How To Cancel Amazon Freetime Without Device

How To Cancel Amazon Freetime Without Device – Complete Guide

This article gives you a guide on How To Cancel Amazon Freetime Without Device. Parents can cancel Amazon Freetime any time they wish to, cancelling it without a device is what seems to be a problem for lots of parents.

On this article, we’ll explain what Amazon Freetime means and how to subscribe to the service, as well as how you can cancel the service without using a device.

With the Amazon Freetime, your kids have access to over 13000 kid-friendly contents, it’s one sure service that keeps your kids glued to the screen all day.

The contents offered on Amazon Freetime will be discussed on this article, you will also learn how to cancel the Amazon Freetime Unlimited subscription. We have written several useful articles for Amazon users and employees, see them here.

What Is Amazon Freeetime Unlimited?

Amazon Freetime Unlimited allows children between the ages of 3 – 12 to have access to thousands of kid-friendly content titles. These contents are made exclusively for kids and the subscriptions are on monthly bases.

With the Amazon Freetime Unlimited, kids have access to kid-friendly movies, books, TV shows, Audible books, games, and educational apps.
Amazon Freetime unlimited offers an extremely kid-friendly environment for kids to explore, this helps to develop their math and reading skills.

Amazon Freetime Parent Dashboard

With the Amazon Freetime parent dashboard, parents are able to make restrictions to what their children can watch or read. Parents are also able to set time limit for their kids on certain categories.
Some features of the Amazon Freetime parent dashboard are;

  • Restrict kids access to social media and in-app purchases without approval from parent.
  • Allows parents to block kids from cartoons and games until they have met certain educational goals. This allows children to learn first before engaging in other activities like playing games or watching cartoons.
  • Parents decide when their children will go to sleep by setting when the FreeTime will shut down for the day.
  • The dashboard enables parents to see the videos, games, books, and educational apps that their kids accessed in FreeTime.
  • Parents are able to create up to 4 personal child profiles, giving selected access to audible contents, videos, apps, and book to each child. This means that each kid has their personalized space, more like a personalized tablet.
  • With the smart filters, kids are unable to view contents that are not appropriate for their age. This means that baby stuff are not shown to pre-teens, and scary stuff are not shown to little kids.
  • Allows parents to download the kid’s favorite app, books, and videos that can be accessed offline. These contents can be downloaded to a kid’s FreeTime profile.

Amazon FreeTime Settings

Parents are to create parental control passwords and profiles for their kids before the kids can be able to use the Amazon Freetime.
Access to Kindle Store and Silk Browser are automatically blocked. Services like social features, in-app purchases, and location based services, are automatically disabled.
To access the FreeTime settings, enable/disable wireless connection, and exit Kindle FreeTime, parents must enter their parental controls password. Also Read: Amazon Curtains: 28 Amazon Curtains For USA Customers

How To Create Children Profile On Amazon FreeTime

To create a profile on Amazon Freetime for your child, follow the steps below.

  • Click on ‘App’ in the home page.
  • Press ‘Kindle FreeTime and click ‘Get Started’.
  • Enter your password or create a new one if you don’t have already.
  • Press OK or Continue (this depends on what you did in the last step).
  • Navigate to the ‘Add Child Profile’ and click on ‘Tap to set photo’.
    Insert your child’s name, date of birth and gender.
  • Click ‘Next’ (you can create additional profiles for your children, click ‘Add Another Child’ to do this).
  • Once you are done, click ‘Done’ to save the settings.
    (This will create a profile or profiles for your kid(s).
How To Cancel Amazon Freetime Without Device

How To Manage Your Child’s Profile On Amazon FreeTime

Parents can manage their children’ profiles on Amazon FreeTime and make necessary settings, add purchased contents, or activate Kindle FreeTime Unlimited subscription (this will give the child access to numerous content titles for monthly payment).
Follow the guide below to manage your child’s profile on Amazon FreeTime.

  • Tap ‘Apps’ in the home page.
  • Click ‘Kindle FreeTime’.
  • Press ‘Manage Content & Subscription, Daily Goals & Time Limits, etc.

Amazon FreeTime Subscription

Parents are able to subscribe to the monthly Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for their kids. This gives the kids access to thousands of content titles which are tailored for kids. These contents include; videos, TV shows, movies, and books.
These all come with parental controls which are quite user-friendly, the monthly subscription can be cancelled anytime. Learn How To Track Amazon Registry Gifts

How To Cancel Amazon Freetime

If you are tired of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and you wish to cancel the monthly subscription, follow the steps below to do this.

  • At the Kindle FreeTime homepage, locate the ‘Parent Settings’ and click ‘Manage Content & Subscription’.
  • Insert your parental controls password.
  • Click ‘Ok’ when you are done.
  • Press ‘Unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (this under ‘Manage Subscription Content).

How To Cancel Amazon FreeTime Without Device

Lots of parents have been asking how to cancel Amazon FreeTime without device. Almost every knows how to cancel it with a device, but cancelling it without device seems difficult.

Follow the guide below to cancel the service without a device.

  • On your browser, visit here.
  • Ensure you have logged in to your Amazon account, log in if you haven’t and click this link again).
  • Scroll down and click at ‘Households and Family Library’.
  • Go next to the profile name, tap ‘Edit’.
  • Tap ‘Delete this profile’.
  • Follow the last two steps to delete each profile.
    This is how to cancel Amazon FreeTime without device.

What Happens If I Cancel Amazon FreeTime?

Once you have canceled Amazon FreeTime, you’ll get a full refund for recently subscribe charge.
Also, purchased contents already added to the child’s profile will still be active and accessible. Lastly, you’ll no longer have access to contents from your subscription. Also learn How To Remove Baby Registry From Amazon.

Amazon FreeTime Login

You can easily log in to Amazon FreeTime and perform any action. Follow the steps below to login to Amazon FreeTime.

  • Open the device homepage.
  • While at the homepage, locate the ‘App’ option and press it.
  • Click ‘Kindle FreeTime, and click ‘Login’.
  • Enter your password.
  • Press OK or Continue.

What is Amazon Kids+ Plus

Amazon Kids+ Plus is the same as FreeTime Unlimited, this subscription gives children access to over 20,000 movies, educational apps, games, and books. It allows for parental control and content filtering. Also learn How To Download Falcon TV On Amazon Fire Stick

Cancel Amazon Kids Plus

The Amazon Kids Plus service can be cancelled anytime, you can do this using the device. To cancel Amazon Kids Plus, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Kindle Device homepage.
  • Navigate to the Parent Dashboard, and click on ‘Menu’.
  • Click on ‘Manage Amazon Kids+ Subscription’.
  • Press ‘Cancel Amazon Kids+ Subscription.
    Follow the prompt to successfully cancel Amazon Kids Plus subscription.

Amazon FreeTime App

The Amazon FreeTime App is an educational and fun space for kids between the ages of 3 – 12. The app gives children access to over 20,000 TV shows, movies, and books. These contents are taken from top brands and tailored for kids.

Amazon FreeTime App Download Android

The Amazon FreeTime app is available for android users. You can easily download it through the Play Store and install it on your device. To download the Amazon FreeTime app for Android, click here.

Amazon FreeTime App Download Android IOS

Parents can easily download the Amazon FreeTime app IOS version. Download the Amazon FreeTime app for IOS here, or visit the App Store and search for ‘Amazon FreeTime Unlimited’.