Does DHL Deliver On Sunday

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday? – Read Complete Answer

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday? – DHL being one of the famous courier brands in the world have been delivering commendable delivery services for a long time.
You’ll not want to argue the fact that they are one of the most reliable providers of courier services in America.

Like every other delivery company, DHL has it’s days of operations, if you are trying to find out if DHL delivers on Sunday, keep reading this article and you’ll get the most detailed answer.
Apart from giving you details on DHL weekend deliveries, we’ll also touch other areas relating to the article topic.

Going by the recent online search stats, its pretty clear that lots of online shoppers in the US would want their shipments to be delivered during the weekend, especially on Sunday.
This is why lots of e-commerce businesses prefer working with courier services offering Sunday residential deliveries.
With the level of trust DHL has established in the minds people, offering weekend residential deliveries will make the issue of courier service choice a lot more easy.

So, does DHL deliver on Sunday? Read this article to find out the result of our research.

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday?

DHL currently offers weekend deliveries for mission-critical domestic and international shipments. The DHL Same Day services offer door-to-door delivery and immediate collection of shipments even on Sunday.
This service is available in over 220 countries, this enables customers to receive their shipments in the shortest possible time.

What Is DHL Same Day Service?

The DHL Same Day is a 24 hours, 7 days, and 365 days a year delivery service. This means that a shipment of any weight or size can be picked any day including Sundays, the shipment will be delivered at the destination within hours.
This service is probably the fastest delivery service offered by DHL, it allows customers who may be busy during week days to have their shipments delivered during weekends.

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday

Features Of DHL Same Day

The DHL Same Day delivery service has the following features;

  • Instant delivery to over 220 countries and territories. Customers are able to receive package in the shortest possible time.
  • Location delivery available every hour of the day, every day of the week. Customers enjoy flexible and fast delivery.
  • Shipment Pick up during weekends or holidays. You can have your shipment delivered on Saturday and Sunday without delay.
  • Effective monitoring and tracking of shipment from pickup to when it is delivered. This gives you an up-to-date details on your shipment.

Does DHL Work 24/7

Yes, DHL provides delivery services 24/7 in over 220 countries to meet up with the growing demand for weekend and holiday deliveries.
Like we mentioned before, the DHL Same Day service is available every hour of the day, every day of the week and year.

DHL Same Day Brochure Download

Current or prospective customers can download the DHL Same Day brochure online. Ensure you have PDF installed in either your laptop, desktop, or your phone. Click here to download the DHL Same Day brochure.

How Will DHL Delivers On Sunday?

The DHL Same Day delivery has three options for customers to choose from, this include;

  • DHL Same Day Jetline: this is air freight and secure option is available for customers anytime. Pickup time is within 60 minutes, dangerous and oversized goods are allowed. There is customs document/clearance preparation, handling of temperature-controlled items, and 24/7/365 door-to-door service. There is a next flight out unaccompanied service globally. Tracking is online and real-time, as well as end-to-end proactive monitoring.
  • DHL Same Day Speedline: pickup time is within 120 minutes and it is air freight. Oversized or dangerous goods are picked up. This offers best flight out service that is within a defined network. Door-to-door service offered 24/7/365 with preparation of customs document/clearance. Shipment tracking is real-time and online. Temperature-controlled and dangerous shipments are accepted, as well as end-to-end proactive monitoring.
  • DHL Same Day Sprintline: This is an immediate pick-up and domestic or international door-to-door 24/7/365 delivery. Items are picked up within 60 minutes and it is road freight. Dangerous and oversized goods are accepted. Shipments that are temperature-controlled, dangerous, and out of gauge are accepted. Proactive end-to-end monitoring and tracking.

Does DHL Deliver On Holidays

Delivery services on holidays are offered by DHL in over 220 countries including the USA. If you want your shipment to be delivered during the holidays, make use of either the DHL Same Day Jetline, DHL Same Day Speedline, or DHL Same Day Sprintline.

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday

Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends?

DHL doesn’t generally update tracking on weekends except for the DHL Same Day service. Customers who selected DHL Same Day service are given real-time and online update on their shipment. The proactive end-to-end monitoring and tracking enables customers to have current information regarding their shipment.

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday In USA?

Although, DHL doesn’t officially offer Sunday deliveries for standard delivery services. The United States is one of the countries that DHL is currently offering the DHL Same Day delivery service. This means deliveries are made on weekends including Sundays in the US.
Customers who wish to have their shipments delivered on Sunday in US should make use of the DHL Same Day service.

Does DHL deliver on Sundays UK

Yes, the DHL make deliveries of shipments on Sunday in the United Kingdom through the DHL Same Day delivery service.
You’ll have to select from the various options available in the DHL Same Day service if you want your shipment delivered on Sunday in the UK.

Who Does DHL Use For Local Delivery?

DHL uses the USPS for local delivery when it involves small shipments, it has been this way since 2003. Large packages or large group of shipments are delivered by DHL themselves. This is because it costs more for USPS to deliver large shipments.
This doesn’t mean DHL don’t deliver small shipments themselves, they do too, but for most of the times, they use USPS.

What Time Is “End Of Day” For DHL Delivery?

The official DHL ‘end of day’ for deliveries is 6 pm. However, DHL may consider a request by a customer to deliver beyond 6 pm on ad-hoc basis if an appropriate reason is presented. In this case, the customer has to give sufficient and satisfying reason for receiver’s unavailability till 6 pm and the next day.

DHL Out For Delivery But Not Delivered

What this means is that your package is with the delivery person heading for delivery. In normal circumstance, you should receive the package before the end of the day. That being said, you may end up not getting the package on that particular day. If this happens, you should expect the delivery early the next possible day.