Does FedEx Xray Packages

Does FedEx Xray Packages? – Comprehensive Answer

Does FedEx Xray packages? This question has been asked quit often, this is because courier companies are expected to x-ray all packages while accepting them for deliveries, this is for safety reasons.
There has been lots of question regarding FedEx and x-raying packages, truth is, x-raying of packages mostly take place at the airport, most courier companies do not x-ray all packages.

This article will give you a real answer and not what’s on the books. A lot of shipping companies don’t x-ray packages and that’s simple, x-ray machines are quite expensive and also very complicated.

So, does FedEx xray packages? Realistically, packages are more likely to get x-rayed if they are passing through Customs than local shipping. This article is written based on research and reviews by FedEx customers, there is a lot to learn here.

Does FedEx X-ray Packages Before Delivery?

The truth is, FedEx doesn’t xray all packages before sending them out for delivery. X-ray machines are time consuming and expensive too, but packages go through radiation during the process of shipping, this partially scans the package.

Take note that FedEx doesn’t reveal their security practices concerning company standards and privacy of customers. Security information regarding this can only be obtained through a legal process or warrant.

Does FedEx Xray Packages?

Not all packages are x-rayed, only suspicious ones may get x-rayed. A package is more likely to be x-rayed if there is anything suspicious about it. Other than this, a package can be received and successfully delivered without being x-rayed.
Like we said earlier, international deliveries are likely to get x-rayed, but packages meant for local deliveries rarely get x-rayed. Also read What Does Departed FedEx Hub Mean?

Does FedEx Open Packages?

FedEx may open your package for checking if it becomes necessary, part of the shipper agreement permits FedEx to open and inspect customer’s packages before shipping them out. This doesn’t mean that happens every time, a package may only be opened if it becomes necessary.
As stated in their terms of service, FedEx reserve the right to open packages for inspection at their own discretion, and thereafter reseal them.

Does FedEx Xray Packages

Does FedEx Scan Packages Before Delivery?

It is a normal practice for a package to be sorted and scanned at FedEx before being sent out for delivery. The delivery information about a package can only be available or updated once the package is scanned.

If a package is not scanned, a customer will not be able to get an updated info regarding the status of the package during tracking. This is why packages are scanned and their information updated on the FedEx system before delivery. Also read Can You Finance A FedEx Route?

When Does FedEx Scan Packages?

A package gets scanned once it leaves or arrives a FedEx facility (either warehouse or local facility). This enables availability of real-time updated information about the package. Customers whose packages are not scanned are unable to get updated tracking information on their shipment.
To avoid the above, FedEx ensures packages are scanned on departure and arrival at every FedEx facility.

What Happens If FedEx Finds Drugs In A Package?

FedEx cooperates with law enforcement agency regarding confiscating and investigating illegal drug shippers. FedEx do not accept packages with illegal drugs and it’s never a good idea to ship with them. If FedEx finds illegal drugs in a package, it will be confiscated and investigated.

According to a FedEx staff on Quora, US Custom agents do visit FedEx facilities frequently, they use drug dogs to sniff out packages with drugs.
However, if it’s just normal drugs, nothing is going to happen.

Does FedEx Scan Packages For Alcohol?

Yes, FedEx scans packages for alcohol. Not everyone is permitted to ship alcohol at FedEx. There are shippers that are approved and licensed by FedEx to ship alcohol. Such shippers had entered into the FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement.

Who Can Ship Alcohol Through FedEx?

Only a FedEx-approved alcohol shipper is allowed to ship alcohol via FedEx. No consumer is permitted to ship alcohol through FedEx services.
Also, the recipient of an alcohol shipment must hold appropriate and relevant alcohol licenses as a business entity, this means a consumer can’t receive a package containing alcohol from FedEx. Also read Does FedEx Sell Stamps?

How Can I Ship Alcohol Through FedEx?

There are certain requirements a shipper must meet before being eligible to ship alcohol via FedEx.
You must have a FedEx valid account number, you’ll need to sign the alcohol shipping agreement with FedEx. This will be done under the guidance of your FedEx account executive.

Finally, you must be ready to comply with the FedEx alcohol shipping requirements.
Click here to read the requirements and also start the process of getting approved to shipped alcohol via FedEx.

Does USPS, FedEx and UPS do an image scan and drug dog sniff on every package?

With the daily huge number of packages entered for deliveries, it is impossible for FedEx, UPS, or USPS to scan or drug dog sniff every package before sending them for deliveries. These scans and sniffing are done on suspicious packages and on rare occasions. Also read Does FedEx Have A Notary?

Does FedEx Require ID To Ship?

Yes, FedEx requires a means of identification before accepting your package for delivery. A government-issued photo ID or any other ID customarily accepted by local authorities is accepted. An ID is necessary to help FedEx identify the shipper.

Also, if the package requires a signature during delivery, a photo ID must also be presented before the package is released, the ID must include the recipient’s address. If the ID doesn’t include the recipients address, then the recipient must provide a proof of address.

Do FedEx X-ray Packages?

FedEx doesn’t x-ray packages before shipping them out, this will take a whole lot of time, it is also expensive. However, suspicious packages can be x-rayed, opened and checked. International shipments are more likely to be x-rayed by Customs that local shipments.