon account.
  • Navigate to your Seller Central Account Health Page.
  • Select the listing that was flagged.
  • Click on the “Submit Appeal” button.
  • Confirm that your invoice is valid and meets Amazon’s requirement.
  • Explain the processes you take to check your listings before making them live on Amazon.
  • Provide details of where you get your products from.

Amazon Inauthentic Appeal Letter

An Amazon inauthentic appeal letter should contain every information on the product, this includes the supplier’s name, address, number, and website.

If you want to write a successful Amazon appeal letter, you must explain how you check your listings before uploading them, you need to also explain where you get your products from and if the invoices have met Amazon’s requirements.

Lastly, a seller will be expected to provide a detailed plan of action, this should include explaining the root cause of the problem and how the seller intends to prevent a reoccurrence in future.

How To Appeal Product Authenticity Complaints Amazon

Product Authenticity Customer Complaints Amazon

Amazon do suspend listings over product authenticity after receiving complaints from customers, the seller will be required to submit proof of authenticity before the listing will be reinstated.

Once an authenticity complaint has been received, the listing will be removed and the account possibly suspended until the seller shows enough evidence that the product is authentic and bought from an authorised source. Also read: How To Download Falcon TV On Amazon Fire Stick

Product Authenticity Customer Complaints Appeal

Every Amazon seller is given an opportunity to appeal when their account is suspended for product authenticity, the product authenticity customer complaints appeal feature is available on the seller’s account health page.

Just make sure that your listed products are authentic, you have valid invoices for the products, you provide a detailed plan of action explaining the cause of the issue and the steps you’ve taken to prevent it from happening again in future.

Amazon POA Product Authenticity

When a seller is submitting an appeal for Product Authenticity Complaints, the seller is often requested to provide a Plan Of Action (POA), this includes steps that the seller is taking to solve the current problem relating to their account and how to prevent it from reoccurring in future.

An Amazon POA product authenticity also outlines the actions taken by the seller to improve their sellers’ account health.

In summary, POA should contain information relating to the product authenticity complaints, how the seller plans to solve the problem and steps taken by the seller to prevent future product authenticity complaints from customers. Also read: Does Amazon Fire HD 10 Have Sim Card Slot?

Things To Consider When Writing Amazon Product Authenticity Complaints Appeal

When writing your product authenticity complaints appeal, Amazon expects you to include every necessary information that will show that your product is authentic.
Below are the things to include when writing Amazon product authenticity complaints appeal.

  • Valid product invoices that meet Amazon’s requirements.
  • Your Plan of action – how you plan to solve the problem and also prevent a future reoccurrence.
  • Your process for checking listings before they are being uploaded.
  • Where you get your products from.
  • Letter of authorisation from manufacturer.


How To Appeal Product Authenticity Complaints Amazon – To appeal Amazon product authenticity complaints, you need to provide valid invoices for the product, provide details of your product supplier and your plan of action.

Once you have all the required information, you can proceed to your Amazon Seller Central dashboard, navigate to your account health page and click on the flagged listing. From there, you can click the “Submit Appeal” button to start the appeal process.