What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa Charge

What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa Charge? Complete Answer

What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle WA Charge? – This question has been often asked by Amazon Prime members, several people have seen some unexplained charges in their bank accounts with the heading “Amazon Prime Cons Seattle WA”. If you’ve received such charge and wondering what could that mean, this article will explain everything to you.

Amazon Prime Video, owned by Amazon, is a video streaming service that offers users the chance to watch their favorite TV shows and movies.

That being said, Amazon Prime is a monthly or yearly subscription service offered by Amazon, this gives members premium services ranging from shipping discounts, free membership to Amazon services like Amazon Drive, Prime Video, and Twitch Prime.
Amazon Prime yearly membership also gives you early access to Lightening Deals for thirty minutes.

There are several other benefits you enjoy when you subscribe to Amazon Prime, these benefits are explained more on this article.
So, What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa Charge? There are several ways to explain this charge you are seeing on your account titled “Amazon Prime Cons”, continue reading this article to learn everything.

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What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa Charge?

Depending on the Amazon service you are currently subscribing to, the “Amazon Prime Cons charge” you are seeing on your bank statement is the renewal charge for that service. Since Amazon’s headquarters is at Seattle, you may see “Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa” in the statement.

Sometimes, people activate services without remembering, especially if they were just trying out the free trial of that service. The charges usually comes with taxes, this is why the Amazon Prime Cons charge you are seeing on your statement may be a bit higher than the regular subscription charge.

For instance, if you activated the Amazon Prime Video free trial, once the free trial period passes, you’ll be charged for a year’s subscription, this is unless you have deactivated the service.

An Amazon Prime subscriber received the “Amazon Prime Cons” charge of $150.99, this is obviously shocking considering that it was way more than the previous year’s charge of $129.26. However, he got to discover that the increment is as a result of the high taxes in New York.

How Much Is Amazon Prime A Year?

Officially, Amazon Prime subscription is $139 for each year, but the total amount you’ll be charged may be higher than this due to taxes in your state.

The Amazon Prime subscription gives you full access to several Amazon services including Prime Video,and discounts on shipping of items bought on Amazon, etc.

Each subscription is normally auto-renewed every year except you set it otherwise, and you can cancel your Amazon Prime subscription through the Manage Prime Membership page.

What Is An Amazon Prime Cons Charge?

An Amazon Cons Charge is the charge notice you get on your bank statement when any Amazon service you subscribed gets renewed on your account.

Every Amazon subscription automatically gets renewed at the expiration of the previous subscription. Users that activated free trials will be automatically billed for the next subscription once that free trial ends.

In summary, you’ll be automatically charged for the next subscription period once the previous one or free trial ends. Also read: Does Amazon Eero Work With Xfinity?

What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa Charge

Amazon Prime Cons Charge On Card?

An Amazon Prime Cons Charge on your card means that your subscription to an Amazon service has been renewed, or someone has used your card for any Amazon service renewal.

Essentially, the “Amazon Prime Cons” is a term used by Amazon on user’s bank statements to refer to subscription renewal or other charges for Amazon services.

How To Stop Amazon Cons Charge

To stop Amazon cons charge, you essentially need to cancel every service you subscribed at Amazon. You can do this by navigating to the Manage Prime Membership page, and deactivate the service.
Alternatively, you can just remove your card as a payment method, this will result in failed payment and the service will be terminated. Also read: Amazon FBA Calculator Widget – Read Best Guide

How To Stop Amazon Prime Cons Charge?

To stop receiving the Amazon Prime Cons charge, you essentially need to cancel any Amazon service you are subscribing to, or you remove your card from the account.
Once you have card as a payment method in your Amazon account, any service(s) you subscribed will get terminated once it’s unable to renew. Also read: What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe? – Best Interview Q&A

How Do I See Amazon Prime Cons Charge?

The Amazon Prime Cons charge will reflect in your card statement, you can easily see it in your bank account statement.

If you receive text notifications to your mobile number, you will likely get the notice once the service has been charged, you can also see it by opening your bank-linked email address. Read: What Day Does Amazon Fresh Restock? Read Complete Answer

How Do I Get Details Of Amazon Prime Cons Charge?

Since the “Amazon Prime Cons charge” is a renewal of an Amazon service subscription on your account, you can get details of the service by logging into your Amazon account and navigating to Prime subscription.

Once you are at the Prime subscription page, you’ll surely see the invoice of your last payment, you’ll also see the last 4 digits of the credit card that the service was charged. Read: A Thrifty Mom DIY Recipes Crafts Online Deals Amazon Deals – Best Details

Can I Get Amazon Prime Cons Charge Refund?

Since it’s a service renewal, you can get the refund as long as you have used the benefits, refunds for all Amazon services are processed between 3 – 5 business days, this also applies to refunds for Amazon Prime cons charges.

To get a refund, you have to find out the service that you were charged and cancel it immediately without using the service. You can also contact Amazon customer service immediately you received the Amazon Prime cons charge.


What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle Wa Charge? This is an indication that you have just been charged for an Amazon service renewal, one of the services you have on your Amazon account has just been renewed.