Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock

Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock – Read Best Details

This article provides answer to questions regarding Amazon dropshipping account lock. Dropshipping is one of the top online businesses that has helped lots of folks to make good money in recent times. There are several e-commerce platforms that allows dropshipping and Amazon is one of such platforms.

With an array of products in the marketplace, Amazon is undoubtedly the top choice for majority of the online sellers. This explains why there are thousands of people doing dropshipping on Amazon.

With these huge number of dropshippers, there is always a tendency of bad elements engaging in fraudulent activities, this is why Amazon has strict policies regarding dropshipping.

The company monitors the activities of dropshippers to ensure that the marketplace remains safe for buyers to purchase products.

However, some sellers do innocently walk into trouble through their activities even without having fraudulent intention, they end up getting axed even when they didn’t intend to defraud anyone or game the system.

From the above explanations, you can see why there has been lots of Amazon dropshipping account lock cases in recent times, most of these people end up not getting access to their accounts forever.

On this article, we’re giving you every information on Amazon dropshipping account lock, how long does it take to unlock Amazon account, how to delete locked Amazon account, and how to recover locked Amazon account.

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Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock

Amazon do lock accounts of sellers who are doing dropshipping  on the platform for several reasons. Whatever the reason is, the sellers has to make some kind of verifications before regaining access to the account.

Like we explained before, Amazon wants to ensure that buyers feel safe to transact in the platform, this is why they’ll lock any seller’s account with suspicious activities.

Once your dropshipping account has been locked, you can no longer make sales or even communicate with any seller. As a matter of fact, you are locked out of the platform and will need to contact Amazon customer service to get your account back.

That being said, majority of sellers whose accounts were locked don’t always get it back, this is why you should tread carefully and protect your account.

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Why Amazon Locks Dropshipping Account

There are several reasons why Amazon will lock your dropshipping account. In general term, a seller’s account will get locked once there is a suspicious activity on the account.

Below are the few reasons why Amazon locks dropshipping accounts.

1. Overusing Gift Cards

Any dropshipper that overuses gift cards for daily purchases on Amazon risks getting their accounts locked. Amazon offers lots of benefits for purchases made with their gift cards, this is why the tendency of using too many gift cards is always high especially among dropshippers.

There are lots of discounts Amazon offer to sellers who make purchases using their gift cards, but you must be careful not to use too many gift cards daily.

Amazon will lock a new account that uses too many gift cards right away. They’ll do this so the seller can pass through some sort of verification and they always want to be sure that the seller isn’t involved in any fraudulent activity.

Even if you are using an old Amazon account, you should watch the number of gift cards you use for purchases daily, a sudden spike in the number of gift card usage will send a red alert to the system and might result in the account getting locked.

2. Providing Wrong Profile Information

One of the easiest ways to get your Amazon seller account locked is by providing wrong profile information during registration. Amazon takes the issue of wrong profile information very serious, any seller account suspected to have wrong information will be locked until the account is verified.

Amazon wants to ensure that anyone selling on the platform is legitimate and real. The Amazon selling policies and seller code of conduct demands that a seller must always provide accurate information to customers and Amazon.

3. Providing Incomplete Information

This is one mistake that is frequently made by new sellers on Amazon, many of them provide incomplete information and end up getting their accounts locked.

Since Amazon is particular about the information provided by a seller, you are obliged to provide complete and correct information on your seller profile.

Not providing a complete information presents your account as not being real and Amazon wouldn’t waste any time in locking such account.

4. Logging Into Your Account From Different IPs And Locations

Another event that can get your seller account immediately locked is when you log in from different IP addresses and locations. This will make the system to suspect possible security compromise or your account has been stolen.

If your account is locked because of logging in from different IPs, you just need to confirm that it’s you and the account will be unlocked.

5. Making Purchases From Different IP Addresses

If you make purchases from different locations resulting in different IP addresses reflected in your account, the anti-fraud system can lock your account thinking it has been compromised.

It may also look like you are trying to game the system by possibly using different locations via VPN to make purchases. Also read about How To Change Digital Purchase Address On Amazon

Sudden Spike On Items Ordered

Any sharp or unusual increase in the number of daily orders may get your dropshipping account locked. This is very common especially if you just opened a new account, ordering more than 10 items a day isn’t ideal and you may get locked out.

Now here is the deal, in their bid to keep the platform fraud-free, Amazon has an anti-fraud system that locks out accounts once it gets triggered. Opening a new account and making more than 20 orders is one of the easiest ways to trigger this system.

Once a suspicious activity is detected on your account, it will be surely locked. This is why you need to take things slowly and avoid doing whatever will trigger the Amazon anti-fraud system.

High Number Of Customer Returns

You must do your best to reduce the number of customer returns on items you’ve sold else you risk getting your account locked. Many customers are aware that returns for goods bought on Amazon are free, this is why they won’t waste time to return any item that doesn’t meet their expectation.

As sad as this sounds, it is your duty to ensure that these returns are not much. Amazon handles the financial implications for customer returns, they don’t want you to make them keep wasting money, this is why they’ll lock your account if it records high number of customer returns. Also read: What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa Charge?

Amazon Account Locked Suspicious Activity

Any user account that has suspicious activity detected will be locked by Amazon, this is irrespective whether it is seller or buyer account.

Amazon has zero tolerance for fraudulent activities on the platform and will not hesitate to lock any account doing anything suspicious. Except your account is wrongly locked, it is always very difficult to recover an account that has been locked for suspicious activity on Amazon.

Amazon Account Locked Suspicious Activity No Email

If your Amazon account has been locked for suspicious activity and you have received an email from Amazon, you’ll be able to reach out to Amazon by trying to make a purchase.

Technically, any account that is locked will be unable to buy or sell on Amazon, there will be a “hold” message popping up each time you want to make a purchase.

Now, this is where you’ll find an option to prove your identity by adding documents, just follow the steps below.

– Visit Amazon website or launch the Amazon app on your device.
– Log in to your Amazon account.
– Search for a product and try to make a purchase.
– Look for the “hold” message, select the option to prove your identity.
– Upload your documents directly to Amazon by pressing the “Add Document” option.
– Upload your credit card as required, cover other part and reveal only thee last four digits.

If you are curious about the documents that may be required by Amazon before unlocking your account, read the next paragraph.

Information Required For Unlocking Amazon Locked Account

Amazon typically send email to account owners after locking their accounts. Most often, you’ll receive a mail saying “temporary hold due to unusual activity” demanding that you provide some documentation for verification.

Once you get this email, you are expected to upload your documents as soon as possible so they can be reviewed. Below are the documents required by Amazon for account unlocking.

– Last four digits of the default credit card on your account.
–  Utility bill that has your default shipping address (this is required for address verification).
– Receipt of gift card (if you were locked for using too many gift cards).
– Your Amazon account serial number.
– Statement of account for your default credit/debit card account, it must have your billing address.
– A copy of your government issued ID.

How To Recover Locked Amazon Account

The process of recovering a locked account depends on why it was locked and the location of the account owner. However, some of these processes are general and will work for any reason your account was locked.

Below are the four ways you can recover your locked Amazon account.
– Through Amazon Email.
– Through Amazon phone number.
– Through Amazon Live Chat.
– Directly uploading documents to Amazon.

Above are the four ways you can unlock your Amazon account, continue reading as we explain each of these steps.

How To Recover Locked Amazon Account Through Email

This is undoubtedly the recommended way to actually get your locked account unlocked by Amazon. According to reviews by Amazon users, contacting Amazon via email works more than even calling them.
If your account was locked, follow the steps below to contact Amazon via email.

– Ensure you have gathered all the required documents.
– Use the email address on your Amazon account to send email to them.
– Upload the documents into the email.
– Carefully explain the problem you are facing on your account.
– Send the email to these three email addresses;,,

You should receive an automated message from confirming receipt of your email. You won’t possibly get any response from the other two emails but don’t worry, the message has been passed.
Once you’ve sent the email, give yourself a few more days and your Amazon account should be unlocked or you’ll receive an email requesting for more documents.

How To Recover Locked Amazon Account Through Phone Number

Another easy and fast way to get your Amazon account unlocked is by calling Amazon customer service directly on 1-800-388-5512, 888-280-4331.

To start the process of recovering your locked Amazon account, follow the instructions during the call and select your account type. The supervisor will direct you on what to do with regards to the verification process, do as told.

Although you may still be required to send an email with relevant documents to verify your identity, you may be lucky to have your account unlocked via phone call.

How To Recover Locked Amazon Account Through Live Chat

Contacting Amazon through Live Chat aka in-app chat is another good way of recovering your locked account.
The online chat feature is highly recommended and you can get your account unlocked within a few hours. Follow the steps below on how to recover locked Amazon account through Live Chat.

– Visit Amazon website or launch the app.
– Sign in with your account details.
– Head to the top-right and select “Account & Lists”.
– Scroll down and select “Customer Service”.
– Scroll to the bottom and select “Something else”.
– From the options, select “I Need More Help”
– Click the “Start chatting now” option.
– Follow the prompt to chat with a representative.

Note: As at when we tried the Live Chat feature, it kept returning us to the “Account & Lists” page. You can still try it and hope it works for you.

Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock

What Is The Best Way To Unlock Amazon Account?

Without any doubt, contacting Amazon via email is the best way to unlock your account. Although, reaching them through phone call is fast, but you may not easily get your account unlocked.

Additionally, even if you contact Amazon via phone call, you’ll likely still be required to send in your documents via email. Also read best guide on Amazon FBA Calculator Widget.

Amazon Account Locked Phone Number

There are mainly three phone numbers you can use to contact Amazon support, the phone numbers are; 1-206-266-2992, 1-800-388-5512, 888-280-4331.

How Long Does It Take To Unlock Amazon Account?

How long it takes for Amazon to unlock your account depends on why your account was locked and the channel you are using to contact them, it takes between 2 – 18 days for your account to get unlocked.

Based on reviews by customers, Amazon can take up to two weeks and more to unlock your account, there are no specific number of days.

If Your Amazon Account Is Locked Will I Still Get My Stuff?

If what you ordered was shipped before your account got locked, you will receive them. Not just that, if you had paid for the item and received the tracking number prior to your account getting locked, your item should be delivered.

Amazon doesn’t halt orders that have been purchased or shipped except there are serious concerns. But, as long as you had received the tracking number, your order will not be held back.

However, if you didn’t receive the tracking number for the order and your account got locked, the order will be on hold until you can get your account back. If you are unable to get your account back, the order will be cancelled and refunds will be made. Also read: Does Amazon Eero Work With Xfinity?

Amazon Account Locked After Order

If your Amazon account was locked immediately after you made an order, it is possible that something about that order may have triggered the anti-fraud system and the transaction looks suspicious.

Below are possible reasons why Amazon locked your account after order and what you should do.

– Unusual or suspicious order amount – contact Amazon via phone call  + 1 (206)-266-2992 or email:
– Payment method looks suspicious (probably too many gift cards). contact Amazon via phone call  + 1 (206)-266-2992 or email:
– Ordering on account from different IP address from another location. contact Amazon via phone call  + 1 (206)-266-2992 or email: