How To Use Amazon Basics Laminator

How To Use Amazon Basics Laminator – Complete Answer

How To Use Amazon Basics Laminator – the Amazon Basics Laminator is a 2 heat settings laminator that offers fast and top notch document and picture laminating experience.
On this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide on how to use this Amazon 9-inch thermal laminator.
The laminating machine is designed to use a laminating pouch, it’s little size makes its one of the best mobile laminating machines around.
With this machine, users are able to laminate just anything without stress.
Now, let’s go a little more on the Amazon Basics Laminator features, you can click on any of the subheads below to jump and read its section or read everything down slowly.

What Is Amazon Basics Laminator?

Amazon Basics Laminator is a 9-inch thermal laminator machine made for all kinds of lamination ranging from documents to pictures.
It is a lightweight laminator produced by Amazon Basics. If you are someone that loves scanning documents to avoid damage, this machine will serve you effectively.
The machine weighs about 2.64 pounds and has a length of 13.43 inches.

Amazon Basics Laminator Compatible Sizes

With the Amazon Basics Laminator, you can laminate documents that are 9 inches wide, it is compatible with photo-size papers, legal, letter, as well as business-card. This machine will be unable to laminate documents or any item wider than 9 inches.

Amazon Basics Laminator Laminating Pouch

You can use any 5-mil or 3-mil thick laminating pouches on the Amazon Basic Laminator. This includes 8.9 x 11.4-inch, (2) 3-mil thick laminating pouches. Also, the Scotch laminating pouch works very well on this laminator.
This laminating machine is manufactured to use a closed end laminating pouch.

Amazon Basics Laminator Heat Settings

This product has 2 heat settings which are suitable for different kinds of items.
These heat settings are 5-mil (suitable for thinner papers), and 3-mil (suitable for normal photos, card stock, and documents).

Amazon Basics Laminator Warm Up Time

According to Amazon, this thermal laminator has a warm up time of four minutes. However, the reviews by several customers reveal the machine warms up around three minutes, that’s almost around the same time.

Amazon Basics Laminator Laminating Time

According to customer reviews, the Amazon Basics Laminator completes each laminating operation in about 1 minute. This means you can scan no fewer than 25 documents withing 30 minutes.

Amazon Basics Laminator Jam

Ensuring the papers are inserted straight will prevent them from running into the side of the laminator.
Common jams can be cleared by just pulling out the stuck document or photo.

Clear simple paper jams on the Amazon Basics Laminator by using the jam release lever, flipping the lever will normally clear the system.

How To Clear A Jam On Amazon Basics Laminator

To clear a jam on this machine, pull down the jam release lever on the lest side of the machine.

If the jam isn’t responding to the release lever, disconnect the laminator from electricity, allow it to cool off, then use a screwdriver (Phillips head) to unscrew the two base screws. Pull out the two plastic plugs opposite the screws at the end of the base. Remove the two other screws and remove the cover, clear the jam, then fix back the cover.

How To Use Amazon Basics Laminator

Amazon Laminator 3mil Or 5mil

The Amazon Basics Laminator can both 5mil pouch and 3 mil pouch.
The 3mil pouch is best for thick papers like thin cupboard. If you are doing document or paper lamination, you should use 5mil pouch.

How To Use Amazon Basics Laminator

Connect the laminating machine to power and allow it to warm up, switch the heat setting to either 3mil or 5mil (depending on the pouch you are using). Watch the Ready LED indicator light to know when it is ready, place the document or phone you want to laminate inside the pouch and slowly insert it into the front laminating passage. The laminated document will come out from the back of the laminator.

How To Use Amazon Basics Laminator

What Can I Laminate On Amazon Basics Laminator?

With this machine, you can laminate just any document, photo, or card stocks as long as the size is not more than 9 inch wide.
Make sure you use 3mil pouch for the thick stuff, and 5mil for the lighter stuff.