How To Use DHgate

How To Use DHgate – Complete Guide

This article offers a comprehensive guide on How To Use DHgate – The user interface of the DHgate website and app is quite user-friendly. It allows users to easily navigate through the pages and find products they want to buy.

On this article, we’ll extensively talk about the DHgate platform and how best you can make a good use of it.
DHgate is now one of the top business-to-business and business-to-customer online trading platforms in China where users all over the world are able to purchase products directly from suppliers in China.
Owners of small and medium sized businesses are able to purchased Chinese goods directly at the DHgate marketplace.

The platform does not only serve businesses, individuals can do online shopping and have it shipped to them anywhere in the world. If you want to learn how to use DHgate, continue reading this article. We have also written lots of useful articles for DHgate customers, see them here.

What Is DHgate Online?

DHgate is a cross-border e-commerce B2B marketplace where small and medium retailers can purchase Chinese manufactured goods directly from suppliers.
The company is based in Beijing, China, and enables Chinese small independent businesses to sell goods directly to retailers and consumers.
Founded in 2004, DHgate has grown to become one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world.

What Is DHgate App?

The DHgate app offers instant online shopping solution individuals, small and medium businesses. This solution ranges from payment and international logistic to customer services and internet finance. There are over one million Chinese suppliers with over 40 million products on the DHgate app.
The app serves over 10 million buyers coming from about 230 countries.

Who Owns DHgate?

DHgate is owned by Diane Wang, from China, and a member of APEC Business Advisory Council. Diane Wang has been a member of ABAC since 2011, he is currently one of the top business stars from China. Also read Does DHgate Accept Afterpay?

How To Use DHgate

To use DHgate, you need to visit the DHgate website or download and install the app from Play Store or App Store. Once you have opened the marketplace, you’ll need to register on the site. To register on DHgate, ensure you have a functional email where you’ll receive a verification code.
Navigate to the top-right corner of the website, you’ll see the profile symbol before the search sign, click on it and click sign up.

How To Use DHgate

On the sign up page, insert your email, password, select business type (reseller, company purchaser, consumer), then type in the verification code and click ‘Agree & Create Account’.
You’ll be able to search for and buy products at the DHgate website or app after you’ve verified your account.

How To Search Sellers On DHgate

Users are able to search for sellers on the DHgate platform using the ID (name) of the seller, this enables you to see products relating to the seller’s name. To search for sellers on DHgate, follow the steps below.

  • Open the DHgate website or app.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • At the top-right corner of the platform, click on the search sign and type in the seller’s name and click on search. It will display items having the seller’s name on description.
  • Click on ‘Checking for items from our seller ‘ ‘?’ Click Please Here’.
    This will take you to the seller’s listing and you’ll see products sold by the seller and not products having the seller’s name on description.
How To Use DHgate

How To Find A Seller On DHgate

As a buyer, you can easily find a seller on the DHgate marketplace. If you know the name of the seller, you can search for the seller by clicking the search sign at the top-right corner of the page.
You can also find a seller through a particular product. Let’s say you want to find a seller for sneakers, simply search for sneakers, when you’ve found the sneaker you like, click on it and scroll down just under the ‘Buyer Protection’ button, you’ll see the name of the seller, click on it to take you to the seller’s store. You can also find more information about the seller by clicking ‘Business Information’ right under the seller’s name. Also read What Does Pending Delivery Confirmation Mean On DHgate?

How To Pay On DHgate

Customers can make payment for products on the DHgate marketplace through Credit Cards, Paypal, Western Union bank to bank wire transfers.
You are allowed to chose your preferred payment method during checkout. To read more about the payment methods available at DHgate, click here.

How To Pay With PayPal On DHgate

To pay with PayPal on DHgate, simply select Credit Card as your payment method while making purchase. You will be redirected to the PayPal website for verification, log in to your PayPal account and authorize the payment.
Currently, DHgate does not accept PayPal payments, the contract between DHgate and PayPal ended in August 2012.

How To Buy From DHgate Without Credit Card

You can pay for items on DHgate without credit card, yeah its possible although you might not want to go through that route.
The two ways you can pay for orders without credit card on DHgate are through Western Union and bank to bank wire transfers.
Always make sure you include your order’s PO number on the payment receipt, this will ensure that the payment you’ve made is attacked to the right purchase. Make sure you’re sending the exact amount, there should be no difference in the amount even by a cent.
To make payment on DHgate through bank to bank wire transfer, you need to select ‘Bank Transfer’ as your payment method then follow the prompt to confirm successful transfer.

How To Find Chanel Bags On DHgate

There are no original Chanel bags on DHgate, what you have there are lots of unique alternatives that are inspired by Chanel purses and bags styles.
There bags and purses that are inspired by Chanel are not described as Chanel on DHgate, they are given names such as ‘Channel’.
To find these bags on DHgate, follow the steps below.

  • Open the DHgate website or app.
  • Login to your DHgate account.
  • Click at the search sign located at the top-right corner of the platform.
  • Type in ‘channel’ or ‘channel bags’.
    The various Chanel inspired bags and purses will be displayed.

How Long Do DHgate Orders Take?

Typically, DHgate orders take between 2 – 20 days for orders to be delivered. How long an order take depends on factors like shipping method used and delivery country.
DHgate makes use of the following shipping method; China Post, EMS, TNT, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Hong Kong Post.
The type of shipping option a customer selects also determine how long an order will take to deliver. For example, air freight can take between 2 – 8 days to be delivered, while sea freight can take between 20 – 40 days.