Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS

Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS? – Read Full Guide

Reusing boxes for shipping of items is pretty not new to several folks especially in the United States, lots of people reuse boxes as often as you can imagine.

Also, many companies don’t care if a customer ruses their box to ship another item with another company. It is obvious that the United States Postal Service (USPS), allows customers to use just any box for shipping, this is as long as it meets their requirements. But, can you reuse Amazon boxes to ship USPS? That’s the question that has been asked frequently by customers who shop at Amazon and also use USPS for some of their shipping needs.

Some companies prohibit reusing of their boxes to package goods that aren’t theirs, Amazon is certainly not one of those, you’ll get every information you need on Amazon’s policy regarding customers reusing their boxes to ship with other companies.

Also, on this article, we are providing you with information on the box packaging requirements by USPS, you’ll also learn how to use Amazon boxes to ship USPS.

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Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS?

Yes, Amazon allows people to reuse their boxes to package items and have them shipped through the USPS. The company doesn’t have any policy against customers using their boxes for shipping purposes.

That being said, you need to make sure that the box meets with USPS requirements and the box itself remains sturdy. This isn’t just about USPS alone, Amazon boxes can be used for several shipping purposes as long as the shipping company permits it.

Obviously, the Amazon box is yours and you have the right to use and recycle it as you wish. However, you must make sure that the box does have any information or label of its former shipping on the outside.

Summarily, there is no rule against using Amazon box to ship items at USPS as long as there is nothing wrong with the box and you have packaged it properly. Also read guide on how to fix insufficient address USPS

How To Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS

To reuse an Amazon box for your shipment at USPS, there are quite a few things you must do to avoid discrepancies on the way.

Normally, you shouldn’t have any problem using an Amazon box to package your items for USPS except there are still some information written on the outside of the box.
Below is how to reuse Amazon boxes to ship USPS;

  • Ensure that the box is still in good shape and not torn.
  • Remove any shipping label that was on the box.
  • Have the proper postage amount.
  • Remove any identifying information, or,
  • Cover the whole box with a brown shipping paper.

Although, it is not mandatory, covering the box with a brown shipping paper is recommended especially if the box had some advertisements on the outside.

Can You Use Amazon Boxes To Ship eBay?

Yes, you can use Amazon boxes to ship eBay items without getting into trouble. Several eBay sellers reuse their Amazon boxes to package eBay items and ship to customers.

What matters when packaging an item is the shipping label, as long as it carries eBay information, the items will be delivered. However, you should try to avoid creating room for confusion by ensuring that everything that carries Amazon outside the box is covered.

Since Amazon boxes are mostly free, many sellers prefer not to throw them away but to reuse them for other shipments. As a matter of fact, lots of Amazon sellers use Amazon FBA and Amazon Prime boxes to package eBay and USPS shipments, it isn’t illegal.

Can You Reuse USPS Priority Mail Boxes?

Yes, USPS allows you to reuse Priority Mail boxes in sending another mail, this is as long as the new mail is being sent as a Priority Mail.

Essentially, it means that Priority Mail boxes can be reused to send another mail provided it is being sent as a Priority Mail. Also read details on Liteblue USPS Virtual Timecard

Misuse of USPS Priority Boxes

While USPS allows customers to reuse Priority boxes, the company is strictly against any misuse of these boxes. A Priority Mail packaging supply should not be used to send a Retail Ground package. Using a Priority Mail box to send a Retail Ground package is not allowed and you will be charged as a Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail.

Below are the few instances of misuse of USPS Priority boxes.

  • Covering the Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express badge by turning the box inside out.
  • Using a Priority Mail package to send a Retail Ground package.
  • Cutting any part of the package that carries the Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail badge.
  • Using a Priority Mail Express box to mail Priority Mail items.

In summary, USPS boxes must be used to send the class of mail that is specified on them, this means that a Priority Mail Express box must be used to send Priority Mail Express items, the same is applicable to Priority Mail, and Global Express Guaranteed. Read what you should do if USPS Delivered To Wrong Address

Can You Reuse USPS Flat Rate Boxes?

Yes, you can reuse USPS flat rate boxes as long as they are in good shape and you’ve carefully blocked or remove former shipping labels on the outside.

However, USPS doesn’t really recommend reusing of their flat rate boxes, but reusing them isn’t illegal and your package will still get delivered as long as you’ve inscribed the right shipping label.

Can I Use An Amazon Box To Ship UPS?

Yes, you are allowed to use Amazon boxes to ship UPS as long as the structures of the boxes are still firm and you’ve covered any former shipping information.

An Amazon box is just a cardboard box and you can use it to ship just anything. UPS focuses on the structure of the box, if they are still strong and can hold on to items firmly, you can use them to ship.

Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes To Ship USPS

Can I Use Amazon Box To Ship FedEx?

Yes, FedEx accepts items that are packaged on Amazon boxes, this is as long as the sender has covered any prior shipping label and other information. Just like majority of the shipping companies, FedEx won’t reject your items just because you used an Amazon box to package them.

Once the items have been properly packaged, FedEx will not reject your package. So, using an Amazon box to ship FedEx is allowed as long as you follow their packaging guideline. Read full information on USPS Expects Item For Mailing SSK

Can I Use Amazon Box To Ship Poshmark?

Yes, Poshmark allows sellers to use other shipping boxes to ship their items, this includes Amazon boxes. Just make sure that you have covered up or remove any previous shipping label or information.

Poshmark is very particular about the safety of items and they urge sellers to be extra careful with their packaging. Also read Will USPS Notify Me If My Package Has Been Seized?

Can I Ship A Box With Logos On It USPS?

USPS expects you to cover up logos or information about other stores on any box you want to use. While the company allows customers to use other boxes to package their items, boxes with logos of other brands are not allowed.

This doesn’t mean that your package will be outrightly reject because it carries another company’s logo, it may still get you in trouble. It is highly recommended that you cover any logo on the box before using it to package items for USPS.

Can I Use A Walmart Box To Ship USPS?

Yes, you can use a Walmart box to ship at USPS, the package will be accepted as long as you’ve removed or covered old shipping labels and are not liquor or hazmat boxes.

USPS doesn’t really care which box you use whether Walmart or Amazon, just make sure you’ve covered any logo or previous shipping label.