What Does CIB Mean On eBay

What Does CIB Mean On eBay? Complete Info

Many buyers and sellers have been wondering What Does CIB Mean On eBay. As a matter of fact, this question is more common among buyers.

eBay is one of the top online marketplaces especially in the United States, thousands of purchases are done daily on the platform. As a buyer, there are certain terms you must understand as you continue to make purchases on marketplaces like eBay. Many buyers don’t know what acronyms like CIB and EUC stands for.

Quite frankly, the word CIB is not a general word and its mainly peculiar to few niches. This is why there are few sources that provide the meaning of the word.

When buying a video game, it is important to always check to see if it has the “complete” or “CIB” tag on it, this is because most people buy games without getting all the important accessories. When this happens, they end up spending more money to buy these accessories individually, this is why this article is important and you should read it carefully.

On this article, we will explain what CIB means on eBay, we will also explain the mean of CIB with regards to games.

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What Is CIB?

In the gaming niche and during sales, CIB is an acronym for ‘Complete In Box’, while in the finance niche it means ‘Corporate & Investment Banking.
In law enforcement, the word CIB stands for Criminal Intelligence Bureau, while in military it means ‘Combat Infantryman Badge’.

You can see that the word CIB stands for several things depending on the niche. However, this article will concentrate on the meaning of CIB with regards to gaming and selling.

CIB Game Meaning

When it comes to games, CIB means “Complete In Box”, this is another way of saying that the game contains everything with its original components.

Essentially, CIB indicates that everything that would have accompanied the game at retails sales is intact. These things may include manual, playing pads, discs, etc.

Several years ago, the word CIB was used as an acronym for Cartridge-Instructions-Box, especially when buying a Playstation 2 Game Console. Pretty sure it is no longer the case since games with cartridges are not common these days.

What Does CIB Mean On eBay

What Does CIB Mean On eBay?

When you purchase a game console on eBay and it comes with the “CIB” inscription, it literally means that all major components are contained in the box. This is just like telling the buyer that nothing is missing in the game pack.

Everything that came with the game originally is in it and nothing has been removed, this is what CIB mean on eBay. In some cases, you may see ‘Complete’ instead of ‘CIB’, these two words are the same. Also Read: How To Avoid Ebay Managed Payments – Complete Guide

Is CIB The Same As Complete?

Yes, “CIB” is the same as saying “Complete, so whether you are seeing “CIB” or it’s “Complete” that is written, they both indicate that you are buying the game with all its necessary accessories.

Sometimes, it is not all the expected accessories that you’ll see, the word “CIB” means that everything that would have been with the game at retail sales is present and nothing has been removed.

What Does Loose Mean on eBay?

The word ‘loose’ on eBay means that the item has no packaging, this means some accessories may not be found in the game package. “Loose” is literally a direct opposite of “CIB” or “complete”.

An order that is tagged ‘loose’ is believed not to have the complete and vital components in the box, something is always missing. It doesn’t mean that the game console itself isn’t functional, it only shows that you may not see the manual, disclaimer cards, posters, playing pads, discs, etc.

If you purchased a loose item, you are likely not to see the manual, disc or other major components. In simple term, loose means the product does not include manual and/or original package or box.

What Does CIB Mean When Selling?

The word CIB when selling means that everything including the manual, box, item, etc., are included in the box. You are literally telling your buyer that every accessory that is supposed to come in the package is present and nothing has been removed.

Top marketplaces like eBay demands that sellers show honesty in writing the true state of whatever they are selling. As a seller on eBay, you’ll violate the company’s policy if you package a “loose” item and tag it as “CIB” or “Complete”. Also learn how to block messages on eBay

What Does CIB Mean For Video Games?

When buying or selling video games, the “CIB” tag indicate that all the game components are intact. If you are buying a video game, the “CIB” or “Complete” inscription is an assurance that you are buying the video game with every necessary and original component intact.

Even as a seller, you need to indicate the true condition of the item you are selling whether on eBay or other marketplaces, it helps to build trust. If your video gave has all the accessories, you shouldn’t forget to indicate that it is complete, this will bring more sales. Also learn how to block users on eBay.

Are Loose Games Cheaper Than CIB Games?

Yes, people who want to buy games at cheaper rates do mostly prefer buying the ones tagged “loose”, this is because they are cheaper than those tagged “CIB,or “Complete”. The game box, manuals, and some other items do contribute to the overal value of the game.

However, if you are particular about convenience and the condition of the game you are buying, you will always prefer “CIB” tagged games over “loose”.