How To Become A Verified Seller On eBay

How To Become A Verified Seller On eBay – Complete Guide

How To Become A Verified Seller On eBay – Every new seller on eBay wants to get verified, this enables you to start selling on the eBay platform.
While getting verified on eBay is pretty straightforward, we’ll point out some relating aspects that will be of immense benefit to new sellers.

Just like we said earlier, getting verified as a seller on eBay is pretty simple, this may not be the major reason why several sellers are surfing the internet on ‘how to become a verified seller on eBay’.

Truth be told, lots of sellers are actually trying to find out how to get their accounts to a recognizable standard on eBay, how to get presented as a trusted seller on eBay, this is what most sellers are trying to figure out.
So, you are not only going to get a guide on how to get verified literally on eBay, you will be guided on what you should do to get your account automatically ranked as Top-Rated.

When your account is ranked top’rated, you would possibly get more sales. Several buyers prefer to buy from top-rated sellers, this is because sellers who are ranked as top-rated have met certain requirements which shows they can be trusted.

On this article, we are going to provide answers to several questions regarding how to become a verified seller on eBay.

eBay You Need To Verify Your Account

This message from eBay means you have to verify your eBay account email, location and phone number. Everyone registering on eBay must verify their account before being able to sell and buy.
The process is just a typical way of verifying account, you will get an instruction from eBay sent to your email.
To do this, simply open your email and check for the mail from eBay. Click on the link that has been sent to you and follow the instruction.

How To Become A Verified Seller On eBay

How To Become A Verified Seller On eBay

To become a verified and trusted seller on eBay, you need to register with an active email, phone number and a real address.
A code will be sent to your phone number to verify, a link will also be sent to your email to verify. Once you have done this, you will be required to verify your address.
Please note that anyone whose country is not listed on eBay will not be eligible to sell on the platform.
You can check a list of eligible eBay countries here.

How to Become A Top Rated Seller On eBay

To become a top rated seller on eBay, you need to meet some requirements. You will be automatically promoted to a Top Rated Seller by eBay once you meet these requirements.

  • Your eBay account must be active for a minimum of 90 days.
  • You must complete a minimum of 100 transactions or more with United States buyers during previous 12 months.
  • You must complete transactions worth $1,000 in sales with United States buyers during previous 12 months.
  • Your defect rate must not be more than 0.5%.
  • Your close cases without seller resolution must not be more than 0.3%.
  • You must have a less than or equal t 0.3% late shipment rate.
  • Ensure that tracking is uploaded within handling time stated by you.
  • Show 95% transactions carrier validations to buyers from United States.

Is eBay Top Rated Seller Worth It?

Becoming a top rated seller on eBay gives you several privileges which can not be enjoyed by ordinary sellers.
You receive higher level of protections because you are consistently meeting eBay selling highest standards.
As a top rated seller on eBay, you will have unhindered access to discount on Top Rated Plus listing.
Also, being a top rated sellers gives buyers the confidence to buy from you which relatively improves search results.
Although this is debatable, sometimes eBay ran listings from top rated sellers higher than sellers who are not top rated.

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How Do I Know If I Am A Top Rated Seller On eBay?

If you are a top rated seller on eBay, you will see the Top Rated Seller status displayed on your seller dashboard.
Once you open My eBay, click on My Account and open your seller dashboard.
Naturally, you will find the Top Rated Plus seal of listings that are having 30-day or more free returns, and handling time of 1-business-day.