How To Uncancel Amazon Order

How To Uncancel Amazon Order – Complete Guide

This article gives a complete guide on How To Uncancel Amazon Order. While it is easy to cancel an order, reversing the order canceling isn’t really easy as you would think.

There are several reasons why orders get canceled on Amazon after successful purchase. We’ve had cases where people accidentally cancelled items they ordered on Amazon, or the order was not shipped and they cancelled it. Apart from this, a seller can cancel an order that was placed by a customer if the item is no longer in stock. These and many more are reasons we have cancelled orders on Amazon.

Generally, to uncancel Amazon order could be explained as an attempt by a customer or Amazon seller to re-order an item or order that was previously cancelled.
A cancelled order can not be uncancelled, not to worry, we will guide you on what to do if you are in this situation.

Just before we get into How To Uncancel Amazon Order, let’s give you relevant details regarding cancel orders on Amazon. We’ve also written lots of articles for both Amazon customers and employees, see them here.

Accidentally Cancelled Amazon Order

An accidentally cancelled Amazon order is simply a purchase which was mistakenly cancelled by a customer or Amazon seller after purchase.
Once an order has been cancelled, the order status will be automatically updated in the customer’s account by Amazon. This will be followed by an email notification which will be sent to the buyer. Same situation happens when an order is accidentally cancelled.

Any customer that accidentally cancelled an order would surely want to uncancel it, this is because it wasn’t canceled intentionally.

Amazon Cancel Order Refund

Amazon sellers make refunds on cancelled orders, it is done automatically once an order is cancelled. However, this is mainly applicable to orders that have not been shipped yet. If the package has been shipped prior to the cancellation, the customer will have to return it to the seller before getting a refund.

Ordinarily, no action is required from the customer for a refund to be made once the order has been successfully canceled. The refunds will be made promptly to the appropriate funding source. Also learn how to get ungated on Amazon.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Refund A Cancelled Order?

Amazon explains that it takes minutes to apply a refund to the customer’s credit card once an order is successfully cancelled.
However, the customer may wait for 3-5 days for the refunded amount to reflect on credit card statement. Customers that used debit cards to make purchase may wait up to 10 days for the funds to reflect on ther statement.

When You Cancel An Order On Amazon Are You Refunded?

Yes, once you have successfully cancelled an order you will be refunded. However, there are a few exceptions; you will not be refunded if the order has already shipped, you will not be refunded if the order is a digital product, such as an ebook or music download, and you may not be refunded if the order is a gift card.

The refund policy for Amazon orders varies depending on the seller. For orders shipped directly by Amazon, you will usually receive a refund within 2-4 business days. For orders shipped by a third-party seller, the refund time may be longer.

Check your email to see if you have been sent a notification regarding the cancelled order. Once you have been notified, it indicates that your order have been cancelled successfully and you will be refunded. Like we said earlier, you do not need to do anything to get refunded once your order has been successfully cancelled. Also Read: What Does Undeliverable Mean On Amazon? Complete Details

How To Cancel Order On Amazon App

The process of cancelling an order depends on the level of the order. If the order has not entered the dispatch process, you can simply cancel it and get refunds. If you are using the Amazon app and you want to cancel an order, follow the steps below;

  • On the mobile app interface, click on ‘menu’.
  • Search for ‘Your Orders‘ and click on it.
  • Locate the purchase you want to cancel, click ‘show more items’, if you are not see the item.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Item’.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Checked Items’.
    If this is successfully done, you will receive an email notification from Amazon.
    Note: It is impossible to cancel digital orders in the Amazon app.
    An order can only be cancelled if it has not entered the dispatch process.
How To Uncancel Amazon Order

Can You Uncancel An Amazon Order?

You can not uncancel an Amazon order that you previously canceled, Amazon doesn’t have the feature that enables users to reverse an order cancellation action. Immediately you cancel an order, you essentially inform Amazon to commence the refund process, this is an irreversible action.

Even if you mistakenly cancelled the order, there is absolutely no chance to uncancel it, you can only reorder or urge the buyer to reorder it if you are a seller. Learn how to sell coloring books on Amazon.

How To Uncancel Amazon Order

It is not possible to uncancel an Amazon order that was canceled. Once an order has been cancelled, it remains cancelled whether accidental or intentional. This is because like we said earlier, once an order has been successfully cancelled, Amazon begins the process of making refunds after notifying the customer via email. Also read What Is Upsn Amazon

What To Do If You Want To Uncancel An Order

If you still want to get the item, all you have to do is to place another order for the same item. Reversing a canceled order is not possible, the only option is to make the purchase again.

Are you a seller on Amazon and you are trying to uncancel an order that was cancelled by a customer? It is impossible to do that, your only option is to send a mail to the customer and get him or her to place another order. To do this, just click on ‘advanced search’ and click on ‘cancelled orders’. Once this is done, click on the ‘buyer name’ to get details of buyer and contact him or her.

Talk to your buyer about this limitation and urge him or her to re-order the same item. Read best details on Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock

How To Cancel Order On Amazon After Payment

As long as the order has not entered the dispatch process, you can cancel it after payment. If you are wondering how to cancel order on Amazon after payment, follow the steps below;

  • Click on ‘Your Orders’
  • Select the purchase you intend to cancel.
  • If you want to cancel entire order, simply select all items.
  • Click on ‘Cancel checked items’ when you are done.
    You will receive an email notification if the item or entire order is successfully canceled.
    Navigate to ‘Your Orders’ to confirm that cancelation of the order.
How To Uncancel Amazon Order

Can’t Cancel Amazon Order

You will be unable to cancel an order in Amazon if it has already been shipped out. At this point, you can track the package and cancel delivery.
If you are trying to cancel an order and it seems impossible, here is what you should do.

Open your Amazon account, select ‘Your Orders’, click on ‘Track Package’, then click on ‘Cancel this delivery’. This should be enough to stop the delivery of the package.
However, If you can’t find the option above, all you need to do is to reject the package or return it. An order can be returned through ‘Your Orders’ on the Amazon account.