How To Refuse A Package From Amazon

How To Refuse A Package From Amazon – Full Details

On this article, you’ll learn How To Refuse A Package From Amazon. Amazon permits customers to refuse and cancel orders anytime if it becomes necessary. As long as you’ve not taken delivery of the package, refusing or cancelling it is relatively easy.
This article will clearly explain how to refuse a package from Amazon and how long does Amazon take to refund a cancelled order.

The process of cancelling and refusing an order depends on the shipping status of the package, you’ll learn these different processes on this article.

  • You can refuse an order immediately after purchase.
  • An order that is shipped already can be refused and cancelled.
  • Even a delivered order can be returned.
  • Items that were purchased as part of a discounted bundle can not be individually cancelled.

We are going to explain everything regarding how to refuse a package from Amazon and everything that relates to cancelling orders on Amazon.

Can I Refuse Amazon Delivery?

Yes, you can always refuse an Amazon delivery, you can also inform someone who is taking the delivery for you to refuse the package. This can be done when the courier arrives at the delivery address.
However, you should provide a tangible reason for rejecting the package. Understand that you are only going to get a refund of the item purchase and not shipping label cost. Keep reading this article as we will explain more of this under refunds.

How To Refuse Delivery Amazon

To refuse a delivery from Amazon, simply inform the courier that you do not want to take delivery of the package, the order will be termed as refuse as long as you’ve not taken delivery.

This can also be done by someone who is taking delivery on your behalf, the person just needs to inform the delivery man that they are not taking delivery of the package.

If the package was left at your door, you can call the courier company and let them know that you refuse the package. (Ensure that the package has not been opened or tempered with). Once the package has been opened, it can’t be returned, so don’t temper with it.

How To Refuse A Package From Amazon

If you were not expecting a package or you got the wrong package, you can outrightly inform the courier that you are not taking delivery of the package.
Even if the above reasons are not the case, you can still refuse the package.
Once a package has been refused by the recipient, it will be flagged and subsequently sent back to Amazon.
Like we said earlier, ensure the package has not been tempered with before refusing or returning it.

How To Refuse A Package From Amazon

If I Refuse Delivery Will I Get A Refund Amazon?

As long as you provided valid reasons for not accepting the package you ordered from Amazon, you’ll surely get your money back. Understand that you will not get a refund of the shipping label cost as the order had been shipped to the delivery location.
You are only going to get a refund of the item purchase amount.
This is why it is better to cancel an package before it gets into the shipping process., you’ll learn how to cancel Amazon order later on this post. Also read How To Cancel Amazon Freetime Without Device

How To Cancel Amazon Order

As long as an order has not yet entered the shipping process, it can be easily cancelled and refunds will be made.
Follow the steps below to cancel Amazon order.

  • On Amazon platform, click Your Orders.
  • Click ‘Cancel Order’
  • Select all items if you wish to cancel everything, or select each item you want to cancel.
  • Click ‘Cancel Checked Items’.
    You will be receive a message confirming that your order has been successfully cancelled.
    If your order was successfully canceled, you will see it in the ‘Canceled Orders’ section.
    You can also check the Message Center in your account for a message regarding the cancelled order.

Cancel Amazon Order After Payment

An Amazon order can be cancelled after it has been purchased, simply go to Your Orders section. Once you are there, click on ‘Cancel Order’ and select the item(s) you want to cancel, then click ‘Cancel Checked Items’.
A notification message will appear to confirm that the item has been successfully cancelled. You need to also read How To Uncancel Amazon Order.

How To Cancel Amazon Order After Shipping In App

Once an order has been shipped, it can not be cancelled. At this point, the recipient can only reject or refuse the package and it will be returned to Amazon.
If you are a seller and the buyer informs you that he or she wants to cancel the order, you can inform the buyer that the order has already been shipped. If the buyer insists on cancelling, you can advice him or her to refuse taking delivery of the package and it will be returned.
Do not fail to inform the buyer that only the amount used in purchasing the items will be refunded. Let them know that the shipping label fee will not be refunded.

Can’t Cancel Amazon Order

If you are unable to cancel an Amazon order, it means that the order has entered the shipping process.
Packages that have been shipped out can not be canceled. The only option available at this point is for the recipient to refuse or return the package.
So if you can’t find the option to cancel the order, it means that the order has entered the shipping process and it is on its way to the delivery address.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Refund A Cancelled Order?

How long it takes to get refunded by Amazon varies depending on the refund method. Credit cards typically take 3 – 5 working days once refund has been processed. Amazon gift card and gift card balance take between 2 – 3 hours, while debit cards, checking account, and SNAP EBT card may take up to 10 business days.

If I Cancel An Item On Amazon Will I Get My Money Back

Yes, you will get your money back once you have successfully canceled an order on Amazon. Ensure to check that the order was canceled successfully. Also check your email for a confirmation mail from Amazon.

Cancelled Amazon Order But Still Charged

If you were charged by Amazon even after you had successfully canceled an order, it is likely the case of charge authorization. It will often remain as a pending charge and will drop off before 5 days.
However, if it does not drop off, you can contact Amazon customer service to make the complain.

How To Cancel An Amazon Order On iPhone

To cancel an Amazon order on iPhone, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Amazon app on your iPhone.
  2. Locate the Menu by tapping the 3 horizontal lines at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Press ‘Your Orders’.
  4. Select the order you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel Items’.
  5. Tap ‘Cancel Checked Items.

Amazon Cancelled My Order

Your order may be cancelled by Amazon because of several reasons like; your account being frozen, pricing errors, orders were more than existing stock, item undeliverable, etc.
If your order was canceled by Amazon, you can contact their customer service to know why or reorder the item if you were not charged.