How To Resign From Amazon

How To Resign From Amazon – Full Guide

We have outlined the steps on How To Resign From Amazon the right way. Resigning from Amazon is not something you should just wake up and conclude. There are certain steps you should take for the benefit of both parties. People resign for different reasons, maybe to further their academics, looking for a better job, etc. Whatever may be your reason for deciding to quit, it is highly recommended that you take the appropriate way to resign.

This article will walk you through the process of resigning from Amazon. If you take the steps given below to resign from Amazon, you stand a chance of being rehired in the future if you wish to, it will also ensure that you leave Amazon on a good note.

It is never a good thing to leave your employers without notifying them, this is why you should follow the steps given on this article if you are making plans to resign from Amazon. If you are wondering how to resign from Amazon, continue reading this article to get a full guide.

Amazon Resignation Policy

There are no legal requirement before resigning from Amazon, once you’ve made up your mind to resign, that’s okay by the company. However, you should take recommended steps to resign, this will help your job history record.

Amazon has an internal voluntary resignation notice system that is user-friendly and completely online, this feature is open to every worker and at any time. How long it will take before you can apply for a job with Amazon after resigning is 30 days, this is only applicable if you resigned in good terms.

How To Resign From Amazon

  1. Give your notice period. The standard notice period for Amazon employees is two weeks. However, you may be able to negotiate a shorter or longer notice period, depending on your circumstances.
  2. Meet with your manager in person. This is the most professional way to resign. Be sure to give your manager a written letter of resignation as well.
  3. Be respectful and professional. Even though you are quitting, it is important to be respectful and professional to your manager and colleagues. Explain the reasons for your resignation and thank them for the opportunity to work at Amazon.
  4. Complete all of your work obligations. Even though you are no longer an employee, it is important to complete all of your work obligations. This will help to ensure a smooth transition for your colleagues.
  5. Return any company property. This includes your badge, laptop, and any other company-issued equipment.

How Do I Resign From Amazon A to Z

With the Amazon’s A to Z app, employees can manage their employment-life. As an employee, you’ll be able to submit time off, and check schedule. You can also use the A to Z app to resign from Amazon.

To resign from Amazon using the A to Z app, follow the steps given below.

  • Open the A to Z app and log in.
  • Check the bottom of the app main page, you’ll see ‘Thinking of Living Amazon?’, click on ‘Learn More’.
  • A menu will appear, chose a reason for leaving the job.
  • Select your planned last day of working.
  • Indicate if you will like the HR to give you a follow up call.

Truth is, you do not really have to message or call HR, management or ERC. Once you have completed the resignation process online, it will submit a trouble ticket and it will be visible to management.

Using the A to Z app is highly recommended especially if you are not up to a level 3 worker. You can’t resign through the A to Z app if you are up to level 3 or above, you’ll have to resign through the HR office. Find out What Happens If You Clock Out Early At Amazon

Amazon Resignation Letter

You’ll need to submit a resignation notice if you are resigning from Amazon through HR, this is called ‘notice period’.
This can be done through letter or email, taking the proper steps to resign will avert any legal issues which may negatively impact your future professional life.

The letter should contain the date you will stop working with Amazon and your resignation. Ensure you include the following information; date, directed to either HR or Manager), specific reasons for resignation, details about your last day, appreciative words towards Amazon, ask relevant questions concerning the process, add your signature and name.

This notice period should be given at least one week before date of actual resignation. You’ll be released once your letter has been received and all formalities concluded.

How To Resign From Amazon Warehouse Job

How To Resign From Amazon

Ideally, you need to submit a resignation letter to your HR or manager at least one week prior to your resignation date. In the letter, state your reason for resigning, give a clear date you are resigning, ask any question on the process, include your name and signature.

Finalize every work and formalities that are pending before your final day at work. You can also make use of the A to Z app to resign. Once you open the app, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Learn More’ beside ‘Thinking of Living Amazon?’

On the menu that will appear, select a reason for resigning, chose the last day you’ll be working. Select if you will like the HR to give you a follow up call. Also Read: How To Use Similac Checks On Amazon – Complete Info

Amazon Resignation Bonus

If you are working in Amazon warehouse and you are planning to quite the job, you’ll be given an offer of cash to walk away and never look back. Employees that accept this offer can never work for Amazon again in their lifetime. What this means is that you’ve decided to get paid with the understanding that you’ll never want to work at Amazon again, this isn’t really recommended for someone that is still in the labor market, you might need to have a rethink before accepting the ‘Pay To Quit’.

Warehouse workers are offered up to $5,000 for quitting Amazon job, this program is called ‘The Offer’, or ‘Pay to Quit’. This bonus is now limited to graduates of Career Choice to provide support for their new career transition. Also learn What Is IC QA CS At Amazon

Resign from Amazon Fulfillment

You can resign from Amazon fulfilment by submitting a resignation letter to your HR or manager, or make use of the A to Z app to submit your resignation. The letter should include your reason for resigning, resignation date, relevant question, your name and signature.

Conclude every pending work and formalities before your last day at work. To submit your resignation online, open the A to Z app, scroll to the bottom of the app and click on ‘Learn More’ which is beside ‘Thinking of Living Amazon?’

A menu will appear, give reasons for resigning, indicate the last day you’ll be working. Inform Amazon if you will like the HR to give you a follow up call.

How To Resign From Amazon Flex

To resign from Amazon Flex, you need to contact support via to get details regarding the deactivation. You can’t resign from Amazon Flex using the A to Z app.

If you really mean to resign on a good note, you need to inform the Amazon Flex support about your decision and you will be given further instructions on what to do. Follow the steps you are given on the email and resign appropriately to pave a way for possible future rehiring. Read What Is Holiday Pay At Amazon

Amazon Resignation Email

If you have concerns or you want to resign at Amazon by submitting an email, here is the Amazon resignation email: This email can be used by any Amazon worker and it isn’t only meant for resignation purposes.

Amazon typically responds within 72 hours, you can submit your resignation letter to the HR through the email and you will be contacted.

Amazon Voluntary Resignation Form

You can get the Amazon voluntary resignation form from the A to Z app here. The Amazon voluntary resignation form can only be used by workers below level 3. Once you have opened the app and log in scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see ‘Thinking of leaving Amazon?’, click on the ‘Learn More’ link which is just beside. You will get the Amazon voluntary resignation form. Fill the form accurately and submit.

Once the voluntary resignation form has been filled and submitted, the resignation process will be initiated and the worker will be duly released. Resigning this way might be rewarding in future, it is just proper that you inform your employers before leaving your job. Grab the voluntary resignation form if you’ve decided to quit your Amazon job. Also read How Often Do You Get PTO At Amazon

Amazon Resignation Process

There are two ways you can resign from Amazon; submit resignation letter to HR or use A to Z app to resign. Any of these two ways work perfectly fine, just ensure you initiate the process at least a week to your date of resignation.

The Amazon resignation process is pretty straightforward, the main concern is that you inform Amazon that you are resigning, once this has been done, the company release you with any bonus (if available).

Depending on your relationship with your department head, writing a resignation letter works best, you’ll have the chance to really explain why you are resigning.

Should I Quit Amazon Before They Fire Me?

Yes, it’s a good decision to resign before you get fired, try to prevent getting a ‘fired’ record in your job history. If you have reasons to believe that Amazon will free you, the wise step to take is to resign.

Although, Amazon may not rehire you in future, it is still better you resign than to get fired. Yes, Amazon won’t rehire you because you would have been flagged as ‘do not rehire’.

Quitting your Amazon job due to an imminent firing is a good decision, but doesn’t mean you’ll get rehired by Amazon in future. Also read about Seasonal Jobs At Amazon

Quitting Amazon After One Day

Quitting your Amazon job after just one day at work might sound nice but it’s not bad. This is especially if you don’t like the job based on the training or it’s different from what you expected. The truth is, you are not alone, there are many people that resigned after just a day at the job.

Amazon hires so many people frequently, so your resignation won’t be accepted negatively. You can’t offer your best on a job you aren’t comfortable with, that’s impossible, at this point you can voluntarily resign if you have plans of getting rehired in future.

If you want to resign, simply send a resignation letter to the HR or use the A to Z app to resign through the Amazon Voluntary Resignation form.

How Do I Resign From Amazon Immediately?

To resign from Amazon immediately, you can do one of the following:

  • Submit a resignation letter to your manager. This is the most formal way to resign, and it is recommended if you are leaving on good terms. In your letter, be sure to state your last day of employment and thank your manager for the opportunity.
  • Use the Amazon A to Z app. If you are an Amazon employee, you can use the Amazon A to Z app to resign. To do this, open the app and go to the “Me” tab. Then, select “Settings” and “Leave Amazon.” Follow the instructions to complete the resignation process.
  • Call Amazon HR. If you are unable to submit a resignation letter or use the Amazon A to Z app, you can call Amazon HR to resign. The phone number for Amazon HR is 1-888-280-4331.

When you resign from Amazon, you are typically required to give two weeks’ notice. However, you can resign immediately if you have a valid reason, such as a medical emergency or a new job offer. If you resign immediately, you may be forfeiting some benefits, such as unused vacation time. Find out how to work at Amazon without diploma

How To Resign From Amazon Without Notice

If you want to resign from Amazon without notice, do the following:

  1. Complete all of your outstanding work: Even though you are resigning without notice, it is important to complete all of your work to the best of your ability. This will help to ensure a smooth transition for your manager and coworkers.
  2. Return all company property: This includes your company-issued ID, laptop, and any other equipment.
  3. Stay away from work: If you really mean to resign from Amazon without notifying the company, simply stay away from work for a long time after you must have completed all outstanding work and returned all Amazon property in your possession.