What Is IC QA CS At Amazon? – Complete Answer

What Is IC QA CS At Amazon? – These three abbreviations are common with Amazon employees and job seekers. Funny enough, a good number of them do not know what these acronyms stand for, this article will dwell deeply on this.

While trying to get employed at Amazon, whether full job or seasonal job, it is just okay that you get familiar with these terms, knowing what they stand for will guide you even after you’ve been hired.

So you are checking up available jobs at Amazon for a chance to get hired or rehired and you come across any of these abbreviations, it is okay to be confused and try to find out what they stand for, this article will end that confusion.

Having said all these, let’s get the ball rolling, grab a drink and read on carefully. You can click any of the subheads below to the you to their contents, or read everything down.

What Is IC QA CS At Amazon? IC means Inventory Control, QA stands for Quality Assurance, and CS is an acronym for Customer Service. We are giving a comprehensive explanation on these three positions and their roles at Amazon.

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest online retails stores in the United States, there is scarcely anything you want to buy that you want get at Amazon. The company presently boasts of a staff strength of over 1,622,000, they keep employing new staff as the company keeps expanding. Amazon is always hiring, this is because people get sacked or resign, meaning there are always vacancies to be filled.

Knowing the different terms and roles before applying for a job at Amazon will help you to know the particular position you should apply for, this is what we’ll be explaining.

What Is CS At Amazon?

CS is an acronym for Customer Services at Amazon. This is one of the easiest jobs you are going to get at Amazon. The company employs people for this job position in over 130 locations in more than 40 countries all over the world.

The duties of a customer service associate at Amazon is pretty conventional and straightforward, it involves directly interacting with customers and potential customers through email, phone, chat, Alexa, and mobile chat.

Customer Service Associate Amazon Job Description

A Customer Service associate at Amazon is charged with the responsibility of providing solutions to problems encountered by Amazon customers.
Their job is to deliver an accurate, professional and prompt customer service to customers all over the world.
Some of the problems solved by CS at Amazon includes; package locating, Echo to a Fire TV connection, item returning, and working with delivery drivers to ensure packages are promptly delivered to customers.
They also review and research Amazon policies, navigate customer accounts with the help of cutting-edge tools, as well as providing effective solutions.

Simply put, a customer service staff is employed to basically help customers in their enquiries and solve various problems encountered by customers.

What Is IC QA CS At Amazon

What Is IC QA CS At Amazon?

At Amazon, IC stands for Inventory Control, QA is an acronym for Quality Assurance, while CS means Customer Service.
The job description for these three positions are clearly different although they are inter-related. These three positions play vitals roles in ensuring a good customer experience at Amazon.

Amazon is always particular on who gets employed into any of these three positions, this is because they are the ones that deal directly with customers, a company grows when the relationship with their customers is properly serviced.

Like we said above, the job descriptions for these three positions at Amazon is quite different but they are inter-related. We have clearly defined their job descriptions in the subhead below, take your time to read them.

IC/QA/CS Job Description

  • IC Job Description: An Inventory Control staff at Amazon ensures the accuracy of inventory at the warehouse. Every item that is taken in or out of the warehouse must be accounted by the inventory control staff, this position is a very sensitive one and requires total dedication and concentration.
  • QA Job Description: At Amazon, the Quality Assurance department ensures that inventories are of standard quality. A QA personnel assesses inventories to ascertain the quality, this position is vital in maintaining the integrity of the company and guide against selling fake or substandard products.
  • CS Job Description: A Customer Service staff plays a vital role in offering accurate, professional, and prompt customer services to customers at Amazon. A customer service staff must be one with patience and tolerance, someone that pays attention to details and a fast thinker.

Amazon Counter Job Description

An Amazon counter staff is charged with the responsibility of maintaining inventory through accurate processing and counting of material reports. The counter also assists the production, customer services, engineering, and warehouse to locate repetitive errors and locate materials.

You can see from the above explanation that the counter job description cuts across other departments, it is one of the positions at Amazon that requires dedication. There is always a possibility of working beyond regular hours as a counter staff.

Amazon Support IC/QA/CS Pay

Typically, $18 per hour is the salary for Amazon Support, IC/QA/CS, how much they receive depends on some factors. However, staff working at these job positions earn hourly pays that range from $15 to $18.

ICQA Amazon Resume

There is no denying that fact that a good resume puts you on a good position to get hired, preparing a near-perfect resume is essential to your getting hired at Amazon.

A perfect ICQA Amazon resume should contain important information about you, the information should be self-explanatory. You must ensure that the resume is captivating and straight to the point.

Additionally, presenting your professional summary at the start is a huge boost, it gives your potential employers a quick clue about you. Ensure that you list out your skills and work history.

It isn’t enough to just list your work history, it should be comprehensive, don’t forget to list your educational achievements as well.

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ICQA Manager Amazon Salary

According to Glassdoor, an average salary for ICQA manager at Amazon is $63,348 per year.

ICQA Data Analyst Amazon Salary

Ideally, $18 per hour is the salary for ICQA Data Analyst at Amazon. The salaries for this job position range from $16 to $21 per hour.

So, What Is IC QA CS At Amazon? It means inventory control, quality assurance, and inventory control. These are very sensitive job positions at Amazon, they play important roles in the growth of the company.